Beach Safety

Outer Banks Beach Safety

The beach is one of the most important things on an Outer Banks Vacation, and we want your family to have a fun and enjoyable time.  Please review the following safety tips to make sure you have the safest and most memorable beach vacation ever!

Swim Near a Lifeguard--The ocean has powerful waves and undercurrents that make it ideal for body boarding, surfing and swimming, but also make it dangerous.  Swim near a lifeguard so that help is near should you need it. 

Never Swim Alone-- Use the buddy system when swimming, anything can happen quickly so it's important to have a partner when playing in the ocean. 

No Diving -- Depths can be deceiving.  Jump in feet first every time in the ocean or pool to prevent head, neck and back injuries.  

Red Flags -- When Red Flags are flying at the beach it means that water conditions are too dangerous for swimming.  Please heed these warnings as conditions may be even too dangerous for lifeguards to help in the event of an emergency. 

Watch the Weather -- Afternoon thunder storms come up quickly on the Outer Banks during the summer months.  Dark Clouds are a sure sign of an approaching storm.  If you can here thunder, that means lightning is nearby and it is time to get out of the water and off the beach!

Rip Currents -- Are very common in our area due to the strong currents nearby.  If you find yourself caught in a rip current, don't panic, and swim parallel to shore. Rip currents are generally only a few yards wide and once you are free of the current, you can easily swim back to shore.  Rip currents are scary, but if you stay calm and remember what to do, you will not be in any danger.  Look to life guards for advice and warnings on potential rip current areas. 

Jellyfish -- are a natural part of the Outer Banks and tend to only invade the area at certain times of year.  If you find that you have been stung by a jellyfish, use meat tenderizer or vinegar to stop the stinging. 

SUNSCREEN!!! -- The most important thing to remember when on the beach is to apply sunblock and do it often!!  The sand and surf will wear away the sunscreen which makes re-application every few hours essential.  Don't ruin your Outer Banks vacation by getting a sunburn!!  Wear hats, glasses, and rashguards to keep the majority of the sun off of your skin.  Remember to protect small children and pets on the beach as well.  Umbrellas and shade tents are the best ways to keep everyone out of the sun.  Try to avoid the beach in the heat of the day.  Early morning and late afternoon are great times to enjoy the beach without the baking sun. 

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