Consider a Condo for your next vacation

A condominium or “condo” can be a great choice for a weekly vacation or a quick weekend getaway.  A condo is the perfect middle ground between a hotel room or large vacation home.  Here’s a list of all of the reasons to consider a condo on your next Outer Banks vacation. 

Closer to the Water

Many families feel an oceanfront vacation is out of the question due to cost.  One of the most attractive things about an Outer Banks condo is you can get much closer to the water without having to spend as much as an oceanfront home.  There are many Oceanfront, Semi Oceanfront,  and even Soundside condos available for you to choose from. Some, such as those at the Windjammer in Nags Head, feature private  balconies right off the bedroom, perfect for watching the sun rise or spying a pod of dolphins playing in the surf.


Most condos have access to a community pool, which is a real boon to a small family. After all, a private pool at a house can easily add $500-$1000 to the cost of a rental home.  Families with small children love a pool as the ocean may be too rough for swimming on windy days. 

Other Community Amenities

Pools arenâ??t the only thing that condos offer. Many condo communities have such amenities as playgrounds, basketball goals, grilling and picnic areas, dune decks and even laundry rooms (if thereâ??s not a washer/dryer in the unit.) 

Proximity to Attractions   

Houses are often built to be away from everything. However, condo developers know people want stuff to do on vacation. Therefore the average condo is closer to things like movies, mini golf, shopping, etc.  as well as historic and other attractions.

Sleeps Just Enough People

Condo sizes can range in size from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom.  This is perfect for the small family who just need something for themselves, their parents or their kids.  Many condos even have a sleep sofa so you have the most bedding options possible.  With more space than your average hotel room as well as full kitchens for eating in, condos offer the same conveniences as vacation homes. 

More Affordable

The average vacation home (depending on what time of year you come) can cost around $2,500. However, the average condo costs about $1,500. This is a significant savings when itâ??s just your immediate family.

Pet Friendly

Many families avoid condos thinking their pet cannot tag along. However, at most times of the year, certain condos welcome small dogs, the same way certain houses do.  Check the individual property description for restrictions. 


Condos are a great way to find an affordable vacation rental that entire family can enjoy. Not only are they economical, close to the water and loaded with amenities, condos offer most of the same features inside that vacation homes do. So the next time itâ??s just you and the immediate family, or you want to take a quick trip to the beach, consider a condo. Youâ??ll be glad you did.

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