5 Great Places to Watch the Sun Set on the Outer Banks

The unique landscape and wide-open beauty of the Outer Banks makes it almost impossible to find a spot that ISNâ??T a good place to watch the sunset. Rising up out of the Atlantic Ocean and setting into one of the areaâ??s many sounds, the sun drives the day in the life on the Outer Banks, and the thin strip of barrier islands provides a full-spectrum view of the show. There are a few places that stand out, however, among the myriad of choices to witness the setting sun, and the following are a handful of those.


Jockeyâ??s Ridge in Nags Head

As the tallest natural sand dune system on the east coast, itâ??s no wonder why Jockeyâ??s Ridge is one of the best places on the Outer Banks to watch the sunset. Located directly in the middle of the narrow strip of land running through Nags Head, Jockeyâ??s Ridge is equidistant to the sound and the ocean, providing visitors with a sunset vantage point like none other. As a popular place for outdoor activities, Jockeyâ??s Ridge not only offers sunset-watchers a full view of the dayâ??s final moments, but allows for breathtaking images, as the dancing silhouettes of kite-flyers and hang gliders grow dark against the brilliant colors of the setting sun; a marvelous site to experience indeed.   


Sound side in Duck

There are many spots along the shore of the sound in Duck to post up upon and watch what could quite possibly be one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever seen in your life. Enjoy the experience from an outdoor table at one of the townâ??s strategically located restaurants, including Aqua and Sunset Grille, or stroll down the beautiful new boardwalk that snakes along the soundâ??s shore, providing a breathtaking wide-open view of the entire horizon. From here you can experience the brilliant colors as they transform from day into night, casting the sunâ??s last light from the stars down to your feet, and across everything in between.  


Colington Harbour in Kill Devil Hills

The winding waterways in Colington Harbour provide amazing venues to witness the setting sun. The quaint boating community of the â??Harbourâ?? features miles of meandering canals and beautiful sound-front homes and boat docks which line the Albemarle Sound, forging perfect vantage points for watching the sun set into the marshy water. For a unique, up close and personal approach, take to the canals in a kayak or small boat and witness a sunset you are likely to never forget.  


The Whalehead Club in Corolla

The historic house and museum located in Corolla, just beside the Currituck Lighthouse, provides an interesting, one-of-a-kind place to spend the remaining hours of the day, and also offers a breathtaking view of the sun setting into the Currituck Sound in an atmosphere unmatched by any other. Ride bikes from your Corolla vacation rental and experience a phenomenal way to end the day.


First Flight Adventure Park in Nags Head

Almost 60 feet above the ground stands the tallest deck of the Outer Banksâ?? first and only aerial ropes course, First Flight Adventure Park in Nags Head. From this height, adventure goers can experience a 360-degree view of the sun setting from the sound to the sea atop the circular deck. The view is stunning, especially while zip-lining towards the setting sun, high above the marshy land below.

The unmatched landscape of the Outer Banks provides visitors the unique opportunity to experience the sun setting over the water from an east coast vantage point. So consider an Outer Banks vacation and while youâ??re here, check out one of the spots above to witness for yourself the grandeur of an Outer Banks sunset. 

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