Top 3 Wild Horse Tours in the OBX

When was the last time you saw a wild horse? Most people have become accustomed to seeing these magnificent creatures at petting zoos, fairs, and parades. However, you can go on wild horse tours in the OBX and witness them in their natural habitat when you book an OBX rental at Atlantic Realty

The wild Spanish Mustangs of Corolla roam the beaches freely.

Why Book a Wild Horse Tour in the OBX?

If you’ve seen one horse, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not quite. The Corolla wild horses are unlike any other domesticated horse you’ve seen. When you book an OBX wild horse tour, their guides will know all the best and safest places to appreciate these teams of stallions, mares, and foals. Plus, you’re bound to see other natural wildlife in the area and learn a thing or two about their history. If you’re interested in booking a tour, here are the top three guides near your Outer Banks condo rental: 

Wild Horse Adventure Tours

Feel the salt wind in your hair and traverse dunes in Wild Horse Adventure Tours open-air hummers. You’ll have exclusive access to the Wild Horse Sanctuary, witness spectacular sights, and get the inside scoop on the lore of these descendants of Wild Spanish Mustangs. 

Corolla Wild Horse Tours

Learn local history and visit fantastic sites with Corolla Wild Horse Tours. They have over 20 years of experience, and specialize in guided family tours, perfect for children of all ages. This two-and-a-half-hour trip will take you across 25-miles of off-road riding, where you’ll see wild horses in small harems scattered across 7,500 acres. 

Back Beach Wild Horse Tours

Hop in an open-air safari truck and get ready to venture the Outer Banks, NC, with Back Beach Wild Horse Tours. Another family-friendly establishment, Back Beach Wild Horse Tours, promises marvelous sights of horse harems, fun facts, and an excellent time. Their crew knows how to entertain and keep their group engaged—whether their posse includes young kiddos or seasoned travelers. 

OBX Wild Horses & Adventure Await

The wild horse in Corolla, NC, are among the top attractions of the area. Consider taking advantage of this once in a lifetime experience when you reserve an Outer Banks house. Please call us at 877-858-4795 if you have additional questions about horses at Corolla or would like to make a reservation. 

Fishing on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Pier Fishing 

If you need a brief reprieve from daily life, you’re in luck. Heading out for an OBX pier fishing weekend is an excellent way to recharge. Lounging on a pier overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean and breathing in the crisp, salty air. Atlantic Realty’s vacation rentals, found at various locations along the Outer Banks, is the perfect place to stay during your fishing trip. You can find a fishing pier close to nearly every beach house!

Pier Fishing on the OBX

OBX Fishing at a Glance

Fishing on the Outer Banks is a dream come true for most sport fishermen. It should be noted that you may need a Coastal Recreational Fishing License to fish here. After that, you may want to visit a local bait and tackle shop such as T.W’s Bait & Tackle or Bob’s Bait & Tackle. You can even rent fishing gear if you don’t want to go through the hassle of bringing your own. Pros of the fishing business, especially when it comes to the Outer Banks, these bait and tackle shops are sure to have everything you’ll need. 

What You Need to Know about Pier Fishing 

Pier fishing provides an inexpensive way to cast a line in deeper waters without renting or bringing a boat. They’re also great for teaching your kids about saltwater fishing. Luckily, there are several piers from which to choose on the Outer Banks, so hopefully, you won’t have to worry about them being too crowded. Here’s a list of a few fish you may reel in during your Outer Banks Vacation:

  • Croaker
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Bluefish
  • Spot
  • Sheepshead
  • Cobia
  • Flounder

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, you may want to ask a local bait shop what’s in season and what’s the best time to cast a line, or you can do a little research of your own

Cast a Line near Your OBX Beach House

OBX fishing is excellent for a couple’s weekend, a solo retreat, or a beach house vacation the whole family can enjoy. Sitting out on the pier with an angler in the water, the sun warming your face, and a beverage of your choice in hand is exactly what you need to relax from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Atlantic Realty Outer Banks vacation rentals offer an array of oceanfront rentals (some of which are even pet-friendly!) that make for an excellent fishing-trip stay. Start planning your relaxing, OBX pier fishing vacation and give our staff a call today at 855-486-2150.

Visitor’s Guide to Outer Banks Bike Rentals

When vacationing in Outer Banks, North Carolina, it’s essential to take in every picturesque view. There are roughly 105 miles of shoreline that offer ample amounts of sunshine, sugary sand, and piercing blue water. Luckily for you, Outer Banks bike rentals make it possible for you to see every inch! When it comes to biking, our team here at Atlantic Realty knows the ins and outs for you to have the Outer Banks Vacation possible. If you don’t know where to begin, start with our favorite OBX bike rentals listed below. 

Family on Bikes
Biking is a great way to see the Outer Banks

Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Location: Corolla

Price: $30 – $125

Rental Options: Tandem bicycles, beach cruisers, electric bicycles, fat-tire bikes, and “kiddie kart trailers” for children to be pulled in. 

Why Choose Ocean Atlantic Rentals? We enjoy Ocean Atlantic Rentals because their inventory accommodates all visitors regardless of build, gender, age, or physical ability. Our guests also love Ocean Atlantic Rentals because their equipment is delivered right to your door. However, you may also choose to visit their store in person to check out their other beach equipment rentals, such as umbrellas, golf carts, coolers, and even beach play yards for young children. 

Kitty Hawk Kites

Locations: Corolla, Duck, Nags Head, Manteo, Rodanthe, Avon, and Hatteras

Price: $10 – $45

Rental Option: Beach cruiser

Why Choose Kitty Hawk Kites: Our staff loves Kitty Hawk Kites because there are several locations across Outer Banks, North Carolina. So no matter our guests’ OBX beach houses are, they can nearly guarantee a Kitty Hawk Kites is nearby. Our past guests have expressed that they enjoy Kitty Hawk Kites because their shop is full of other exciting beach rental equipment. After trying out the Outer Banks bike rentals, consider trying out hang gliding, parasailing, jetpacking, surfing, or any one of their adrenaline-inducing adventures.

Just for the Beach

Locations: Corolla, Duck, and Kill Devil Hills

Price: $10 – $62

Rental Options: Beach cruisers, tandem bikes, fat-tire bikes, and kiddie carts 

Why Choose Just for the Beach? Atlantic Realty’s team loves Just for the Beach because they’re a part of our Fun N Sun Program. In addition to bike rentals, they also offer water sports gear, beach supplies, baby equipment, and cottage necessities. Forget waiting an unreasonably long time to receive your Outer Banks bikes rentals because Just for the Beach offers an express delivery option that guarantees your rental will arrive before your arrival. 

Moneysworth Home Equipment Rentals

Locations: Kitty Hawk

Price: $45 – $55

Rental Option: Beach cruiser

Why Choose Moneysworth Home Equipment Rentals? Moneysworth Home Equipment Rentals is best known for being the only company in the Outer Banks with free delivery and free pickup. All you have to do is order your rentals online, and they’ll be waiting for you at your Atlantic Realty rental.

OBX Beach Cabana Services

Locations: Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores

Price: $40

Rental Option: Beach Cruiser

Why Choose OBX Beach Cabana Services? Many of our guests like OBX Beach Cabana Service because they’re a full service set-up company. This means they’ll deliver you equipment, set it up, and take it down at the end of the day.  They also offer drop off service at your rental home.  

Are There Additional Bike Paths Near Me?

If you find yourself loving the Outer Banks bike rentals, consider extending the equipment’s lease and explore the local cycle trails. The Outer Banks is an active biking community, so you’ll frequently see neon yellow signs reading, “Bicycles- Share the Road” along busy roads such as NC 12, US 264, US 64, and US 158. These trails are slightly wider than the shoreline trails because more experienced cyclists travel quicker and may pass fellow riders. Keep in mind; cyclist paths are most crowded during our summer months, so check them out soon! 

Atlantic Realty

After your long day exploring Outer Banks on bike rentals, head back to your Atlantic Realty vacation home. We’re confident that our wide variety of beach houses in the Outer Banks will not only make you feel at home but help create memories that last forever. To learn more about how you can start planning your Outer Banks vacation, talk to our friendly staff at 877-858-4795.

Holiday Lights on the OBX

One of the most popular Christmas traditions on the Outer Banks (as well as any town) is looking at the local Christmas light displays. The Outer Banks has some truly amazing light displays, one of which has even been on national television. Below is a list of some of our favorites. If you happen to visit the Outer Banks during the holiday season, be sure to check these out!

Private Homes

The Corolla Christmas House, right along N.C. 12 in Corolla– this thoroughly modern light display entertains visitors with their impressive computerized light show.

Grandy Lights, 118 Woodhouse Drive, Grandy– 70,000 lights hooked up to 140 musical segments. Only one word describes it; Wow.

5111 Lunar Drive, Kitty Hawk– Colorful lights and glowing inflatables? Check.

206 Clamshell Drive, Kill Devil Hills–  The Mennicucci family collects donations for the food pantry, so bring some cans when you come look at the lights.

959 Wingina Ave., Manteo-Lights timed to music, courtesy of the Dillon Family

The Outer Banks Christmas House, Ocean Acres Drive, Kill Devil Hills– This is the famed Outer Banks Christmas house, owned by the Poulos Family as seen on the Today show and other extreme decorating shows. You have to see it to believe it!

The Poulos Family has been setting up this massive Christmas display for almost 40 years

Government Sites

Aviation Park, Kill Devil Hills Town Hall, Veterans Drive- Aviation Park does fun things with their frog pond and lights.

Manns Harbor Post Office- A post office? Seriously? Yes. Just across the bridge is a tiny post office with a musical light display and definitely worth the trip.

Downtown Manteo, Roanoke Island Festival Park– You might have seen the Elizabeth II before, but you’ve never seen her all decked out in lights. Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Elizabeth II all lit up. Photo courtesy of OBX Entertainment.

Elizabethan Gardens Winter Lights

Over a million lights, wooden sculptures, inflatables and more make up this  spectacular display of Winter lights at the Elizabethan Gardens, one of the most beautiful places on the Outer Banks. Tickets are $11 for adults, $9 for youth, and $6 for children. You can find out more about the Elizabeth Garden’s Winter Lights here.

Winterlights at the Elizabethan Gardens features displays including Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth in lights.

Do you know of any amazing displays that we missed? Be sure to share in the comments below. We would love to add to our list.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season and hope to see you on the Outer Banks soon!

Fishing on the Outer Banks — Part 2

In the second installment of our article on fishing the Outer Banks, were going to take a closer look at charter fishing. To be considered ‘a charter’ it means the boat comes with a captain. Boats you can rent and drive yourself is not included in this installment, but you can learn more in our previous blog article. 

Charters generally require a group of people and the number depends on the size of the boat.  There is usually a flat cost for the day so whether you have 2 or 10 people in your fishing party, the amounts per person will vary.  Charters include a blanket fishing license for all on board, so there’s no need to bring your own. The Captain/mate will also let you know if your fish is within legal limits to keep, so there are no worries about breaking the rules there.

When on a fishing charter, surrounded by reflective water, the sun is intense!  Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen as well as sun protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and even a light jacket or long sleeve shirt. Some charters provide the option of purchasing drinks and snacks from them, while others let you bring your own. Ask about which one your charter does before boarding. Be sure to remember if you pack your own that boats have a ‘no glass bottle’ policy. Aluminum bottles, cans, and plastic bottles are fine.

Keep in mind that the approximate prices given below only inlclude the price of the charter. It’s customary to tip the Captain/mate the same as you would a restaurant server for their service.   


Gulf Stream Charters

This 8 hour charter is what most people think of when they thing ‘charter’. It’s a deep sea fishing expedition that goes after either trophy fish like Marlin, or eating fish like Tuna. It goes all the way out to the Gulf Stream where the largest fish hang out. It’s important to note that while you can bring home eating fish (as long as you stay in a certain limits) trophy fish are strictly catch and release.  

This is a great charter for the experienced fisher, and makes memories for a lifetime. However, young children and the elderly donâ??t find it nearly as fun because 8 hours on a moving boat is exhausting.

Best For:  Experienced fishers 

Average Price: $1500

Holds: 6 people

What You’ll Catch:  marlin, tuna, mackerel, dolphin, cobia

Be sure to tell your captain what you’re hoping to catch before you go. This helps them plan where they take you, as well as the type of bait and poles used.


Half Day Ocean Charters

Half day charters are much shorter in duration than their full day counterparts. They only run about 4 hours. Because of this, they donâ??t go out as far, so that means no marlin.  However there are still plenty of other fish you can catch, from giant flounder to trout and more.  This is a perfect charter for a slightly less experienced angler who isn’t sure they want to spend all day on a boat. It’s also a great charter for families. Since you don’t go out as far, the waves are much smaller and you arrive at your destination faster so you can start fishing sooner.

Best For:  Families with older children; semi experienced fishers. Stripers, drum,

Average Price: $500

Holds: 6

What You’ll Catch: Flounder, speckled trout, bluefish, cobia


Makeup Ocean Charters

If you feel that the cost of a charter is prohibitive for only one or two people, then consider a makeup charter. It’s a type ocean charter where one or two people combine with other singles to go out on a charter together and split the cost. Be sure you call the marina ahead of time to let them know you’re interested in one. Then, when they have enough people interested for the same week, they’ll give you a call. Make up charters, like regular charters, can either be full or half days.


Inshore Charters

If you have a younger family, are traveling with your parents, are prone to seasickness or really just want a day on the water, then an inshore charter is probably a better fit for your group. Inshore charters go on the much gentler waters of the Sound. The waves are small, so there is less chance of seasickness or of a child getting scared because they lost sight of land. (Inshore charters very rarely lose sight of land, and if you talk to the captain first, they can make sure land is always in sight.) 

An inshore charter can be a full or a half day, the same as their ocean counterparts. Unlike the ocean, may different types of boats can go in the sound, including ocean boats. The numbers of people this boat can take vary between 4-6 people.

Best For: Families with younger/older members.

Average Price: $450-$950

Holds: 4-6 depending

What You’ll Catch: smaller flounder, trout, spot, croaker


Pontoon Boat Charter 

A Pontoon Boat Charter, such as the kind you get from our Explore the Shore Partner, is the type of charter you get when spending a day on the water with the family is more important than fishing. A Pontoon boat gives you the smoothest ride on the water with very little chance of seasickness. Additionally, Pontoon boats are able to go into the shallower waters that boat with sharp keels cannot.

A Pontoon boat charters can accommodate Sound fishing, (you’ll catch smaller fish) and crabbing. Of course, if you just want to spend the day exploring the surrounding islands, looking for dolphin and playing in the water instead of fishing, that’s fine too. 

Best For:  The entire family, including small children and the elderly

Average Price: $485-$950

Holds: Up to 12 

What You’ll Catch: small flounder, croaker, spot, trout, large crabs



A headboat is a unique experience. It’s a large boat that holds dozens of families. You all go out together for a half day and have fun fishing.  This is perfect for the beginning fisher or the kids.  You can bring your own drinks or concessions are available on the boat.   Rods, reels, bait, fish bags and licenses are included. It’s the best way to explore the idea of a charter before you invest in the big one.  A normal headboat charter runs a half day.  And if you’re coming with an extra big family, it would be easy enough to rent the entire boat for your party.

Best For: Families with young children or the elderly

Average Price: $48 per person.

Holds: 97

What You’ll Catch: spot, croaker, trout, flounder


No matter how you choose to fish, the Outer Banks is the place to do it. There are enough different types of charters out there to make everyone happy from the most experienced angler to the first timer. And no matter which charter you choose, you’re going keep those memories a lot longer than the fish it provides.

Fishing on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks has been a favorite vacation spot since the 1950’s and one of the things that made it so famous is the fishing. From surf fishing to charters, our fishing experience is second to none!  Part of the reason that our fishing is so great is that we are surrounded by water.  Another reason is that the Gulf Stream and Labrador currents run very close to the Outer Banks, providing warm water and a wide variety of large game fish. 

Below is part one of our 2-part article on Outer Banks Fishing with a focus on fishing from the land.  Our next article will cover Charter Boat Fishing on the Outer Banks. 

Please Note:  Fishing in North Carolina from the land requires a license. 

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the most common fishing on the Outer Banks. It’s also the best way to introduce children to fishing. You simply get a pole, some bait, a fishing license, and cast into the water from shore.  You can catch some nice sized fish this way, some even large enough to eat.  Of course, what you’ll catch depends largely on the season, and whatever’s passing by. It’s all a matter of luck when you’re shore fishing.

The best idea for beginners is to stop someplace like Bob’s Bait and Tackle to pick up bait, tackle, advice, and a list of size limits for fish.

Best For: Family Fishing

Average Price: The cost of a license for each fishing family member

What You’ll Catch: drum, mackerel, spot, croaker, flounder, bluefish, trout

Pier Fishing   

There’s a little less luck involved in pier fishing and more skill. This is because fish love hanging around piers to eat the stuff that grows along the pilings. Larger fish come to eat the smaller fish that like to eat the growth on the pier. Also, because a pier can get you out at least a hundred feet further than the shore, you’ll be able to catch bigger fish that don’t come close to shore.

There are many piers on the Outer Banks. However, the Outer Banks Pier in South Nags Head is our Fun N Sun partner. This means one member of your crew can enjoy a whole day fishing on the pier for free. And you can even do it again tomorrow.  Piers do not require licenses as they have a blanket license to cover everyone. They also sell bait and rent tackle so you don’t have to buy your own.

Best For: people who have fished before (But kids are also welcome)

Average Price: Circa $12 per person, (or one person free on the Outer Banks Pier with Fun N Sun Pass)

What You’ll Catch: Much larger drum, mackerel, spot, croaker, flounder, bluefish, trout

Renting Your Own Boat

Renting your own boat is different from chartering one, because area charters feature Captains, while boat rental companies will simply rent you the boat.  Rental boats are geared mainly for the calm, shallow waters of the Sound.  It’s relatively difficult for people unfamiliar with the area to take a boat out in the ocean.   The changing sandbars and unpredictable currents are not for the casual boater.  

On the other hand, the Sound has small waves and is easy for even novices to maneuver.  Most often, there are two types of boats to rent; an outboard motor type, (think dingy with a motor) and a pontoon boat.

Pontoon boats are best for shallow waters, exploration of the surrounding islands and for those who care more about the smoothness of the ride than the speed of the boat.   They are also better for large families. An outboard motor type boat can go faster and go out further in less time than a pontoon boat. It also holds fewer people. It’s the equivalent of the type of high powered car when you can feel the road under you, only with this boat, you can feel the waves under you. Depending on how much you love waves, that may or may not be your type of boat.

In either case, you’ll catch the same kind of fish you’ll catch on shore, only smaller ones. Many fish use the gentle sound as a nursery for their babies. It’s rare to catch a truly large fishing the sound, but it does happen. You’ll want to make sure you bring your license and a fish size guide. 

Places such as The Outer Banks Fishing Pier also do boat rentals.   Check out their website for details. 

Best For: families who want to fish and explore the area

Average Price: $99-$499 depending on size and length of time (bring your own license)

What You’ll Catch: smaller drum, mackerel, spot, croaker, flounder, bluefish, trout, pigfish, pinfish



9 Tips for H2OBX Waterpark

H2OBX Waterpark has almost completed it’s first OBX Summer Season and we (and our guests) have certainly enjoyed it!  It’s the perfect place to spend the day with the family and adds to the Outer Banks beach vacation experience. 

Here’s our 9 tips for making the most out of the area’s newest attraction.  


Buy Your Tickets Early (and Save!) 

In order to keep the lines short and give you the best possible experience, attendance at H2OBX is limited to 4,000 people a day. In order to avoid disappointment at the door, it’s best to buy your tickets in advance through our link. Also, when you buy though our link as opposed to at the gate, you get $5 off per ticket for your entire party. After all, the only thing better than a fun filled day of waterpark fun, is saving on one!



Plan Your Trip

10am to 2pm is the hottest part of the day. It’s also the most popular. However, if you’re already certain that you’re not going to spend all day there, consider going after two, the less hot, less crowded part of the day. The park doesn’t close until 7, so that still gives you five hours to play. 

Of course, if you want to spend all day there, you can. The park has some great eatery options for lunch, snacks, and even adult beverages.


Bring Sun Protection 

Even if your body is underwater most of the time, you can still get sunburned. Bring appropriate protection, sun screen, and cover-ups to wear out of the water when you go. This way a nasty sunburn doesn’t ruin your day. If you forgot the sun protection, donâ??t’ worry. The waterpark’s gift shop sells cover-ups, towels, sunscreen and more.



Eat Lunch At The Park

Though the Outer Banks has many excellent dining options, they are a little too far from the park. Fortunately, the food is here is more than typical amusement park food. In fact, it rivals some of the casual places on the Outer Banks. They have all the kid’s favorites like burgers, chicken tenders and fries, as well as amusement park favorites like funnel cakes, pretzels, shakes and ice-cream. They even have adult frozen beverages to help you beat that the heat.



Bring Towels

It’s easy to overlook towels when you visit a waterpark, after all, you might be too busy to need them. There certainly is enough to do. However the best use for towels isn’t to dry off, it’s to save your seats. The waterpark has tons of chairs and huge umbrellas that provide shade. Depending on how may people are visiting the park that day, the best shaded spots fill up fast. However, most people mark their spots by leaving towels on the chairs. This is the best way ‘reserve’ a spot, aside from leaving a person on the chairs. This way, everyone can have fun.


Rent A Cabana

Of course, if you don’t want to bother with towels and saving seats, you can always rent a cabana. H2OBX offers 2 sizes of cabanas, small (that fits 8 people) and large (that fits 12 people). Not only do the cabanas provide great shade and remain yours for the entire day, they also provide wait service for food and drinks and a complimentary fruits, water, and snacks.  Cabana rentals also come with complimentary lockers, so that your valuables are safe and secure all day. 


Wear Water Shoes

The park is an easy walk, but we do recommend water shoes.  The concrete can get hot in the middle of the day and many of the wave pools have rough texture at the entrances to prevent slips and falls.  Water shoes have rubber soles to protect your feet and fit completely over your foot so they won’t come off even during the most extreme rides. Flip flops are great for walking around, but are not allowed on any rides. 


Rent A Locker

Lockers are a great way to securely store your valuables, bags, clothes, and towels while you enjoy the park.  There are 3 sizes available.  You can purchase your rental with a credit card and they open and lock with a keyless code, so no keys to lose and the entire family can access it when they need it.  Super convenient! 




Complimentary Life Jackets

If you or your little one needs a life jacket, the park has them for free. All you have to do is go up to the life jacket rack, pick your size, cinch it up and you’re good to go. You can wear this jacket all day and on rides like the lazy river and the wave pool. Younger kids can wear theirs on the younger kid slides. This ensures a fun and safe time for everyone.


The waterpark is lots of fun for everyone. With a little advanced planning, discounted tickets and an idea of what to expect when you get there, you can add lots of fun to your vacation and memories that will last a lifetime.  We hope you’ll check out H2OBX Waterpark on your next Outer Banks visit! 


Alternate Vehicles for OBX Fun

There’s no better feeling then the wind in your hair, and the slightly salty mist coming off the ocean.  You want to experience it, but your car won’t let you. After all, you can’t stick your head out the window like Fido. Still, the dream remains. Enter Fun Alternative Vehicles on the Outer Banks. These are fun vehicles for you to rent and drive while you’re down here. You can rent them for a full week, or maybe just for a few hours. Here, we’ll take a look at your fun vehicle options.

Golf Carts (LSV) 

The most familiar of the bunch would be the golf cart. However, just like everything else on the Outer Banks, we do golf carts a little differently. Our golf carts are actually Low Speed Vehicles. (LSV). This means they are street legal, and met the safety requirements for low speed cars (complete with seat belts). They have overhead soft canopies, open sides and can go on any public road with a speed limit of 35 or less. This makes them perfect for driving the beach road or through Duck.

Low speed vehicles come in two ‘flavors’ 4 person and 6 person, which is referred to as the limo of golf carts. Several places offer delivery and pick up of your golf cart. Most golf carts rent for the week.

Ocean Atlantic Rentals is a great place to get golf carts, along with beach chairs, umbrellas and anything else you need for the beach.


Dune Buggies 

If you’ve ever wanted to ride a car on the beach, this is your chance. Buggin Out provides cars they actually expect you to take to the Corova beach. Their ‘buggies’ are really vintage cars and have been seen in car shows prior to making a new home on the Outer Banks. 2, 4 and 5 person buggies are available, so you can bring the family, your sweetheart, or just go solo. Since they are cars, they are able to go any road, anywhere.

Unlike most rental places, which give you whatever vehicle they have in stock, Buggn Out lets you choose your vehicle online when you place the order. Each car has it’s own unique personality and history, so you can get one that fits with your family. Be aware though, since they are vintage, most have manual transmissions. 

Beach buggies are rented by the day or by the hour. They have special rates if you’d like to take them out for a sunset ride on the beach.


Scoot Coupes 

 Referred to as a “three-wheeled car”, Scoot Coupes are a great way to see the Outer Banks in style. They are technically considered a scooter, but they look like a car. Unlike a traditional scooter, you don’t have to worry about balancing, and you can take an extra person with you. They are street legal and gas powered, so they are just like a car, if a car had only three wheels and no roof.

They can be rented hourly, daily or weekly from Scooter s N Spokes.  The most popular color is red.


Stella, the Outer Banks Trolley  

So far, we’ve seen alternative vehicles made for a small family. But what about if you’re traveling with  a large family?  Well, if you have a ton of people, you can rent Stella, the Outer Banks Premiere Wedding and Event Trolley. She comes with a driver and enough room to sit 35 people, and have 10 stand. The seats are carved wood and go perfectly with the wood look interior.  It’s just the thing for large family gatherings.


The Outer Banks is a fun and unique place, and it deserves fun and unique transportation. With these options, you can scoot around town, explore new places, or even make traveling down the beach road fun.



Corolla’s Wildlife Education Center

If you’ve been to Corolla before, you’ve undoubtedly visited the historic triangle made up of the Currituck Lighthouse, the Whalehead Club and its historic grounds and the Corolla Historic Shopping Village.  But did you notice the large gray building to the right overlooking the water?  Itâ??s non-descript architecture hides the gem of a museum inside. 

Most people don’t even stop to look at it because it’s so official looking. However, inside is the Corolla Wildlife Education Center.  A fun place for adults and kids alike, this museum offers a great overview of the wildlife in the area.

The History

The history lesson starts with a movie about the Sound,  it’s resources, and duck hunting. There are many exhibits that focus on the areaâ??s rich history in hunting, trapping, fishing, and living life along the Outer Banks coast.  Taxidermied animals throughout the exhibit help bring the region to life. One of the most popular exhibits for adults is the display of homemade duck hunting decoys. You’ll see everything from the basic canvas back to the elaborate carved.  And, don’t forget to take your picture with the life sized stuffed bear.

The Wildlife

Most wildlife education centers do not feature live animal indoor exhibits. However, this one is the exception to the rule. They have an exhibit depicting both the life above and below water in the Sound.  While the exhibits above the water (including a fisherman in a boat)  are stuffed in classic museum style, the bottom part is made up of live fish.  Small children love looking at the fish as they are right at their eye level.  Outside, there is a nature trail where you can see all sort of wild animals, like birds, nutria, and more in their natural habitat.

The Programs

The Wildlife Education Center offers a variety of programs for kids and adults of all ages. They have kayak tours, fishing and crabbing classes, plein air painting, archery and much more. These programs range from low cost to free. However, they do fill up early so it’s best to make a reservation in advance.


So, the next time you visit Corolla, you’ll want to check out the Wildlife Education Center. It’s a great activity for a rainy day or when it’s too hot to go to the beach. There are plenty of photo ops, clean bathrooms, and even a smashed penny machine so you can take home a small souvenir of your Corolla wildlife adventure. 

Activities Beyond the Beach — Part 3

As we conclude the final part of our Activities Beyond the Beach Series, we touch on more of the indoor activities — perfect for the occasional rainy day!  Explore all the Outer Banks has to offer “Beyond the Beach”!


NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Recently renovated, the Roanoke Island aquarium was rated one of Trip Advisor’s top ten small aquariums. It features a shipwreck exhibit, a huge shark tank and touch tank with all kind of fun animals. Dive shows, feed that animal shows, and fun activities are offered daily. There’s also the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rescue (STAR) exhibit where you get to see real turtles get rehabilitated. Did I mention, you get a free ticket to the aquarium with every stay through our Fun N Sun Pass Program? 

Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum

This little known museum is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Its home to the Nellie Myrtle Collection, which is a collection of items found on the beach over a lifetime of beachcombing. If you’ve ever wondered what you can find on the beach, wonder no more. You’ll be amazed at what washes up. 

Children’s Museum

There are many museums on the Outer Banks, but only one interactive museum that caters to children under five.  The Children at Play museum features exhibits such as a dress up corner, grocery store, toy doctor, lighthouse keeper and more. There is even a busy wall for the youngest members. Video games are upstairs so the older siblings can have fun while the younger ones play downstairs. 

Wildlife Education Center

There are two wildlife education centers, both run by the National Park Service. The first is in Manteo. It features a simulated flight over the barrier islands and ‘scavenger hunt’ inside the forest exhibit. The second is in Corolla. Adults love looking at the antique Duck decoys while kids are entranced by the large aquarium filled with sound fish. Both centers offer activities and their own nature walks.

Maritime Museum

This museum is easily overlooked in Downtown Manteo, but it’s worth seeing. The Maritime Museum shows you life on the island as told through the stories of the boat that came from here. The Museum also offers classes, such knot tying and their ever popular build a boat in a day workshop.

Frisco Native American Museum

If you’re up for a day trip, then check out the Frisco Native American Museum. This private museum features Native American artifacts from all over the country, not just the Outer Banks. Though the museum is tiny, the collection is expansive. Related items are even for sale in the gift shop.


Lost Colony   Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

America’s longest running outdoor drama, this play retells the story of the doomed first settlement of England. Each year, they feature a different director, so if you’ve seen the show last year, you might not have seen the same show as this year. It’s worth going back again and again. Especially when we give you one free ticket.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Sometimes vacation can be murder. If you go to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, that is. This entertainment venue is a lighthearted romp through a mock murder and some truly unforgettable characters. The audience even gets to play. Dinner is provided and photo ops are available.


Every place has a movie theater and the Outer Banks is no exception. In the main part of the Outer Banks, we have RC Theaters, showing the latest movies, including 3d movies. In Corolla they have a ‘dinner and a movie’ theatre where you can watch the movie and eat dinner at the same time. Manteo is home to the Pioneer Theater, the oldest family run theater in the country. It shows one movie a week and the popcorn is always fresh.

The Comedy Club Of The Outer Banks

The Comedy Club is the country’s oldest seasonal comedy club. It’s featured comics such as Ray Romano, Sinbad, and Drew Carey back before they became famous. This is your chance to see the next great “up and comer”. Dinner, appetizers and drinks are available. They have one location in Kill Devil Hills and one in Corolla.

Ghost Tours

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you donâ??t need to with these ghost tours. There are several too choose from; both are in Manteo. The first kind is a more traditional ghost tour with legends of the Outer Banks and pirate lore. The second is a more playful ghost tour where they bring out ghost detectors and really ham it up. Donâ??t worry, the legends are in that one too, somewhere. The Whalehead Club in Corolla also has a ghost tour featuring just legends about the club and surrounding areas. 

Art Related


It’s been said that the Outer Banks has more artists per capita then anywhere else in North Carolina. If that’s true, it makes sense that we have so many galleries. Most of the galleries are in a place knowns as ‘Gallery Row’ between the roads around milepost 10.5 in Nags Head. Seaside Gallery has been here so long, it’s PO Box number is 1. And, Manteo is home to dozens of galleries all in walking distance to each other.

Arts Council

The Arts Council is a gallery so special it needs its own section. This is where individual artists without their own galleries display their work. It has everything from handcrafts to fine art to fabric arts. It’s a great way to see a lot of local Outer Banks art without going all over the Outer Banks to find it.

Make Your Ownâ?¦

There is a wide variety of things you can make your own at the Outer Banks. We offer classes from everything from ‘distressed’ furniture, to jewelry to stepping stones and paint your own pottery. It’s perfect for a rainy day or a day when it’s too hot to go to the beach. Whichever you choose you’ll be making crafts and memories.


There are plenty of places to shop on the Outer Banks. So many in fact, that it would do them a disservice to try to mention them all here. Mostly, the Outer Banks has boutique type shops. We still have a good number of independent bookstores and coffee shops. Belk’s and TJ Maxx are the more well-known department stores. Outlet shopping can be found in Nags Head.   All kinds of kinds of things can be purchased through local shops from clothing to trinkets. Strip malls are the dominant form of shopping down here. Manteo provides dozens of stores located in historic buildings in easy walking distance to each other. Corolla also boasts a Historic Shopping Village near the lighthouse. Scarborough Faire is an open air mall incorporating the surrounding trees.


We hope you explore the activities and sites “Beyond the Beach” during your next Outer Banks visit.  As always, if you need help planning your trip, our Vacation Planners are available 7 days a week to assist you.