Dog Friendly Dining on the OBX

You love your dog. You wouldnâ??t dream of going on vacation without them. Youâ??ve even got a pet friendly house so they could join you on vacation. Youâ??ve taken to them beach, but now you want to go out to dinner or lunch. Your dog gives you those puppy dog eyes as you leave without him. He wants to come too. Fortunately, the Outer Banks is VERY dog friendly. Though itâ??s true that your pet canâ??t go inside the restaurant with you, many of our local eateries DO allow your pet to join you in the outdoor seating area. Here are some of the dog friendliest restaurants in the Outer Banks. Of course, this isnâ??t all of them, and many other restaurants do allow dogs outside, even if they donâ??t mention it, so be sure to ask.


Lighthouse Bagels

Have another family member and pup claim one of the shaded tables outside while you go get the bagels, sandwiches and smoothies for all to enjoy.

Bacchus Wine and Cheese

Feel like youâ??re dining in a café in Europe as you sip wine, nibble cheese, and have your pup with you on the bistro outdoor eating area. How sophisticated. 


Duckâ??s Cottage Coffee and Books

Located in the heart of downtown Duck, this unique shop offers books, fancy coffees, hot chocolates, pastries and water for your dog.  The porch is the perfect place to read while your dog relaxes at your feet.

Aqua Restaurant

One of the Outer Banks Day spas, Aqua feature gourmet spa type food and an outdoor dining area perfect for dogs. Itâ??s also waterfront so it offers a fantastic view.

Kitty Hawk

Zen Pops 

These healthy alternatives to fat filled, sugar laden frozen pops are just the thing on a hot day. There sidewalk seating means you and your dog can both chill.

BK Shuckers

This sport bars features both an upper and lower outdoor dining area for you and your pup. Now, you donâ??t have to miss a game or your furbaby.

Captâ??n Franks

The most famous hot dog place on the Outer Banks, this recently renovated gem welcomes dogs to both levels of their outdoor seating. And dogs love hot dogs.

Johnâ??s Drive in

Famous for their milkshakes and dolphins boats, as well as being one of the oldest eateries on the Outer Banks, Johns features all outdoor seating and ordering so you pup never has to leave you side for minute.

Kill Devil Hills

American Pie

This eatery has an array of uniquely American foods such as homemade pizza, ice-cream and more. Outdoor seating is the perfect place to grab a great lunch or a casual dinner.

Nags Head


This is home to some of the famous burgers in town. They feature outdoor seating on both the ground and upper levels. Itâ??s the perfect place to have lunch/dinner with your dog. 


Known as Americaâ??s drive in, the wait staff will come right to your car or outside table to take your order and deliver food. Your pup can be with you the entire time. And the best part?  You donâ??t get waited on until youâ??re ready to be.

Surfin Spoon

After a long hot day hot day at the beach, this FroYo shop with tons of toppings is just the thing to cool off. Best of all, they offer a pup cup for your dog. 


Ortegaz Southwest Grill

This southwestern themed restaurant is perfect for adding a little spice to your vacation.  Its outdoor patio is the perfect place for both you and your dog to enjoy lunch/dinner.

Full Moon Café

Located in downtown Manteo with an incredible outdoor dining option, you can people watch as you dine. Youâ??re also close to many major attractions and shopping form this restaurant, so you only need to park once. And did I mention, the food is delicious? 

 The Outer Banks is one of the dog friendlies t places around. One of our towns recently just made a top ten list of dog friendliest cities. By brining your dog dining with you, your entire family and the furbaby can have a great vacation youâ??ll remember forever. 

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