Travel Insurance

With the recent storms that have affected the Outer Banks, the subject of Trip Insurance is top of mind.  Here is a recent article of the benefits and possible scenarios where you may want to consider keeping the trip insurance.  Atlantic Realty offers the trip insurance to each and every guest because we believe the coverage and benefits greatly outweigh the minimal cost when it comes to your vacation investment!


Why Purchase Trip Insurance?

“Did you want to add trip insurance?”

To many travelers, the addition of trip insurance is not necessary.  So, the question is, DO you really need it? What exactly IS trip insurance and what does it cover?

That’s what we’ll look at in today’s article.

In a nutshell, trip insurance is a vehicle that protects you in the event your trip is interrupted or needs to be cancelled for a variety of reasons.

Trip insurance consists of several parts; weather/travel delay, medical emergencies, employment.  


Being evacuated for a hurricane is what most people think of when they think of trip insurance. And if you’re not traveling during hurricane season, it may be tempting to skip it.  However, trip insurance also covers airline delays due to weather, or a road closure preventing access to your destination. (This happens sometimes in the Outer Banks. The house is fine, but the road is not.)  Trip insurance also covers most natural disasters occurring in any state through which you must travel in order to reach your final destination.

Travel Delay

“The best laid plans of Mice and Men often go astray.”

This is especially true when it comes to travel. Sometimes it can seem as though the universe is conspiring to keep you from reaching your well-deserved vacation.  We’ve already covered weather related delays, but other travel delays can be caused by car or airlines experiencing mechanical trouble.

If this is the case, you may need to spend the night en route to your final destination due to these unforeseeable transportation issues.  Trip insurance may cover additional accommodation expenses as well as partial reimbursement for the time missed at your final destination.


Unfortunately, medical emergencies happen without warning. This is why over 80% of  trip insurance claims are related to medical problems.

This can include an accident or a suddenly diagnosed medical condition. Insurance can also cover some temporary medical conditions when those conditions prevent one of the members of your party from traveling. (Proof will be requested.)

Insurance can also cover a situation where an illness or death of a close family member occurs and related circumstances prevent you from traveling.   The medical part of the insurance is highly recommended if you have elderly family members, young children, any family member with ill health, or anyone who might be have a high risk pregnancy.

Job Related  

Temporary or permanent job loss and job transfers can wreck vacation plans.  Military reassignment or leave cancellation can throw a monkey wrench into an upcoming trip.  It is a good practice to be proactive and these situations can be covered when you have purchased trip insurance.

This is a basic over view of the advantages of purchasing trip Insurance. However, decisions are made on a case by case basis. To learn more about Trip insurance, or to speak with a licensed agent, follow this link:

October Outer Banks Events

Fall is here. In some areas of the country, the leaves turn colors. On the OBX, there are other ways to tell Fall is here, particularly  with the fewer number of people, less traffic and of course, the appearance of pumpkins, Fall festivals and Halloween themed fun.

So if you’re on the Outer Banks in October, there are tons of  things to do for all ages.  

Pumpkin Patch At The Island Farm-Saturdays

It’s pumpkin picking time, and your little ones can do it the old fashioned way on the Island Farm. It all starts with an ox-drawn wagon, taking everyone to the patch were the kids can select their own pumpkin to take home. Other activities of the day include candle making, scarecrow stuffing, and corn husk doll creating. There’s even a scarecrow photo booth. Naturally, all the regular farm animals are still there too. Don’t forget to say hi to the chickens. They want to say hi to you.

Wanchese Woods-Weekends

Forget the haunted house, this is an entire haunted woods. Nestled deep within one of the Outer banks most out of the way towns is the â??Haunted Wanchese Woodsâ??. The fright start from the moment you get out of your car to the moment you leave. This place has jump scares, special effects and costumed ‘freaks’ aplenty. They also draw on local legends in addition to the usual tropes. There are two versions offered; a regular version and an extreme version for the bravest of the bunch.  It’s also the largest haunted woods in this part of the state.

Outer Banks Parade of Homes-10/6 – 10/9  October Outer Banks

The Parade of Homes is a self-guided tour of homes around the Outer Banks spanning 50 miles. This year’s collection features homes between 1,240-10,000 square feet so there is a size that is sure to fit your lifestyle. The parade features both new homes and recent renovations.  Homeowners and builders alike are eager to show off the newest and best that the Outer Banks has to offer. It’s a great way to see up close and personal what you may want in your next  home or renovation project.

Seafood Festival- 10/15

The annual Seafood Festival features music, fun, and most of all FOOD. Restaurant’s from all over the Outer Banks join together to show off their cooking styles and what they can do with seafood preparation.  Educational/informational tents will be available for you to learn more about this area and the environment, including NEST, Jennette’s Pier, Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station, Sea Grant and the UNC Coastal Studies Institute. Artesian tents include All Washed Up Jewelry, Coastal Creations by Lauren, Handmade Pottery, and Thunder Hill Arts. And let’s not forget the boats. There will be several of them there so you can learn more about how fish go from ocean to table.

Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival-10/18- 10/23

If you’re a nature lover, this is for you. The National Wildlife Refuges have put together more than 100 trips and programs for nature lovers. It includes programs for birding, kayaking, photography, art, natural history and more. Kenn Kaufman, world reknown birder, artist and author will be a featured speaker. The culmination is a reception and dinner located at the beautiful National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center on Roanoke Island.

Brewtag- 10/22

Creatively named after the Red Bull Flutag, (flying day in German,) Brewtag is a celebration of flight and beer. Rather than making human powered flying machines, the object of Brewtag is to get Kegs off the ground and keep it from crashing. As the tagline says, you WILL believe kegs can fly. There’s also food and miscellaneous vendors, a mechanical shark, and lots of beer.

Outer Banks Stunt Kite Competition- 10/22-10/23

It’s been said that Kitty Hawk is so windy, it could launch a brick. I don’t know about that, but it can certainly launch a kite, particularly a stunt kite. On these dates, stunt kites from all over the nation descend on the Outer Banks and show off their stuff. Categories include precision, choreography, and more. Free kite demos are available.

Halloween International Film Festival- 10/27- 10/29

This is a first for the Outer Banks; the first time we’ve hosted an international film festival of this nature. Indie filmmakers from all over the world submitted their films for your enjoyment. The films will be shown at the multiplex RC theatres in Kill Devil Hills.

Outer Banks Halloween Parade of Costumes- 10/30

Held the Sunday before Halloween, the Kelly’s Annual Costume Parade is now in its third year. This parade is a wonderful and fun event for people of all ages. There’s a costume contest with several judged groups; male/female, ages, couples, families, and a surprise category. The haunted hearse will also make an appearance. Admission is free to anyone wearing a costume.

Great Pumpkin Contest- 10/30   Halloween Outer Banks

Part of the Pumpkin Parade, this contest is for carving the best pumpkin. They can be carved or painted, and there are several categories in which you can win, everything from most creative to scariest.  There’s also a people’s choice award. Pumpkins are provided.

Fun on the Outer Banks doesnâ??t stop with summer! The weather in October is beautiful, there is a lot to do, and there’s still time to lay out on the beach, build sandcastles and make memories.

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Top 10 Reasons the OBX should be on your Top Ten Travel List

The Outer Banks is a strip of land, one part peninsula, one part island chain off the coast of North Carolina. It’s made up of the main towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Duck, Corolla, and Nags Head. There are also the smaller areas such as Manteo and Hatteras Island. It has a year round population of about 35,000 people. However, in the summer, that number swells to almost 200,000 visitors. Still, many people have never heard of the Outer Banks or understand why it’s so special. Here are 10 reasons the Outer Banks should be on your Top Ten Travel List.

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Filled With History

Youâ??d be hard pressed to find a place with a richer history than the Outer Banks. It has the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the most famous lighthouse in the world. It also has Jockey’s Ridge, the largest natural sand dune on the east coast. The Wright brothers took their first flight here. Blackbeard and hundreds of other ships met their end in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Americaâ??s first colony was settled here, then vanished; replaced with the countryâ??s longest running outdoor drama.

Nature Surrounds You

The Outer Banks is famous for itâ??s wide open, non-commercialized beaches. While there are many homes (and a few hotels) that dot the oceanfront, there is nothing like a boardwalk, amusements or anything that would detract from the natural beauty of the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks is also home to many types of animals, some seen no where else in the world. Red wolves, turtles, wild horses, dolphins, fish, foxes, rabbits, nutria and over 300 species of birds make the Outer Banks their home.  The Outer Banks also has many ways to see nature, including state parks and several wildlife education centers.

The Beach

The Outer Banks is home to hundreds of miles of free and open unspoiled public beach. There’s no boardwalk on the beach, only a landscape peppered by homes.  You can get on and beach at designated accesses and walk anywhere you want all for free.  Our beaches are great place to find shells, sea glass and more. Visible shipwrecks lay right out in the open, including the Laura A. Barnes in Nags Head and the Metropolis in Corolla. Youâ??ll never know what youâ??ll find on an OBX beach.

The Water

The Outer Banks is surrounded by water; ocean on one side, sound on the other. The ocean is a living ocean, so it changes constantly. Itâ??s the perfect place to play, surf, SUP, SCUBA, kayak, or fish. Children love jumping in out of the waves while more experienced swimmers love the challenge the ocean offers. The Sound on the other hand, is prefect for younger children and less experienced swimmers. All kinds of wet and wild activities take pace in the Sound including jet skis, kayaking, stand up Paddle boarding, pontoon boat fun, inshore fishing, parasailing, boat trips and inflatable rafts.  You can also see dolphins in both places.

Seafood    Crabs

The Outer Banks is famous for it’s freshly caught seafood. By visiting one of the local restaurants, you can get fish so fresh it was swimming just a few hours ago. You can also go one of the many local fish markets and buy your own fish to take home and cook at the house. Steamer pots to go are also a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Simply place an order at a steamer restaurant and you can bring home a large pot filled with all kinds of seafood and shellfish. You can cook it yourself or ask the steamer place to cook it. Popular fish on the Outer Banks include tuna, mahi, flounder, bluefish, speckled tout, croaker, and spot.


In most beach resorts, you are stuck in a cramped hotel for a week where youâ??re forced to eat every meal out and youâ??re practically on top of each other. Thatâ??s not great for fostering family harmony. However, at the Outer Banks, you can rent an entire house, with plenty of room for everyone. Plus, since all our homes come with full kitchens, have the choice of eating out or cooking for yourself. Of course, you could always hire someone to cook for you, or eat the leftovers from last nightâ??s meal out. 

In Business For Families

An Outer Banks beach was rated #10 by National Geographic and #1 by US News as the best family beach in the country. This is because the Outer Banks actively courts families. Many rental companies have a minimum of 25 years of age before you can sign a lease and specify that it has to be some kind of ‘family’ group.  This means there are no rowdy â??beach weeksâ??, â??spring breaksâ?? or â??senior tripsâ?? This makes the Outer Banks much quieter than many comparable beaches.

Pets Are Welcome

The Travel Channel rated The Outer Banks as one the dog friendliest beaches in the country. But it’s not only the beaches that are dog friendly. It’s common to see dogs in parks, at outdoor events, and eating in the outdoor seating areas at local restaurants. Plus many Outer Banks homes are pet friendly, and include amenities like dog beds, and fenced in yards. After all, it’s not really a vacation unless the entire family can come.

Plenty To Do     Wright Brothers

The Outer Banks does not have an amusement park, (yet.) But thatâ??s about the only thing it doesnâ??t have. If you want to spend time in nature, we have ranger walks, horse tours, dolphin tours, kayak tours, and private boats you can rent. If history is more your speed, we have Roanoke Island Festival Park, the Lost Colony outdoor drama, Wright Brothers Memorial and more.  For the shoppers, we have a few chains, including a local chain, Wings, outlet shopping, boutique shops, antiques stores and plenty of restaurants to eat in between excursions. And if youâ??re more the entertainment type, then we have a harnessed adventure park, laser tag, the comedy club, the murder mystery dinner theater and even some ghost tours. And remember that amusement park I said we didnâ??t have? Well, weâ??re getting it in 2017. Only, itâ??s a water park. Youâ??ll see it on your way into town.

Close To Home

If you live anywhere on the east coast or even in Ohio, then this beach is close to home. In fact, for our Ohio visitors, we are the closest beach. Itâ??s an easy drive from most places in this region. However, The Outer Banks gets visitors from as far away as California, Texas, Canada, and even Germany. It seems that whether you live close or not, word is getting out that this is the best beach around.

Links to cited sources:

Things to Do in Nags Head

So you’ve beaten the traffic on check in day and got here really early, or maybe it’s a rainy day, or you got a little too much sun at the start of your vacation.  No matter what your reasoning for exploring the other areas of the Outer Banks, you can take advantage of the “Things to Do in Nags Head” list:

Go to a Different Beach

There are two great beaches for you to choose from in this area; Jennetteâ??s Pier and Coquina beach. Jennetteâ??s Pier is surrounded by shops, eateries and has a beautiful park with a playground across the street. They  also have great bathrooms and a pier to walk on or fish from. Coquina Beach is park service property, so you get the full experience of a pure unspoiled beach with complete bath house. Nearby, you have the Bodie Island Lighthouse, and you might even get to see the remains of shipwreck Laura A Barnes.

Festival Park

Built to celebrate the 500th anniversary of first English colony in the New World, The Elizabeth II still lives at Festival Park; a perfect replica of an 16th century sailing vessel that brought over the colonists. But, the ship is no longer alone. Now, festival park features an English Settlement, a Native American ‘village’ and an interactive museum filled with 500 years of Outer Banks history. There’s even a place to hunt ducks, (fake ones, of course.) Youâ??ll find one free pass in your Fun N Sun electronic packet.

The Elizabethan Gardens

Take a leisurely stroll through an Tudor English Garden created with plants native to the Outer Banks. This garden was created as a tribute to the first colony and in the spirit of the gardens popular at the time of Queen Elizabeth the first.  If youâ??re gardener, donâ??t forget to check out the nursery so you can have a live souvenir to take home. You get one free pass in your Fun N Sun electronic packet.


The NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island was rated one of The Top 10 Best Small Aquariums on Trip Advisor. It was recently renovated, so now itâ??s even better. It features interactive exhibits, educational movies, classes, behind the scenes tours, a turtle rescue center, and of course, lots of fish. Itâ??s great fun for the entire family. Best of all, youâ??ll get one free ticket from your Fun N Sun electronic packet.

Dolphin Tour

The Outer Banks is a living ocean. Not only does it change daily, itâ??s home to many types of fish, birds and dolphins. A dolphin tour is the best way to see them.  Fun N Sun

Head Boat

A head boat is like a charter boat for inshore fishing. When it comes to fishing with children, itâ??s even better than a charter boat.  Since it takes out huge groups, kids always have someone to talk to, even if the fish arenâ??t biting. And when they are biting, itâ??s very exciting.

Pier Fishing    Fishing Pier

If you’re looking for a great place to catch some fish, try pier fishing. Fish are naturally attracted to the things that grown on pier pilings, so you can be assured they are always around. All kinds of fish can be caught from a pier including stripers, blues, spots, speckleds, flounders and more. Best of all, if you fish off a pier, you don’t need a fishing license. Our Fun N Sun  pass give you one free pass to the Outer Banks Pier, home of Fishheads restaurant. Because the only thing better than a restaurant and bar at the beach is one ON the beach. Happy Fishing!

Island Farm

Step back in time to a 19th century working farm. Youâ??ll meet free roaming chickens, costumed interpreters,  a tamed wild horse, and “Charlie”, the last yoke trained ox in the country. Children will love the live demonstrations of cooking, doing laundry and other everyday scenes of living on a farm. Best of all, most of the exhibits are interactive and hands on, making them great for kids.

Explore Downtown Manteo

Downtown Manteo is a historical town filled with art galleries, antique shops, a great bookstore and great places to eat. Manteo also is a walking town; park once and explore it all. You can even bring Fido! Festival Park is right over a walking bridge. Youâ??ll find one free pass in your Fun N Sun electronic packet.  Attention Pokemon Go players, the Manteo Waterfront is a great spot to play with lots of Poke stops!!!

Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station

If you arrived VERY early, say around 10ish, then you plenty of time to head down to see our Fun N Sun partners on Hatteras Island. The Chicamacomico lifesaving station  is one of the most complete saving stations in the country. The precursors to the modern Coast Guard, lifesavers (or surfmen) were tasked with rescuing ships from sea. They have a great museum and costumed interpreters to bring the past to life. Youâ??ll find one free pass in your Fun N Sun electronic packet.

Outlet Shopping

Nags Head is the only place in the area that has outlet shopping. At Tanger, you’ll find all your favorite shops such as Coach, Carters, Wilson’s Leather, and more. And if you get hungry, there’s plenty of restaurants nearby, including a Tropical Smoothie right in the shopping center itself.

Laser Tag

You saw it on How I Met Your Mother and now the Outer Banks has it; Laser tag. In fact, we have two places to choose from; a chain, (Gearworks) and a local place, (Destination Fun) both places feature laser tag and bounce houses for the little ones. Destination Fun also has an arcade and indoor 3D mini golf.

Jockeyâ??s Ridge

The Outer Banks is home to the largest natural sand dune on the East Coast. Known as Jockey’s Ridge, this dune has quite a history. It’s also a National Park so  you can climb it and enjoy the view. Kids have a blast rolling down it. Even leashed dogs can visit. On the other side of the dune is a sound side sandy beach.

Airboat Rides

The Outer Banks is famous for its unusual tours, and now at last, we have an airboat tour. The airboat tour has tours from 1 hour to all day. The unique design of an airboat enables it to go into places other boats can’t go. You can go on a tour with others or rent it completely out for the day or half day. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Harnessed Adventure Course

Zip lines, ‘giant spider webs’ obstacles of varying challenges, this harnessed ropes course has it all. From the lower easy levels to the hardest upper levels, this ropes course has something for everyone. One ticket gets you about 3 hours, so it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. You can even rent a helmet with a GoPro camera to capture all the fun.

Mini Golf   Mini Golf

The Outer Banks is no stranger to mini golf. You can play the day away for a very inexpensive price.  Shoot a round of golf at the Dairy Queen Miniature Golf course and top it off with an ice cream after. Loser buys. But we’re going to ‘buy’ one person a round of mini golf with our Fun N Sun pass.

Skateboard Park

All the skaters in the family rejoice. If you brought your skateboard, then Nags Head provides a free park for you skate in. It has all kinds of curls from regular to challenging. Shorter curls are a great place for beginners or to practice stunts.


If you have a reciprocal YMCA membership in your area, your house comes with one or you purchased a visitors one for the week, you can head on over to the Y. It has indoor and outdoor pools, all kinds of exercise machines and so much more. Itâ??s a great place to change into your swimsuit and let the kids splash around before heading towards the house.

We know you want to make the most of your vacation, so check out some of these extra activities and make lasting family vacation memories!!

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Things to Do In Corolla

In continuing our series of Things to Do on the Outer Banks when you arrive early, we are featuring activities in Corolla.  Due to the heavy weekend traffic on the the 2 lane road that is Route 12 in Duck and Corolla, we recommend these activities for guests staying in the Northern Beaches.  While we encourage all guests to visit Duck and Corolla during their Outer Banks vacation, we’ve found that mid week and sunny days are the least crowded times. 


Corolla is the Northernmost point of the Outer Banks and is a world onto itself. With its own movie theatres, grocery stores, entertainments, restaurants and lighthouse, you never have to leave Corolla for your entire vacation unless you want to.

Take A Horse Tour

With the average horse tour lasting 2+ hours, this is a great way to kick off your vacation with a fun activity everyone will love. Best of all, the crowds are lightest on the weekends. Atlantic Realty guests get a FREE Back Country Outfitters tour each anc every day of their stay with the Fun N Sun Pass Program.

Go To The Beach

Corolla has a beautiful beach.  The access across from the Visitors Center is halfway between Duck and the main part of Corolla, so you donâ??t have to travel very far to get to it. It has bathrooms, showers and a place to change into your swimsuit. Pets on leashes can play on the beach too.  Need beach chairs? Our Fun N Sun Partner Just For The Beach has 2 free beach chairs set aside for you.  And did we mention this beach is lifeguarded in season? 

The Wildlife Education Center

One of the best kept secrets in Corolla is the Wildlife Education Center. Run by the park service, this center has an impressive display of taxidermied  animals, antique duck decoys and a nice size aquarium filled with fish from the local sound.

The Historic Shopping Village

Nestled in the historic triangle is one the cutest little shopping centers youâ??ll ever see. Known as the Historic Shopping Village, it features dozens of boutique shops housed in what used to be private historical homes. There are places to shop for gifts, souvenirs, clothing, a two story bookstore and even lunch.

Harnessed Adventure Park

New to Corolla in 2016, the Harnessed Adventure Park is a great way to test your skills and get some extreme exercise. Climb rope towers and zip line across.  They have courses available for all ages and fitness levels. They even rent GoPro helmets so you can catch all the action hands free. 

Currituck Light  Currituck Lighthouse

While not as famous at itâ??s sister to the south, The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Currituck Lighthouse is still a lighthouse worth seeing. There are 220 steps to climb,  9 landings to rest on, and a spectacular view waiting for you at the top. Donâ??t forget the camera!

Pedal Boats

At the main shopping strip are pedal boats. These are the type of two person boats you take out into the sound and pedal around in. Itâ??s a great place to make some memories.  Pictures of your family peddling is always fun, as is peddling yourself.  Itâ??s a great way to explore the sound and work out some of that excess energy from being cooped up in the car.

Mini Golf

There are several min golf courses in Corolla where you can play. They have everything from a thoroughly  modern course with  bumper cars before or after, all the way to the last grass miniature golf course in the country. Itâ??s just like a real golf course, but everythingâ??s on a smaller scale.  Itâ??s a great way to introduce your kids to real golf while theyâ??re young.

The Whalehead Club

This restored 1920â??s hunt club is a beautiful example of art deco and 1920â??s living at itâ??s finest.  Mr. Knight built it as a testament to his wife. (She always wanted to belong to a hunt club, but women werenâ??t allowed to join in the 1920â??s.) Youâ??ll find one free admission to a legacy tour in your Fun N Sun electronic packet.

The Main Shopping Strip

The town of Corolla has two main shopping centers across the street from each other. They are known as Monterey Plaza and Tim Buck II. Between the two of them, youâ??ll find a plethora of shops, eateries, homemade ice-cream, cupcakeries, and even some hair salons and spas. The family can split up with everyone doing their own thing then meet back for a late lunch before heading to the house to check in.


A movie is always a good way to use up a few hours on a hot day. Of course, this just isnâ??t any movie theater. This is one of those â??dinner and showâ?? places. (it also does lunch.)  Itâ??s a great place to see a movie, eat lunch, cool off,  and just unwind after a day in the car.


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Getting Here Early? What to do before Check In

Each year, hundreds of vacationers come early to the Outer Banks in order to beat the traffic. However between 10am – 4pm your house is being cleaned, inspected and being made perfect for you. Itâ??s not ready to move in just yet, but you want to get a head start on your vacation (and who can blame you?)

Thatâ??s why this new article series will helps you figure out what to do to get a head start on vacation even when your house isnâ??t ready. Each item on this list was carefully chosen for things that take two or more hours, this way, by the time you finish, youâ??re house should be almost ready.

I did want to note that one of the worst things you can do is go grocery shopping right when you arrive and hope for the best.  Even if the house is ready early, it never feels early enough if you have ice-cream melting in your car.

But this list should keep everyone in the family happy for hours to come.

Fun N Sun & Explore the Shore

It all starts with your Fun N Sun and Explore the Shore Pass. These will arrive in your inbox 5 days before arrival.

The Fun N Sun pass gives you one free ticket to all kinds of activities from one end of the Outer Banks to the other.

 The Explore the Shore program gives you discounts to all sorts of shops and activities around the Outer Banks. No matter where youâ??re staying, our exclusive passes have you covered.

And since itâ??s electronic, you donâ??t even have to stop by the office to get it. Now, you can start having fun that much earlier.

Things to Do Before You Arrive

Weâ??ll start with things to do before you arrive. If youâ??re not on the island by 10am, youâ??re liable to hit traffic In Season. (in Off Seasons and shoulder seasons, thereâ??s no traffic to hit.) so if youâ??d like to come a little later than 10am, weâ??d suggest making a day of the trip and having some fun before you even arrive.  Here weâ??ll take a look at all the fun things to do in Currituck.


Gravedigger is the worldâ??s second most famous monster truck, and it makes its home right here on Currituck mainland, on the way to the Outer Banks. The dungeon  offers tours of the garages, several â??Diggersâ?? (perfect for photo ops) and even features monster truck rides over an obstacle course. On certain days, Denis Anderson is even there to sign autographs. Donâ??t forget about lunch; Diggers Diner offers a wide array of kid and adult friendly options.

Powellâ??s Market

This is the most famous â??fruit standâ?? in Currituck. It features fresh fruits and vegetables, both from local farms and elsewhere, preserves, unusual wines, souvenirs desserts and so much more. Shopping here is an experience like few others.

Golf (And Lunch)

Currituck is home to some really great golf courses, two of which are our Fun N Sun partners. The Carolina Club and The Pointe both offer great golf in a beautiful atmosphere. Plus each of these two courses has an attached restaurant so after golf, you and the family can grab a bite to eat before heading off to your rental house.

Antique Shopping

Currituck is filled with family owned farms, so if you love country style antiques, look no further. Currituck has a variety of antique stores to choose from or spend all day in. The most famous one is Lamarâ??s Glass and gifts. Not only does this store feature antiques, stained glass and more, it also has a huge assortment of vintage comics. Everyone in the family will find something here.  Donâ??t let the street frontage fool you; this store has endless rooms to explore.

Weeping Radish

I know I promised no restaurants, but this one is not only an Outer Banks experience, itâ??s an institution. It was even on the TV show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”.  Itâ??s the oldest microbrewery in the state. It also features the famed â??farmer to forkâ?? concept in itâ??s dishes. Fruits, vegetables and meats are bought locally and prepared on site. They even have an in house butcher to give you the perfect cut. Itâ??s easy to overlook this place once you reach the main part of the Outer Banks, and that would be a real shame. (Psst. Try the potato soup. Itâ??s delicious.) 

Visit a Vineyard

Currituck is famous for its world class, local vineyards. In fact Sanctuary Vineyards won the 2015 Wine Grower of Excellence Award from the North Carolina Winegrowerâ??s Association. Many Vineyards offer tours and taste testing. Itâ??s a great way to see behind the scenes of your favorite North Carolina Wines.


If youâ??re into paintball, then youâ??ll want to check out OBX paintball. On weekends, they feature â??open playâ?? where you can just come an play without needing a large group or special reservations. There is even equipment for you to rent if you donâ??t have your own. And thanks to new modern technology, these paintballs donâ??t stain clothing.


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Vacation in Bermuda Bay

Bermuda Bay; the Outer Banks Newest Community

Until recently, if you wanted a great house located in a luxury community featuring distinctive amenities, you had to stay in the Northern Beaches of Duck, Corolla, or Southern Shores. However, that all changed with the welcome addition of Bermuda Bay.

Now there’s a community unlike any other. Nearing completion in 2016, the sound side community of Bermuda Bay offers homes and townhouses just perfect for the small family.  Not only are they new and modern, they offer fine details usually only seen in much larger homes, such as a den, enough bathrooms for every bedroom and great porches.

The clubhouse offers a private gym with fitness center, pool table and entertainment room.  There’s even a volleyball court. And if you want to teach the kids to fish, there’s a catch and release pond where you don’t even need a license. It’s good practice to introduce the kids to the fundamentals of fishing before you get them their license and take them to the beach.

Did someone say pool?  Community Pool

Not only does this community have a pool, it has an entire waterpark. Kids and adults alike will love splashing in all the water features, getting dripped on by trees and cheering as they go down the waterslide.

Older kids will love sitting in their tubes, drifting down the lazy river, catching sun and daydreaming.

The adults can enjoy relaxing poolside while being served snacks and other treats from the snack bar. There are even bathrooms available, so you don’t have to interrupt the fun to return to your house.  Since it is a private community waterpark it is never ‘too’ crowded.  

Best of all, this community is centrally located, only minutes away from restaurants, Wright Brothers Memorial, and the beach itself. There’s even parking at the beach, so you don’t have to break your back lugging all your stuff.

When you stay at Bermuda Bay, you can watch all your worries just drift down that lazy river and breathe in relaxation. Water PArk

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427 Coral Cove









802 A Blue Heron

Explore the Frisco Native American Museum!

Atlantic Realty would like to Welcome the Frisco Native American Museum on Hatteras Island to our Fun N Sun Pass Program!

The museum is a great way to learn about Native Americans who not only lived here locally in Eastern NC, but from tribes all over the world.  The museum features   artifacts, artwork, and history of the various groups.  This museum is a culmination of over 70 years of history collected by Hatteras native, Carl Bornfriend.  Not only does the Frisco Native American Museum feature exhibits and educational opportunites to learn about Native American history, but it also features nature trails and even a pond!  Special summer educational programs are available every Monday and Thursday.   Atlantic Realty guests receive one free admission per reservation per day of their stay to the museumFrisco Native American Museum

The Frisco Native American Museum is not the only activity partner guests have access to as part of the Fun N Sun Pass Program.  Each reservation receives 1 free admission daily to all of the activities listed below including:

This exclusive program is only available to Atlantic Realty guests. 


Not to mention, Atlantic Realty guests also receive exclusive discounts and coupons with our Explore the Shore Program.  Save at local restaurants, charter boat tours, watersports, airplane tours, fitness classes, and much, much more!


Consider a Condo for your next vacation

A condominium or “condo” can be a great choice for a weekly vacation or a quick weekend getaway.  A condo is the perfect middle ground between a hotel room or large vacation home.  Here’s a list of all of the reasons to consider a condo on your next Outer Banks vacation. 

Closer to the Water

Many families feel an oceanfront vacation is out of the question due to cost.  One of the most attractive things about an Outer Banks condo is you can get much closer to the water without having to spend as much as an oceanfront home.  There are many Oceanfront, Semi Oceanfront,  and even Soundside condos available for you to choose from. Some, such as those at the Windjammer in Nags Head, feature private  balconies right off the bedroom, perfect for watching the sun rise or spying a pod of dolphins playing in the surf.


Most condos have access to a community pool, which is a real boon to a small family. After all, a private pool at a house can easily add $500-$1000 to the cost of a rental home.  Families with small children love a pool as the ocean may be too rough for swimming on windy days. 

Other Community Amenities

Pools arenâ??t the only thing that condos offer. Many condo communities have such amenities as playgrounds, basketball goals, grilling and picnic areas, dune decks and even laundry rooms (if thereâ??s not a washer/dryer in the unit.) 

Proximity to Attractions   

Houses are often built to be away from everything. However, condo developers know people want stuff to do on vacation. Therefore the average condo is closer to things like movies, mini golf, shopping, etc.  as well as historic and other attractions.

Sleeps Just Enough People

Condo sizes can range in size from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom.  This is perfect for the small family who just need something for themselves, their parents or their kids.  Many condos even have a sleep sofa so you have the most bedding options possible.  With more space than your average hotel room as well as full kitchens for eating in, condos offer the same conveniences as vacation homes. 

More Affordable

The average vacation home (depending on what time of year you come) can cost around $2,500. However, the average condo costs about $1,500. This is a significant savings when itâ??s just your immediate family.

Pet Friendly

Many families avoid condos thinking their pet cannot tag along. However, at most times of the year, certain condos welcome small dogs, the same way certain houses do.  Check the individual property description for restrictions. 


Condos are a great way to find an affordable vacation rental that entire family can enjoy. Not only are they economical, close to the water and loaded with amenities, condos offer most of the same features inside that vacation homes do. So the next time itâ??s just you and the immediate family, or you want to take a quick trip to the beach, consider a condo. Youâ??ll be glad you did.

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Spring Brings Fresh Updates for 2016

Spring has sprung, and with it the promise of new ‘life’, particularly for vacation rental homes. The Owners of your favorite homes have been busy this Winter and made all kinds of improvements to their homes. While some homes got new Owners, other Owners got a new vision for their homes. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the improvements you have to look forward to this year.  Click the property names to see even more photos of the updates!  

525 The Sweet Potato Biscuit

The new Owners of this adorable cottage have taken great care to restore this house to its glory days. Gone are the dropped ceilings and dated 60’s style cabinets. Instead, the ceilings are open, exposing the wood underneath. The kitchen has custom wood cabinets and stone countertops worthy of a house such as this. The smart TV in the living room and the TV in the master bedroom give you a plethora of entertainment options. All the furniture has been updated, including the beds. Not to mention the panoramic view from the wrap around porch is still spectacular!   If you liked Sweet Potato Biscuit before, get ready to fall in love with the improvements!  

Before                                                                           After

Sweet Potato Biscuit - BeforeSweet Potato Biscuit - After

The Sweet Potato Biscuit - Kitchen BeforeThe Sweet Potato Biscuit - Kitchen After

The Sweet Potato Biscuit - Living Room BeforeThe Sweet Potato Biscuit - After



909 Windjammer Unit DD

From top to bottom, this Windjammer condo is sparkling!  New flooring, new paint, new furniture, décor, and new bedding. Good bye crate furniture! Good bye antiquated TV! Hello new dishwasher!  The kitchen has been rearranged for the ultimate in efficiency and cooking fun. Flat screen TV’s adorn both bedrooms and there’s a brand new flat screen in the living room. Even the small book library in a lighthouse shaped shelf is new. (It’s a great option for those who relax with a good read!)

Before                                                                                After

Windjammer - BeforeWindjammer - After

Windjammer - Kitchen BeforeWindjammer - Kitchen After

Windjammer - Bunk Room BeforeWindjammer - Bunk Room After



434 MargaritaPhil (formerly Teacher’s Pet)

New Owners and a new name are only the beginning of this home’s new life.  New furniture, vessel sinks, and granite countertops are waiting to greet you in this completely renovated home. The bathrooms have handheld showerheads, the ceilings have remote controlled fans and the new flat screen TVs feature gaming systems and DVD players.  The addition of a game room with a ping pong table is an amenity that is sure to be put to good use by both the young and the young at heart.  The outside has also been updated with bright new paint, grilling area, and deck furniture. 

Before                                                                                     After

MargaritaPhil - Before

MargaritaPhil - Bathroom BeforeMargaritaPhil - After

MargaritaPhil - Deck BeforeMargaritaPhil - After



092 The Kaerolla Dawn

A new dawn promises a new day. And, the new “Kaerolla Dawn” promises an even better vacation than last time.  New floors, new bedding and a freshly painted deck are just the beginning of the changes you’ll enjoy. The hot tub has new privacy lattice work, while the newly installed pergola guarantees the pleasure of lazy picnics under the sun and stars. It feels like a brand new house, and the promise of the perfect vacation.

Before                                                                            After

Kaerolla DawnKaerolla Dawn after

Kaerolla Dawn - deck beforeKaerolla Dawn - deck after

Kaerolla Dawn - living room beforeKaerolla Dawn - Living Room After


Atlantic Realty has made some changes too for 2016 and we know you’re going to love them!   Over 90% of our homes have gone keyless. That means no more checking in at the office and no more worrying about losing keys.  Now, you get the code the week before your arrival and can share it with your whole party. And don’t worry about your welcome bag and check in package either, it’ll be waiting for you at the house when you arrive.

Our office in Nags Head is new, and it’s already proving to be a great convenience for our guests. If you’d like to come in and talk to us during the week, you no longer have to make the trek from South Nags Head to Kitty Hawk. Our Nags Head office is staffed just like our Kitty Hawk and Duck office; with hours from 8:30-5:00 each and every day during the summer.

After extensive research, we’ve also chosen a new linen company. Express Linens not only provides a higher quality of sheets and towels, but the addition of bath mats and kitchen towels as well. As an added convenience, we have also included bedmaking service prior to your arrival.  Of course, the linen package is still an optional service, but if you don’t feel like bringing your own linens on vacation, this new service is a great option.

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