Outer Banks After Dark

The Outer Banks is a great place to have fun during the day. With the wide variety of activities including the laser tag, horse tours, dolphins tours, museums, and of course the watersports and beaches. But, what about at night? Are there things you can do at night besides mini golf and movies?

The answer to that is a resounding YES. There is an assortment of activities you can do after dark that is fun for the whole family or just adults! 


Ghost Tours

Some folks say the Outer Banks is haunted. I donâ??t know if that’s true, but there certainly are a lot of ghost stories in the area. From the tale of Blackbeard’s headless body circling Maynard’s ship in Ocracoke, the Cora Tree of Frisco, the Beast of Trent Woods, to the white doe of Roanoke and the Lost Colony itself, there are plenty of scary stories (with a little bit of history) to keep you delightfully entertained on a balmy summer evening. The tour takes place in Downtown Manteo for the walking part of it and makes a stop at the Pioneer Theatre (the oldest family owned theater in the country) for popcorn. The tour is suitable for all ages as long as you and your kids like scary stories.  The Ghost Tour is one of our Explore the Shore Partners, which means Atlantic Realty guests can get a discount.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

“You’ll die laughing”. Now in its 5th year, the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is fun for all ages. More satiracal than scary, the story unfolds between the four course dinner and you have to figure out ‘whodunit’. Audience participation is common and everyone has a great time. At the end of the performance, prizes are given out for a correct answer (all the right answers go in a bowl and are drawn by lot) but also the funniest answer. So if you have no idea who did it, make something up. You might win anyway. The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is also one of our Explore The Shore partners, so discounts are available for Atlantic Realty guests. 


Lost Colony

The Lost Colony is America’s longest running outdoor drama. It tells the story of the original colonists that came over from England in 1587 and mysteriously vanished. The only clue were the words ‘Croatan’, carved into a tree. This play teaches the history of these doomed colonists in a fun, educational way. There’s dancing, music, pageantry, pyrotechnics, and more. Many famous actors, such as Terrance Mann and Andy Griffith even got their start right here. Itâ??s a show you don’t want to miss!   Be sure to use your Atlantic Realty Fun N Sun pass to get one free adult admission. 



The Coast of North Carolina is home to the very last red wolves in the world. Soon, the species will most likely go extinct, but this is your chance to see them, or at the very least hear them. At the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge, the rangers do ‘Howlings,’ this unique experience is where you head into the woods after dark in places where the red wolves have been spotted and howl at them. They’ll howl back and you’ll have a ‘conversation’. Sometimes, you might even get so see a red wolf. This is an adventure you and your children will remember forever. To learn more about the Red Wolf Howlings, visit the National Park Service’s website


Ghost Crabbing

This is the best, low cost family fun there is. All you need is a night, a flashlight, and maybe a phone. All you have to do is go to the beach at night, shine the light on the sand and keep sweeping the beam until you seeâ?¦a ghost crab. Now, obviously, it’s not really a ghost, but it is a white crab that blends into the sand so perfectly it can seemingly disappear like a ghost. (hence the name.) Snap its picture and then find another one. Kids and adults alike love ghost crabbing.  It’s an Outer Banks tradition. 



The Outer Banks Comedy Club

The Outer Banks is home to the longest running seasonal comedy club in the country. Many famous comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carry, and Ray Romano got their start right here. It’s your chance to see some truly great “up and coming” comedians before they hit it big. You can even order drinks and appetizers to enjoy during the show. We recommend this activity for adults only due to the PG 13 comedic material of some of the shows.

‘Clubbing’ Outer Banks style

It’s true that the Outer Banks doesn’t have traditional “night clubs”. However, what we do have is local bands playing at a variety of restaurants where you can get food and drinks–some are even outdoors!  This is clubbing Outer Banks style, and like everything else, it’s laid back. So, dress as casual as you please, (you’re on vacation after all,) pick a restaurant with an interesting sounding band and dance and enjoy the night away! 


There are many great restaurants on the Outer Banks, but TRiO is an experience in itself. What makes it so different? The unique way the wine is served, of course!   It all starts with buying a wine card. Then you can go around to various wine vending machines and get a quarter glass, half glass or full glass of over a dozen different wines. This is your chance to try wines that you normally have to buy a bottle to try. So, enjoy your very own “wine tasting” and find that new favorite brand to take home! 

Wine and Paint Parties

Who says crafts are just for kids? Certainly not Hang 12, one of Atlantic Realty’s Explore the Shore partners. This establishment offers an evening Wine and Paint Party. What kind of wine? Well, whatever you bring, it’s a bring-your-own-wine party, sharing optional. While you’re making new friends, drinking good wine and having a great time, you’re also making great art. The teacher’s by step-by-step structure shows you how to paint things like mermaids, your pet, the beach and many other things. You’re sure to leave the party with a wonderful piece of art and even better memories.

Night Fishing

You’ve probably tried fishing during the day, but have you ever tried fishing at night? Yes, you can fish at night. In fact, the fish often bite better, a secret commercial fisherman have known for years. You can fish from the surf or from one of the many piers. In fact, if you pick a pier like The Outer Banks Pier, (one of our Fun N Sun partners) you can drink and food to stay fueled from the bar-on-the-beach.

The fun doesn’t stop just because the sun sets. Though the sidewalks do roll up early on most things on the Outer Banks, there are still plenty of things to do after dark whether you’re in a family or in group of friends. Either way, you’re bound to have a great time and make memories to last forever.


What are you waiting for?  Let’s plan your next Outer Banks Vacation!! 





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