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Vacation Travel Insurance

We've Got You Covered!

Anything can happen between the time your book your vacation and when you actually get here.  Kids get sick, family emergencies happen, jobs change, and natural disasters can all occur at any time.  Make sure your family vacation is protected.  More than just Hurricane Insurance, Travel Insurance covers a wide variety of items that may cause you to cancel or delay your Outer Banks vacation.  We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance to protect your vacation investment.  At a cost of less than 7% of your total vacation -- it's worth it!!

Atlantic Realty has partnered with RedSky Travel Insurance to offer their Trip Preserver coverage to all of our guests.  The coverage is automatically included with your vacation rental cost and can be declined by initialing where indicated on your vacation rental agreement.  However, we urge you to carefully consider it before you immediately say no.  Coverage may be added back at any time before your final payment.  However, some pre-existing condition restrictions may apply. 

Please be sure to review our cancellation policy as it may be very difficult to get a refund on a last minute cancellation or trip delay without travel insurance.  

Anything can happen.  Make sure your vacation is covered with Travel Insurance.