10 Unique Attractions That You Can Only Find on the OBX

The Outer Banks is famous for its miles of pure unspoiled beaches, itâ??s history, itâ??s wildlife and so much more. But if youâ??re looking for something to see or do a little off the beaten path (but still easily accessible,) here are some of the more unusual things you will only see on the Outer Banks.

The Kill Devil Grill

More than just another dinner, this one of only six diners in the country that is also in the historic registry. Itâ??s fronted by a genuine 1939 Kullman diner.  Inside youâ??ll find authentic tabletop jukeboxes, and most of them work.

Of course, it much bigger than it look as the entire back is new, yet still done in the old style. This enables the front to remain beautiful and untouched while still accommodating modern visitors. Oh, and did I mention the food is good too? 


The Elizabeth II

Almost 100 years before Jamestown, there was the Lost Colony. Festival Park features a composite replica of one of the ships that brought over the fateful colonists. One of the most shocking things about it is that itâ??s not to scale, thatâ??s itâ??s REAL size.

Festival Park also features a Native American Village, a colonial settlement, and museum covering the rest of the history about the Outer Banks. Itâ??s perfect for all ages. Best of all, you get a FREE ticket with our Fun N Sun pass.


The Countryâ??s Largest Sand Dune

Named after the wild horse races that used to be held on it, Jockeyâ??s Ridge is the largest all natural sand dune system in Eastern United States.  Not only is it a great place to climb, kids have a blast rolling down the dune or taking surfboards and â??sleddingâ?? down the dune. If youâ??re lucky, you might even see some wildlife such as  a ghost crab or fox.

Jockeyâ??s Ridge is living sand dune which means it changes all the time. Because of these changes, the ridge is said to quite an appetite; swallowing a hotel in the 1890â??s and a mini golf course in the 1980â??s. Though no sign of the hotel exists, you can still see the courses castle appear for a short time then vanish beneath the sand again.


The Hatteras UFO

This house has moved around from Buxton to Frisco, after all, itâ??s so easy to move. Once, they let you go inside, but today, itâ??s mostly just a drive by attraction.  Designed in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, these â??ultra-modern homesâ?? were supposed to be the next big thing. They were easy to transport, could be anchored to the environment to withstand strong storms and were economical to heat and cool.

However, they never did catch on, and fewer than 100 were ever built. There are nine in New Zealand, seven in Australia, five in Finland, and only six known in the USA. South America and Holland are believed to have few as well.  Since this could be your only chance to see one, itâ??s worth driving by. 


Wright Memorial

This is THE official place where the Wright Brothers made their historic flight that changed the world.  Here you can see a replica of their plane, the markers remembering their flight and a restored version of their camps.  Thereâ??s also a history of flight museum covering everything from their historic flight to the space shuttle and beyond.

This is a government site so the rangers give the talks. They also answer questions and even have kids workshops. Of course, thereâ??s always the big hill to climb to actually see the monument. Kids love climbing the big hill. Itâ??s such an important place to the Outer Banks and to the world, thatâ??s itâ??s a must see.



Itâ??s true that just about every costal town has lighthouses. However, few areas have as many as the Outer Banks. Thereâ??s the Bodie Island Lighthouse around Oregon inlet, the Corolla lighthouse in Corolla, the Hatteras light house on Hatteras, and the Ocracoke lighthouse on Ocracoke. Thereâ??s even the marshesâ?? light lighthouse in Manteo. Thatâ??s a lot of lighthouses for one tiny island chain.

Best of all, you can go in many of them. As for the ones you canâ??t you go in, well, they are in such beautiful locations that you wonâ??t miss climbing all those stairs in the slightest.


Americaâ??s Longest Running Seasonal Comedy Club

Since 1984, the Outer Banks comedy club has been presenting the best up and comers in the comedy trade. Past performers include Drew Carry, Ray Romano, and Sinbad before they got famous.

Held in several locations, including Kill Devil Hills and Corolla, the Outer Banks Comedy club is a not to be missed event. Besides how often can you go to the countryâ??s oldest seasonal comedy club? (Since itâ??s here, Iâ??d say once a year maybe.)


The Whalehead Club

Built in the 1920â??s, this historic hunt club is the testament of Mr. Knightâ??s love for his wife. Like him, she was an avid hunter. And like most avid hunters, she longed to belong to join a hunt club. However, in the 1920â??s, a woman joining a hunt club was impossible. Seeing how upset this made his wife, Mr. Knight built the Whalehead Club for her. Now she (and a few carefully chosen friends) could all belong to the same hunt club. Today, daily tours are given of the hunt club. 

It also makes up a third of the Historic triangle in corolla. The other two parts of the triangle are the Corolla Lighthouse (you can climb it) and The Historic Shopping Village.  You can get a free admission to the Whalehead club with our Fun N sun pass.


Fishing With The Stars Of Wicked Tuna

Of course, you can fish anywhere in the world. But only the Outer Banks is home to the Fishinâ?? Frenzy and the other Outer Banks boats used in Wicked Tuna; North Vs South.  This popular show on National Geographic made reality stars out of some of our very own locals, who still fish.

Itâ??s your chance to meet the real live people on the show and come home with a fish worth bragging about.  How often do get to do both things at once?


Wild Horses & Carova

While there are wild horse still in some other parts of the country, but there are few places like Carova. Carova is where the road and ends and the adventure begins. A world unto itself, itâ??s not at all uncommon to see wild horse grazing in peopleâ??s yards or figuring out ways to get to the pools. Expansive dot the landscape between the lush sea oats and massive dunes.

In addition to wild horses,  you also have a chance to see other unusual things, such as foxes, wild boar, baby horses, a four-wheel drive fire truck a payphone. Carova is one of those great places to visit, but at the end of the day, youâ??ll be glad to return to your vacation rental with paved roads. Our Fun N Sun partner has special deals for you to see the horses.


No matter where you go on the Outer Banks, thereâ??s always something worth seeing. Wide open beaches are just the beginning of its charm. So if you want a vacation experience that canâ??t be duplicated, come to the Outer Banks. Itâ??s a place youâ??ll want to return every year.

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