Don’t Wait to Book Your Outer Banks Vacation

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends and talk about your summer vacation plans. If you’re thinking about an Outer Banks vacation for 2016, now is the perfect time to book it. So why should you consider booking early? There are many reasonsâ?¦

Get the Home You REALLY Want

Would it surprise you to know that many of our homes are already booked? It’s true. Homes start booking up to a year in advance so guests can get the ones they really want. But it’s not too late to book now. Calling early next year or before this year even ends ensures you can secure the home of your dreams.

The New Homes Are Here

Didnâ??t find the exact home you wanted last year? Don’t worry, you have another chance. Now is the time of year when the new homes join the program. And since they don’t have much rental history yet, they’re not booked solid yet. Soon though, everyone will know about them. Be sure to check out all our new homes here

Flex Payment Plans

Reserve now and have more time to pay. Our Flexible Payment Plan lets you book with as little as 25% down. Then you just make smaller payments up until thirty days prior to arrival. And with no credit card fees and no interest, everyone in your party can call with their own credit card and pay.

Early Bird Specials

This time of year, there are all kinds of weekly or daily specials as we approach the New Year. You could get a discount on your house, your taxes paid, or even be entered in a contest to win a prize. It’s a great time to book a house. See all our current specials here.

Start Saving for Extras Now

Of course, an Outer Banks vacation is more than just a great house and beach. It’s also about going out to eat, buying souvenirs, going on tours and having adventures. Booking you vacation now puts you in the mindset of planning for it, which helps you save for all those extras you want to do.

Plan Your Travel Time

Most our guests arrive by car. However, some do arrive by plane particularly ones who coming from further inland or attending family reunions. Booking your home early enables you to plan out your trip. You can reserve your flights, plan out your car route and decide if you’re going stay overnight anywhere en route.

Part of enjoying your vacation is the anticipation. By reserving now, you can look forward to a vacation in your perfect house, be less stressed about money, and know you’re going to have some great memories to look back on.

What are you waiting for? The time to book is NOW.

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