Top 10 Reasons To Stay In Duck

Duck is one of the smallest towns in the Outer Banks. Because of the narrow 2 lane road to get there, and the fact that is so small, some vacationers donâ??t want to stay in Duck NC. However, Duck is a great town and absolute must see.  Wondering whatâ??s so great about Duck? Well, Iâ??m glad you asked.

The Shopping  

You wonâ??t find any chains here. Not a single one. All the shops, restaurants and activities in Duck are family owned and operated. Itâ??s boutique shopping at its best. These little stores carry thousands of specialty items not available in large corporate type stores.

The malls themselves are also a little different. Instead of being plain old strip malls, like youâ??d find around the rest of the Outer Banks, youâ??ll find open air shopping centers. These outdoor â??mallsâ?? were built to accommodate both the trees and shoppers. In some cases, the trees grow right through the wooden sidewalks. There are also several fruit stands in Duck. Shopping in Duck is an experience like few others.

The Eateries

Duck is home to a variety of eateries for every taste and budget. And again, no chains. Whether you want sweet shops, ice cream, pizza, fancy dining, or even a 6 course wine dinner, Duck has it all. 

The Bluepoint is one of the oldest and best loved restaurants in Duck. Duck Cottage is a quaint independent bookstore with its own blend of coffee and the best hot chocolate on the Outer Banks. They even make their own whipped cream. Cravings was even on Diners, Drive In And Dives. And thatâ??s just the beginning of where you can eat.

Homemade fudge and ice cream is a staple of most sweetshops. Gelato is also available.  Thereâ??s even a nut store filled with, thatâ??s right; you guessed it, hundreds of nuts.

The Bike Paths

Duck is one of the few towns with actual bike paths. By bike paths, I donâ??t mean the road shoulders that some areas consider bike paths. No, Duck has designated bike paths, most of with are separated from the road by several feet of grass.

But itâ??s not just bikes that get to use these paths. Walkers, joggers, people walking dogs, pushing baby strollers or pulling wagons all get to use it too.  You can walk from mall to mall or from restaurant to restaurant without ever getting back on the road.

The Park  

The Duck Park is a truly incredible place. It has a nice green lawn for games of Frisbee, tag and other such games. Thereâ??s a great playground for the kids. Plus it has lot of bike paths, nature trails, picnic areas, an outdoor amphitheater, bathrooms, and even places where you can launch a kayak or play in the sound.

But thatâ??s just the beginning of what makes the park so great. The park is also home to myriad of activities in the summer. There are movies, live shows, concerts, events, food and wine tastings, yoga, kidâ??s shows and so much more. Best of all, 90% of it is free! What could be better than that?

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is new to Duck. It used to be part of the park. However, now that itâ??s finished being built, it deserves its own recognition. The boardwalk spans the full length of downtown Duck on the sound side.

This enables you to walk along the sound, enjoying the beauty and salt breezes and go in and out of cute shops and restaurants all day long.  Stick around for some of the best sunsets the Outer Banks has to offer! With the Duck Boardwalk, you never even have get back on the road. Park once and youâ??re done. Free parking is available in the park.

The Beach

Though all of the Outer Banks boats a free and open beach, Duck is a little different. While its true Duck does have some incredible public beaches, it does not have a public access.

In other words, unless youâ??re actually staying in Duck, you wonâ??t be able to go to the beach here. But that is exactly the reason that Outer Banks vacationers love it so much. Without a public access, the beaches are a lot less crowded so thereâ??s a lot more beach to go around.  You can even let Fido off the leash and play with him on the beach.

The Distance

The number one reason people give for not staying in Duck is the distance. Since Duck and Corolla are often called the â??Northern Beachesâ??, many people unfamiliar with the area think they are close to each other. They arenâ??t. In fact, Duck is actually much closer to Kitty Hawk (about 5 miles) vs. 20 miles for Corolla.  But because of that turn when you first come in, itâ??s considered a northern beach.

Dog Friendly 

If you travel with your dogs, youâ??re in luck. Duck North Carolina was recently rated one of the top ten dog friendliest beaches in the entire country. There are many restaurants which feature outdoor seating, allowing you to dine with you dog. 

Outer Barks even features  â??Yappy Hourâ?? so your dogs can play and have fun with other dogs. And speaking of playing with other dogs, on the beach, you can even let him off the leash so he can get the full beach experience.  Your dog is also welcome in the park or on any of the trails.

Easy Access To The Sound

Duck is one of the few places that has easily accessible public sound access. There are many places in Duck where you can launch a kayak or an inflatable raft. You can even go swimming.

Looking for more fun in the sound?  There are a many places that offer a variety of adventures in the  Sounds, everything from Jet skiing to parasailing and even private boat rentals.

The Spas

Looking to be pampered? Look no further than Duck. Duck is home to world class spas including the Sanderling, Eden Day Spa, and the new, increasing popular Aqua Restaurant & Spa. Not to mention all these spas are set against the beautiful quaint Duck backdrop for a truly immersive experience.

From eating homemade ice-cream, to biking down one of Ducksâ?? bike paths, to playing with your dog on the beach, to enjoying the sound or the spa, Duck offers an experience like no other part of The Outer Banks.  So the next time youâ??re debating on where to stay, give Duck a try. Youâ??ll be glad you did.

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