Spend a Winter Vacation at the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are most well-known for the fun and excitement provided by the summer season. Visions of family filled beaches and warm water are hard to beat. However, the peace and beauty provided by the areaĆ¢??s winter months are unmatched. The Outer Banks is the place to visit during the winter if you are looking for pristine sunsets and ample quality time with the family. There are a couple bonuses that come along with the massive reduction of visitors during the off season. Take a look at the top reasons to book an Outer Banks vacation rental during the wintertime.

Dine at Uncrowded Restaurants

If you have ever gone out to eat during the summertime in our area, then you are aware that finding a restaurant with a wait that is less than an hour can be a huge accomplishment. In the offseason, finding a restaurant without a wait is as simple as finding one that is open. Many of the restaurants do close in the offseason, but not all of them. Some of the best Outer Banks dining experiences are available in the wintertime. Feast on seasonal seafood that can be tough to get your hands on in the summertime such as oysters, flounder, and striper.

Drive on the Beach

Many of the towns that make up the Outer Banks allow for 4X4 vehicles to drive on the beach in the off season. Nags Head allows for beach driving October 1st through April 30th with a $25 annual permit. Kill Devil Hills also allows for 4 wheel drive vehicles to drive on the beach free of charge October 1st through April 30th. Unfortunately, Kitty Hawk and Duck do not allow for 4×4 beach driving. Whether you are a fisherman looking for that perfect spot to cast, a surfer searching for the ideal secret wave, or simply taking a joyride, there is nothing that means it is wintertime on the Outer Banks like driving on the beach.

Take Advantage of Off Season Rates

Often times, booking Nags Head vacation rentals during the winter time will save you a great deal of money when compared to booking the same rental property during the summer season. Many rental rates are nearly cut in half for the off season. Visit the Outer Banks during the winter and spend time with the family at half the price!

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

The best thing about visiting the Outer Banks during the wintertime is simply how quiet things can be around here. If you need a break from all of the commotion to allow yourself to recharge, the Outer Banks wintertime might be just the treatment you need.

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