10 More Unique Things you can only do on the OBX

Everyone loves seeing unusual things. This is particularly true while on vacation. SO by popular demand, here are 10 more unusual things you can only do and see on the outer banks.

The Grass Mini Golf Course In Corolla

Long before windmills and pirates where the order of the day for mini golf courses, min gold was just scaled down versions of regular golf course. They had expanses of perfect lawns, sand traps, 18 holes, rolling hills, only in miniature. Today, there are very few of these grass courses left.

However, in Corolla, there is still one left. It has everything itâ??s larger counterparts do and you donâ??t need a golf cart. Not only is it great entertainment for the casual player, itâ??s also a great way to teach children about the fundamentals of real golf without paying real golf fees.

Iâ??d give you the website, but it doesnâ??t have one.

Visible Shipwrecks

The Outer Banks is also known as the graveyard of the Atlantic, and with good reason. The Outer Banks is home to hundreds of shipwrecks. While many of these are hidden below the ocean’s surface there are a surprising number of them sitting on the shore where anyone can walk up and look at them.

Two of the most popular ones are the Metropolis up in Corolla and the Laura A Barnes on Coquina Beach. These shipwrecks come and go under the shifting sands of the Outer Banks. If you have a chance to see one, donâ??t forget to take lots of pictures.  These wrecks wonâ??t be around forever.

Americaâ??s Longest  Running Outdoor Play

As weâ??ve already said, the Lost Colony arrived almost 100 years before Jamestown and disappeared. What happened to them? No one really knows, though there are lots of theories.

However, the Lost Colony play has been running since the 1930â??s, making it Americaâ??s longest running outdoor drama. Thereâ??s even a picture of FDR enjoying the play back when it was new.  Many Actors got their start in this play including TVâ??s Andy Griffith and Broadwayâ??s Terrance Mann.


The Worldâ??s Largest Hang-Gliding School

Would it shock you to know that the worldâ??s largest hang-gliding school is right here on the Outer Banks? It shocks most people, but then, we have the perfect built in launching point; Jockeyâ??s Ridge. 

Kitty Hawk Kites takes care of all your hang-gliding needs. And if youâ??re new to hang-gliding, they provide tandem hang-gliding. They also have many other adventures including supping, and a recreation of the Wright Brothers first flight with  museum quality replica plane.  Leaping off the ridge into the air is an experience not to be missed.


Teach’s Hole

No pirate is more famous than Blackbeard.  His exploits have taken on something of mythos, becoming a larger than life character, even though he really lived. The Outer Banks was one of his favorite haunts. He even had a house on Ocracoke though time took that long ago.   Ocracoke is Blackbeard final resting place. He was killed in its waters and his body thrown overboard. They say it circled his enemies’ ship 6 times before sinking beneath the waves.

Today, thereâ??s a tiny museum and gift shop there dedicated to Blackbeard. Though itâ??s not worth the entire trip to Ocracoke, if youâ??re already visiting it for the day, itâ??s definitely worth a stop.

Ocean SUPping

Stand up paddleboarding (SUPing) is becoming more popular in coastal communities around the country. However, here at the Outer Banks, we do things a little differently. Instead of just using sup boards in the sound and calm waters like the majority of coastal towns do, we use ours in the ocean.  Many Ocean SUPpers are surfers who use the board like a SUP going out and like a surfboard coming in. You can often find these SUPpers near piers or just about anywhere else on the Outer Banks.

And if you want to learn SUPing, thereâ??s no better place to start than in our own beautiful sound. Its waters are calm enough for even the most inexperienced beginner.

Duck Donuts 

Now, it might seem strange to list a donut shop on this list, however, itâ??s so unusual, it just had to be mentioned. Duck donuts is now a fast growing franchise, but it all started right here, with just one tiny store in Duck. Duck donut features made to order donuts. Not only are they made fresh daily, they decorate them right in front of you.

Itâ??s also a great place for kids as they love watching the donuts plop into the fryer. Schools even take field trips to see the donuts get made. Large Plexiglas windows and long benches to stand or sit on ensure that everyone has a great view for this yummy event.


Build A Boat In A Day Workshop

Now, this one might be cheating a little. Thatâ??s because itâ??s not always available. But when it is, itâ??s worth taking.  Hosted by the maritime center in Manteo, this popular workshop lets a team of up to 4 people over the age of 8 (one of whom has to be an adult) work together to build a real boat that they can then take home.

Itâ??s the ultimate souvenir and something you donâ??t see everywhere, or anywhere. There are very few places where someone with no boat building skills can go home with a finished boat.

Nearly Historic Homes

Did you know that the Outer Banks boasts some VERY historic homes for a coastal area? Well, the truth is, Iâ??m not sure how old some of these actually are, but some of there were built in the time when sinks went in bedrooms instead of in bathrooms.  Many of them were built with real wood and have doors made of planks instead of a solid piece.

Of course, one of the coolest things about these homes is that they are available for your vacation. True, they arenâ??t historically accurate anymore. Theyâ??ve been updated with things like newer furniture and flat screen TVs, but all the original charm is there.  There are very few coastal communities that can say that.  Thereâ??s even a few of them in our program.


Breeches Buoy Demonstrations

Now there are a few other places in the world that still do these, but they are becoming rarer by the year. A breeches buoy is like a life preserver ring with an oversized pair of pants at attached to the bottom. Shot into the water with a 200 pound Lyle gun, watching a rescue was really a site to see. The crew of the Mirlo was rescued with a device like this.

Though the Chicamacomico lifesaving station was decommissioned years ago, it has since been turned into a museum. It offers weekly demonstrations of this historic lifesaving technique, complete with the Lyle gun. Itâ??s a site not to be missed.



These unique sights and experiences will make a great compliment to nay outer banks vacation. Donâ??t have time to do them all? Donâ??t worry, most will still be here when you return next year. And donâ??t forget to pre-book your home before you go.


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