Getting Here Early? What to do before Check In

Each year, hundreds of vacationers come early to the Outer Banks in order to beat the traffic. However between 10am – 4pm your house is being cleaned, inspected and being made perfect for you. Itâ??s not ready to move in just yet, but you want to get a head start on your vacation (and who can blame you?)

Thatâ??s why this new article series will helps you figure out what to do to get a head start on vacation even when your house isnâ??t ready. Each item on this list was carefully chosen for things that take two or more hours, this way, by the time you finish, youâ??re house should be almost ready.

I did want to note that one of the worst things you can do is go grocery shopping right when you arrive and hope for the best.  Even if the house is ready early, it never feels early enough if you have ice-cream melting in your car.

But this list should keep everyone in the family happy for hours to come.

Fun N Sun & Explore the Shore

It all starts with your Fun N Sun and Explore the Shore Pass. These will arrive in your inbox 5 days before arrival.

The Fun N Sun pass gives you one free ticket to all kinds of activities from one end of the Outer Banks to the other.

 The Explore the Shore program gives you discounts to all sorts of shops and activities around the Outer Banks. No matter where youâ??re staying, our exclusive passes have you covered.

And since itâ??s electronic, you donâ??t even have to stop by the office to get it. Now, you can start having fun that much earlier.

Things to Do Before You Arrive

Weâ??ll start with things to do before you arrive. If youâ??re not on the island by 10am, youâ??re liable to hit traffic In Season. (in Off Seasons and shoulder seasons, thereâ??s no traffic to hit.) so if youâ??d like to come a little later than 10am, weâ??d suggest making a day of the trip and having some fun before you even arrive.  Here weâ??ll take a look at all the fun things to do in Currituck.


Gravedigger is the worldâ??s second most famous monster truck, and it makes its home right here on Currituck mainland, on the way to the Outer Banks. The dungeon  offers tours of the garages, several â??Diggersâ?? (perfect for photo ops) and even features monster truck rides over an obstacle course. On certain days, Denis Anderson is even there to sign autographs. Donâ??t forget about lunch; Diggers Diner offers a wide array of kid and adult friendly options.

Powellâ??s Market

This is the most famous â??fruit standâ?? in Currituck. It features fresh fruits and vegetables, both from local farms and elsewhere, preserves, unusual wines, souvenirs desserts and so much more. Shopping here is an experience like few others.

Golf (And Lunch)

Currituck is home to some really great golf courses, two of which are our Fun N Sun partners. The Carolina Club and The Pointe both offer great golf in a beautiful atmosphere. Plus each of these two courses has an attached restaurant so after golf, you and the family can grab a bite to eat before heading off to your rental house.

Antique Shopping

Currituck is filled with family owned farms, so if you love country style antiques, look no further. Currituck has a variety of antique stores to choose from or spend all day in. The most famous one is Lamarâ??s Glass and gifts. Not only does this store feature antiques, stained glass and more, it also has a huge assortment of vintage comics. Everyone in the family will find something here.  Donâ??t let the street frontage fool you; this store has endless rooms to explore.

Weeping Radish

I know I promised no restaurants, but this one is not only an Outer Banks experience, itâ??s an institution. It was even on the TV show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”.  Itâ??s the oldest microbrewery in the state. It also features the famed â??farmer to forkâ?? concept in itâ??s dishes. Fruits, vegetables and meats are bought locally and prepared on site. They even have an in house butcher to give you the perfect cut. Itâ??s easy to overlook this place once you reach the main part of the Outer Banks, and that would be a real shame. (Psst. Try the potato soup. Itâ??s delicious.) 

Visit a Vineyard

Currituck is famous for its world class, local vineyards. In fact Sanctuary Vineyards won the 2015 Wine Grower of Excellence Award from the North Carolina Winegrowerâ??s Association. Many Vineyards offer tours and taste testing. Itâ??s a great way to see behind the scenes of your favorite North Carolina Wines.


If youâ??re into paintball, then youâ??ll want to check out OBX paintball. On weekends, they feature â??open playâ?? where you can just come an play without needing a large group or special reservations. There is even equipment for you to rent if you donâ??t have your own. And thanks to new modern technology, these paintballs donâ??t stain clothing.


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