5 Crafts made from Local T-Shirts

If you have been coming to Outer Banks over the years, you probably have a collection of special T-shirts from local landmarks, past and present restaurants, activities, and more.  These shirts are something special and can remind you of great times. They are a popular souvenir of the Outer Banks.

However, time marches on.  Sometimes the restaurant or activity closes, the shirt no longer fits, it’s no longer your style or you just don’t want to wear it out. Whatever the reason, you don’t wear the shirt, yet you’re reluctant to throw it out. After all, it’s more than a shirt, it’s a memory. This article will show you five ways to repurpose that T-shirt so you can keep it and the memory forever.

Tote Bag 

Want to help the planet and show off your Outer Banks T?

Simply sew together the bottom of the T-shirt and cut off the sleeves. Tank tops don’t need their sleeves cut off. The sleeves form the handle, the opening forms the top. Now, you have a tote bag that shows off your t-shirt super easy and good for the planet too.  Best of all, it can go everywhere.


Wall Art  

For this project again, we’ll be using part of the T-shirt, not the entire thing.  This is a no sew project. The only things you need to provide, besides scissors and a t-shirt, is a picture frame, preferably with some matting.

Cut the design of the t-shirt to fit the outer edge of the matting.  Now, just tape that square to the back of the matting and place in the frame. Viola, you now have an easy way of displaying your T-shirts.



This is a half apron, designed to protect your bottom half from unsightly mishaps in the kitchen Or you can just wear it around the house as a fashion statement.

Start by cutting a large square from the side of the T-shirt with the main design. Ideally, this square should be cut right next to the inseam and under the neck. This gives you enough fabric to work with. Fold the bottom part of the square up until itâ??s right under the design.  Now, sew up where the edges meet. This gives your apron a long pocket. Run stiches in a vertical line along the long pocket until you have the number of pockets you want. 

Congrats the front of the apron is now done.

To make the ties, cut 2 vertical strips of fabric from the back the T-shirt about 4 inches wide. Fold the strip over on itself horizontally, tuck the edges under the fabric and sew together. Now you have 2 flat hollow ‘tubes’ of fabric. Sew up the edges so that they are no longer tubes. Then sew them to the back of the apron front.

Now, you have a brand new Outer Banks themed apron.



Won’t it be great to show off your love of the Outer Banks right there on your couch?

For this craft, cut out a square out of the center of the T-shirt where the design is.  Now cut a matching square from the back of the T-shirt. Sew up the pillow along three sides. Stuff the pillow with craft stuffing or a premade pillow square. Sew up the top and you have an instant pillow. It will feel right at home on your couch, favorite chair or as a decorative pillow on your bed.



If you’ve ever quilted before, then you know how to do this. Simply cut out the parts of the T-shirt the pieces you wish to keep into squares, design your quit and sew together as you would any other quilt.

Of course, if you don’t feel like quilting or donâ??t want to learn how, there are companies that specialize in turning T-shirts into quilts. Imagine the sweet dreams you can have curled up under a quilt of Outer Banks T-shirts.


The Outer Banks touches our lives forever, so it’s only natural it should touch our homes too. Can’t wait until your next Outer Banks trip? Check out our selection of homes so you can start dreaming about it right now.






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