Posted on 4/13/2018

Vacationing with a Group

Atlantic Realty has homes to fit every family size, style and budget!  From 1 and 2 bedrooms condos for a couples getaway, to large Event Homes that sleep over 40 to everything in between, we are sure to have the perfect home for you! 

Have you ever thought about celebrating a milestone birthday, family reunion, anniversary or even a wedding on the Outer Banks?  If so, we can help with our group vacation homes. 

If you've never been on a group vacation before, it can seem overwhelming to vacation with that many people. (80 people can fit in our new largest house.) so with that in mind, we're going to show you how to vacation on the Outer Banks in a large group.


The secret to having a great vacation with a large group is communication. You need to make sure your group has a similar communication style and is willing to hear out the other. Once the communication breaks down, the arguments start. However, by keeping the lines of communication open, you can have fun with your friends and family.  A group text or family email chain is a great way to share ideas, plan meal schedules and activities, and build excitement for your upcoming vacation. 

Making Sure Your Home Is Large Enough

With large groups, you not only want to make sure the home has enough beds and parking spaces, but plenty of places for one group to 'go off on their own' and get their own space. Homes designed for large groups have many little nooks, special rooms, and small dens to make sure people can congregate where they choose for a maximum amount of fun (and have peace and quiet when they need it).

Choosing Your Bedrooms 

When it comes to bedding in large houses, you have a myriad of choices from King Masters to Bunk Bedrooms. Decide before your arrival how the bedroom situation will be handled. Do the kids get split into girls and boy's bunkrooms? Do Mom and Dad or the grandparents get the room on the highest level? Will bedrooms be doled out on a first come first serve basis? In most cases, the person's who made the reservation and planned the trip has first pick of the bedrooms, and everyone's good with that.  Be sure to check out the home's Truplace Floorplan to see exactly where each bedroom is located and what type of bedding and furniture is inside.  The tour is a great way to get famililar with your vacation home before you get here! 

Activities; Group vs. Self

Large groups have their own ideas of what fun is. This is another place where communication comes in handy. Are you going to do many activities together or just a few? Will you meet for a meal every day or just once in a while? Does someone want to see horses while someone else wants to go to the waterpark? All those vacations can work out just fine, just make sure to communicate  expectations before you go. 

The Fun N Sun Pass 

Of course, every one of our homes comes with a complementary Fun N Sun pass. This entitles you to one free ticket per activity per day. The passes can be shared, but they can only be used for an activity once per day. For example, Dad can go golfing, while the teens can go To The Escape Room, the grandparents see the wild horses, and at night, you can go fishing off the Outer Banks Pier (and dine over the beach). And tomorrow, you can do it all again. 

The Waterpark 

We'd be remiss if we didnâ??t' mention H2OBX, the biggest waterpark to hit the Outer Banks. Discount tickets are available for all Atlantic Realty guests though our special link. Check out the "house package" -- purchase 10 adult tickets to H2OBX and get 2 FREE -- this package is perfect for a large family or group of guests who want to visit the park.  With two wave pools (large and small) a separate small children's area, a lazy river, a Flo Rider, and slides that range from intermediate to "I can't believe you're going on that," the waterpark has something for everyone to enjoy. (They even have a great food an drink selection, including adult beverages).   If you're going with a very large group, you'll also want to consider getting a cabana. These large canopies are perfect for a day at the park!  There's plenty of comfortable seating in the shade, wait staff to take care of your food and drink needs, and the deluxe cabanas even provide TVs for when the littles ones need to take a break. 


With a little advanced planning, vacationing with a large group on the Outer Banks can be a rewarding experience that makes for a lifetime of happy memories. Contact one of our friendly reservationists if you'd like to know more about planning a vacation or family event here! 


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