Traveling With Pets

Our  Pet Friendly Properties make it easy to bring your entire family on vacation!!  Here are a few tips and things you need to know when bringing your four-legged friend to the Outer Banks.


Please clean up after your pets to keep the beaches clean and safe.  Many beach accesses do not provide waste disposal bags, so don't forget to bring your own!

Corolla: Leashes are required year round but there are no length requirements.

Duck: Leash law requires leash not to exceed ten (10) feet in length.  Pets are allowed to play unleashed on the beach under close supervision of owner.  Year-round pet friendly beaches.       

Southern Shores: No dogs allowed on the beach between the hours of 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m, May 15 – September 15th. Dogs must be on a leash and owners need to clean up after their pet.

    Kitty Hawk: Leash laws require leash not to exceed 6 feet in length between the hours of 10AM and 6PM from the Friday before Memorial Day until the day after Labor Day.  All other times lease may be extended but must be retractable to 12 feet.  Well trained dogs may be unleashed under close supervision of the owner and at no more distance than 30 feet between dog and owner at all times. 

    Kill Devil Hills: Between May 15 and September 15 of each year, no dogs shall be permitted on the public beach between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. unless being used to aid a handicapped person. At all other times, no dogs shall be permitted on the public beaches except upon a leash and under the control of owner or handler.

    Town of Nags Head: Year round pet-friendly beaches! Leash law requires leash not to exceed ten (10) feet in length.

    Cape Hatteras National Seashore:  Pets are welcome but must be leashed and under control at all times.  Leashes are not to exceed 6 feet in length.  Pets are not allowed on designated swim beaches or in buildings.  Please do not leave them unattended and be sure to clean up after your pet. 

    ***Leash laws are governed by the individual Towns and are subject to change at any time.


    There are plenty of walking paths available from Corolla to South Nags Head, but there are several dedicated dog parks.  Check these out on your next visit!

    Duck Town Park -- Duck Town Park is over 11 acres of greenspace featuring shaded gardens, walking paths, and lots of grass.  A children's playground is available as well as access to the Town Boardwalk which runs along the Sound throughout the downtown area. 

    Kitty Hawk Dog and Skate Park -- Located just off Kitty Hawk Road, this combination Skate Park and Dog park features concrete ramps for skating, a children's playground and a fenced in area for dogs to run freely. 

    Sandy Run Park -- Located on The Woods Road in Kitty Hawk, Sandy Run does not offer as much greenspace as many of the other dog parks, but does feature a wooden boardwalk through the woods and surrounding estuary.  This is a perfect spot for catch and release fishing as well as feeding the turtles that inhabit the shallow water. 

    Satterfield Landing Dog Park -- Located in Nags Head at MP 10 (behind Pet Smart) the Satterfield Landing Soccer Park just installed a new fenced area just for dogs! 


    Don't forget to pack!!  Medications and veterinarian name and contact information; your pet’s favorite toys; leash, collar with identification, and bedding.  Have a readily available photograph of your pet should he/she become lost.

    Heat Prostration
    Every summer we see several animals that become seriously overheated. This is a potentially life threatening condition which can be easily avoided. It is important to remember that our canine friends cannot perspire as we do, so they rely on panting as the chief way to dissipate heat experienced by their bodies. In order to compensate for this one should always have fresh water available. Exercise should be limited to short intervals with close attention paid to their breathing patterns. When staying at the beach for extended amounts of time give them a place to lay in the shade. Breeds of dogs with shorter snouts or those with a history of respiratory or cardiac problems are even more sensitive to the effects of heat. And remember that even on overcast days it is possible for dogs to overheat in short periods of time. Lastly, never leave you pet unattended in parked vehicles.

    Salt Water Ingestion
    While romping at the waters edge some dogs will drink saltwater as if it were fresh water and in large amounts this can be dangerous.The most common effect of this is vomiting and diarrhea. Most of the time symptoms last a short while, but if they do not subside in a short time it is important they be evaluated by a veterinarian for dehydration. Severe dehydration has the potential to severely damage their internal organs, so be mindful of their drinking habits and make fresh water available at all times when at the water.

    Surf Dangers
    Waves breaking in the surf can be dangerous to our smaller companions. Cresting waves can pack quite a punch and cause your pet to develop musculoskeletal injury or worse, drown. It is important to watch them closely at all times when they are in the water and do not allow them to swim too far from land. Rip currents, which are powerful underwater currents going out to sea are dangerous to humans and dogs. Make it a habit to know the current beach report before heading down to have some sandy fun.

    Be safe and have fun! And if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's health, please call one of the helpful veterinarians listed below.



    Nags Head
    Animal Hospital: MP 14 (252) 441-8611

    Kitty Hawk
    Coastal Animal Hospital: (252) 261-3960
    Climate controlled boarding.

    Southern Shores
    Martins Point Veterinary Hospital: (252) 261-2250
    Climate controlled indoor boarding.

    Roanoke Island Animal Clinic: (252) 473-3117

    Laura M. Reed
    208 Williams Dr
    Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
    Phone: (252) 441-6501
    Fax: (252) 441-7029
    Dog Boarding, Training and Grooming.

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