Alternate Vehicles for OBX Fun

There’s no better feeling then the wind in your hair, and the slightly salty mist coming off the ocean.  You want to experience it, but your car won’t let you. After all, you can’t stick your head out the window like Fido. Still, the dream remains. Enter Fun Alternative Vehicles on the Outer Banks. These are fun vehicles for you to rent and drive while you’re down here. You can rent them for a full week, or maybe just for a few hours. Here, we’ll take a look at your fun vehicle options.

Golf Carts (LSV) 

The most familiar of the bunch would be the golf cart. However, just like everything else on the Outer Banks, we do golf carts a little differently. Our golf carts are actually Low Speed Vehicles. (LSV). This means they are street legal, and met the safety requirements for low speed cars (complete with seat belts). They have overhead soft canopies, open sides and can go on any public road with a speed limit of 35 or less. This makes them perfect for driving the beach road or through Duck.

Low speed vehicles come in two ‘flavors’ 4 person and 6 person, which is referred to as the limo of golf carts. Several places offer delivery and pick up of your golf cart. Most golf carts rent for the week.

Ocean Atlantic Rentals is a great place to get golf carts, along with beach chairs, umbrellas and anything else you need for the beach.


Dune Buggies 

If you’ve ever wanted to ride a car on the beach, this is your chance. Buggin Out provides cars they actually expect you to take to the Corova beach. Their ‘buggies’ are really vintage cars and have been seen in car shows prior to making a new home on the Outer Banks. 2, 4 and 5 person buggies are available, so you can bring the family, your sweetheart, or just go solo. Since they are cars, they are able to go any road, anywhere.

Unlike most rental places, which give you whatever vehicle they have in stock, Buggn Out lets you choose your vehicle online when you place the order. Each car has it’s own unique personality and history, so you can get one that fits with your family. Be aware though, since they are vintage, most have manual transmissions. 

Beach buggies are rented by the day or by the hour. They have special rates if you’d like to take them out for a sunset ride on the beach.


Scoot Coupes 

 Referred to as a “three-wheeled car”, Scoot Coupes are a great way to see the Outer Banks in style. They are technically considered a scooter, but they look like a car. Unlike a traditional scooter, you don’t have to worry about balancing, and you can take an extra person with you. They are street legal and gas powered, so they are just like a car, if a car had only three wheels and no roof.

They can be rented hourly, daily or weekly from Scooter s N Spokes.  The most popular color is red.


Stella, the Outer Banks Trolley  

So far, we’ve seen alternative vehicles made for a small family. But what about if you’re traveling with  a large family?  Well, if you have a ton of people, you can rent Stella, the Outer Banks Premiere Wedding and Event Trolley. She comes with a driver and enough room to sit 35 people, and have 10 stand. The seats are carved wood and go perfectly with the wood look interior.  It’s just the thing for large family gatherings.


The Outer Banks is a fun and unique place, and it deserves fun and unique transportation. With these options, you can scoot around town, explore new places, or even make traveling down the beach road fun.



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