10 Great Reasons to Stay in Corolla

Each and every town on the Outer Banks has their own Special qualities that make it unique and different from the next.  Corolla is no exception.  From the historic Whalehead Hunt Club to Currituck Light, to the modern planned houseing developments with the most upscale homes in the area, Corolla is unlike any other town on the Carolina coast.  

Unique, Non-Chain Restaurants

Of course, youâ??ll find a variety of local restaurants anywhere you go. However, Corolla has many restaurants and eateries you just wonâ??tâ?? find anywhere else such as Mike And Dinaâ??s Grill Room, Lighthouse Bagels, (real, NY styles bagels and sandwiches,)  the Ocean Front Grill (one of less than 5 ocean front restaurants on the Outer banks) and Metropolis, (The Outer Banks only a martini and tappas bar.) Not to mention, there are tons of sweet shops, candy stores and even a cupcakery.

Corolla Is Its Own World

Itâ??s not often you can find a self-sustain world inside the Outer Banks. By that I mean once you enter Corolla, youâ??ll never have to leave out of necessity. It has its own beaches, restaurants, grocery stores, lighthouse and even its own movie theatre, mini golf, regular golf and more.

Corolla was only opened with a paved road in the 1980sâ??. Because of this, you have far less commercialism than in other parts of the Outer Banks. True, it has chain grocery stores, a Dunkin Donuts and even a Starbucks, but everything else is strictly a mom-and-pop type shop. There are great restaurants boutiques shopping, specialty stores, day spas and so much more. Itâ??s one of those places where you can get away from it all without having to leave it all behind.

Visible Shipwrecks

Recently, the wreck of the metropolis was unearthed by our shifting sands. Itâ??s one of the few places on the Outer Banks where you can walk right up to a shipwreck and take its picture. Itâ??s perfect for both adults and kids as it requires no special equipment (like four-wheel drives) or skills (like scuba diving. Of course, we donâ??tâ?? know how long before the sand reclaims itâ??s wreck, so itâ??s best to see it now.

Big, Open, Dog Friendly Beaches

Corolla has some of the widest beaches on the entire Outer Banks. They are public beaches, and many public accesses have parking. Itâ??s been called one of the best places to learn to surf. In addition, Corolla beaches are dog friendly. Thought they must be leashed, a dog can be on a Corolla beach any time of day, year round.  This is good news for pet owners who would never dream of going to the beach without their furbaby.

The Four-Wheel Drive Area

If you want to drive on the beach, the Corova area is still one of the few places you can do it without a special license. These beaches have no road bisecting the island, so you can drive to the ocean and the sound on the same trip. And if youâ??re into wildlife, itâ??s the perfect place for a photographic safari. The four-wheel drive area has birds, wild horses, foxes, wild pigs and many more animals.  No four-wheel drive? No problem. Here at Atlantic Realty, we give you a free or discounted ticket to see wild horses. What a great memory.

Wildlife Education Center

In the far corner of the historic triangle, sits the wildlife education center. Itâ??s usually not considered part of the triangle (which is why itâ??s not a historic square.) however, the wildlife education center is filled with all kinds of fun things such  as museum showing both the natural and manmade host of the area and even its own aquarium with live fish. The center also features a variety of fun education programs such as keeping a nature journal, water colors and even the basics of fishing for young soon to be anglers.

The Corolla Lighthouse

The Corolla lighthouse is one of the few thatâ??s almost always open for climbing. Standing 162 feet, this lighthouse is the only one that was left unpainted. It also has a fantastic view from the top so donâ??t forget your camera. When you come down from your climb, thereâ??s a food cart there providing refreshing ice cream and ice cold drinks. Thereâ??s also a gift shop.  Itâ??s a great way to see a  lighthouse without leaving Corolla.

Shopping Village

The historic shopping village is truly a must see, especially I you like history and shopping. Local stores have taken up residence in older style homes close to the lighthouseâ??s base. These stores offer everything from food to finery to a bookstore. Shoppers will love going in and out of all the quaint little shops to find the best treasures. Thereâ??s even a playground there for the little ones.

Whalehead Club

Recently taken over by the government, the Whalehead club is a restored 1920â??s hunt club like no other. It sparkles with true art nouvou décor and has many of its original furnishings. Normal tours are self-guided, but there are also special tours agile, including ghost tours. The Whalehead club also has a large lawn are, perfect for picnics or playing with kinds and pups. At certain times of years, events are held on that lawn. 

While itâ??s true Corolla takes longer to get to, thatâ??s exactly why you should stay there. Itâ??s its own little world. And once you arrive, youâ??ll never want to leave. Itâ??s one of those places that because it is so remote, itâ??s worth the trip.


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