Fishing Adventures

Over 70 years ago, Aycock Brown was responsible for making the Outer Banks famous by attracting tourists with fishing adventures. He promised marlin, and other large fish off the coast, along with other interesting fishing experiences. Fast forward to present time and you’ll see very little has changed People still flock to the Outer banks for fishing adventures. So if you’re looking for a fishing adventure, look no further than the Outer banks. Here are some of our favorites.

Pier Fishing

It’s been said you can catch just about anything off a pier; and that’s certainly true.  Among the things known to be caught are flounder, puppy drum, croaker, spot, bluefish, baby sharks, and even a baby marlin.  One of the best things about fishing from a pier is that you don’t have to buy a personal fishing license, the pier’s blanket license covers you.  Many piers which feature restaurants also feature a ‘clean and cook’ option.  After you catch the fish, give it to the restaurant, and they will clean, cook, and serve it to you right there in the restaurant.  What could be better than that?

Surf Fishing

If you would prefer fishing with fewer people around, then surf fishing might be the best place for you.  To surf fish you’ll need your own fishing license. Fortunately, they’re available at any tackle store.  Once you have it, you can go anywhere on the beach to fish. On the Outer banks, you can have as many poles as you want and use whatever bait you choose.  You can catch just as many fish from the shore as you can from a pier.  Many people have caught flounders, spot, stripers, croaker and bluefish.

Gulf Fishing

If you’re more into catching big fish, such as wahoo, dolphin and giant tuna, then gulf fishing is an adventure you should try.  These all day charters with experienced crews take you to the heart of the Gulfstream and provide all you need to enjoy sport fishing.  The Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is the place to book your off-shore fishing adventure.

Wreck Fishing

If all day on the water is a little too much for you, or you don’t feel like going out as far as the Gulfstream, then wreck fishing might be the thing for you.  Wreck fishing involves going out to one of our many Outer Banks shipwrecks and fishing around that area.  Shipwrecks actually draw all types of fish such as flounder, croaker, stripers, and puppy drum. Though the fish will not be as big as the ones you catch in the gulf they are usually larger than the ones caught from the surf.  After all, the deeper the water, the bigger the fish.

Inshore Fishing

If you’re new to boat fishing, or have young children or senior family members traveling with you, then you might want to consider an inshore charter fishing adventure.  This type of boat takes you out into the sound, where you can fish closer to shore. Because the waves are small, chances of seasickness is minimal.  Also, you never get too far away from shore which puts most people more at ease. These charters are much shorter than off-shore charters, so it’s a great way to introduce fishing to new anglers.


Though crabbing is not complicated, and some would say it’s not a true fishing adventure, it’s far too popular to be left off this list entirely.  In order to crab one needs a sound side dock, a piece of twine, a chicken neck, a minnow net, and a bucket full of water to put your grabs in.  Just tie the chicken necks onto the twine and lower it into the water.  When you feel a slight tug pull up gently and scoop up the emerging crab with your net and plop it into the bucket.  The Outer Banks offers many docks where one can actually go crabbing at no cost. Children love crabbing, it provides hours of fun, supplies are inexpensive and â??the catchâ?? is delicious.

Watching Them Bring In â??The Catchâ??

If angling just isnâ??t your thing you can still experience the thrill of seeing the fish brought in. Head down to Oregon Inlet around 3:00 pm and watch the returning boats bring in their catch – it’s really worth seeing.  For the most part, fish such as dolphin and tuna are featured. Marlins are caught and released, and the boats that caught those fly flags of victory.  Watching the catch being brought in is an experience not to be missed and fun for the entire family.

Fish Markets

If you love eating fish more than you love catching them, you can have your own food themed fish adventure by going to our local fish markets.  Our fish markets feature fish fresh caught by local fishermen from local boats. They also feature some delicacies available from other areas, such as salmon or snow crab legs.  Check out all of the local fish markets in the area â?? one is bound to be close to you.

Fishing is one of the great Outer Banks pastimes.  Whether you’re new to fishing, or a seasoned expert, we highly recommend the Outer Banks fishing experience to you.  It’s a great opportunity to introduce younger family members to the art of fishing, and bond with the entire family.  A few hours of fishing today will make memories that last a lifetime.


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