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Nags Head Vacation Homes

The very first vacation rental cottages were built right here in Nags Head when there was nothing for miles around but rolling sand dunes and the Outer Banks was only accessible by ferry boat.  The town of Nags Head runs into South Nags  Head and takes of roughly 11 miles between there and Kill Devil Hills. While much has grown and changed since the early days, the sand dunes are still around including Jockey's Ridge which is the largest natural sand dune on the East Coast located right here in Nags Head.  Be sure to check it out on your next OBX Visit.  Browse our selection of vacation rental homes located in the Town of Nags Head below.  Nags Head has many specific communities, Dune Lantern, Heron Cove, Ocean WatchVillage at Nags Head,  Old Nags Head Place, Sea Walk Town Homes, South Creek Acres, The Oceans,  The Quay, The Windjammer or The Yachtsman.

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Some visitors wonder how the town of Nags Head received it's unique name. Well the story goes that many moons ago the wild horses, that still roam free in Corolla, once roamed the entire Outer Banks. Long before the streets were paved and the towns were named this long stretch of barrier islands was a gold mind for pirates and looters alike. The legend says, that on a very dark OBX night, these pirates would hide in the dunes and hang lanterns on the heads of the roaming horses ( Nags) , tricking ships in the night to sail towards them and wrecking onto the shore. The many shipwrecks scattered down the coastline of the OBX are proof that this old folklore may have more truth than not. There may not be any free roaming Nags to bother with in the town of Nags Head anymore but the area is still home to the largest sand dune on the east coast and many other amazing attractions. One of the best kept secrets on the Outer Banks is located in the heart of Nags Head, Austin's Fish Company. If you're looking for fresh local caught seafood just look for the shark out-front and you'll find the freshest seafood on the beach.


Nags Head North Carolina is roughly 11 miles long and home to many amazing restaurants, boutiques and unique art galleries. When visiting Nags Head on the OBX there is plenty of things to do but spending the day on the beach certainly makes the top of the list. If you're looking for a delicious bite stop by Tortugas Lie, that was recently featured on the hit Food Network show Dinners Drive Ins and Dives. A trip to the OBX wouldn't be complete without a stop at the iconic Sea Green Gallery and a walk through their magical backyard garden. The Outer Banks is full of unique local gems for the curious traveler.


The weather in Nags Head, North Carolina during the summer months is warm and sunny. The average temperature during the Summertime is 80 degree's while the ocean is always unpredictable the average temperature is in the high 70's however, it does dip into the 50's during a rare upwelling. Fall on the OBX is a local favorite. There is normally less traffic which everyone loves but the best part is the weather! You can enjoy warm summer like days with cool crisp fall evenings. Winter is a combination of cool 60 degree days with a few cool fronts passing through making temperatures drop into the low 30's occasionally bringing snow. The OBX has something to offer visitors year round and Kitty Hawk has rentals that are sure to make your visit one to remember