Posted on 10/24/2014

Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Thinking of Buying or Selling on the Outer Banks?  The tips below from our Sales Team will help Buyers and Sellers get the most out of their transaction.  Feel free to contact our Sales Team for more information or download and view the "Working With Real Estate Agents" document below from the NC Real Estate Commission. 

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Buyer's Tips:

1.  Get Prequalified for a Loan -- There is nothing worse than finding the perfect home only to find that after the long and arduous mortgage process you don't qualify.  Mortgage companies have stricter guidelines these days so even the slightest credit issue, or personal debt issue could affect your ability to qualify for a loan.  If you know will need a loan to buy a house, get the process started and then you will know going in the proper price range that you will be able to afford. 

2.  Work with a Realtor -- Local Real Estate Agents know the market better than anyone and can help you with the complicated process of buying a home.  Issues such as Taxes, Insurance, and Zoning are very important items to consider and although it's often public knowledge, Realtors can give you the tips and advice from their experience and knowledge of the area to ensure a smooth transaction.  Their expertise is invaluable, especially for an out of town Buyer. 

Seller's Tips

1.  Get a Home Inspection Before Listing -- It may sound cliche' but knowledge is power in Real Estate.  Knowing potential problems ahead of time give Sellers the foresight to price homes properly and not watch a Buyer walk away from the sale due to a surprise defect.  Also, truthfully stating any problems beforehand helps to build trust and confidence in a sale. 

2.  Work with a Real Estate Agent -- Same as with a Buyer, a local Real Estate Agent has knowledge and expertise than cannot be found anywhere else.  There is a lot of information on the Internet about pricing and sales, but Agents who work in it every day can tell you the best and most effective way to market and sell your home for the best price!  After all, isn't that what every seller wants? 

3.  Price a Home Properly -- Real Estate Agents spend a lot of time finding comparable properties in order to price a home just right.  If priced too high, the home will sit on the market and be passed over for other properties in the area priced properly.  Homes on the market too long raise a red flag with Buyers who question why it has not sold and then wonder "What's wrong with it?". 

4.  Staging/Decluttering -- Buyers like to imagine themselves (and their things) in a home before they purchase.   In our market, which consists of mostly second homes and investment properties, this usually is not a problem.  But it should be said that homeowners should remove personal items such as family photos and mementos so Buyers don't see it as "your" home.  It's also a good idea to remove any artwork or furniture you plan to keep so Buyers don't fall in love with a peice that goes perfectly with the home only to find out it does not stay with the home when it sells.  We've seen this happen before and it can be a dealbreaker.  It goes without saying that homes should be clean and clutter free.  Buyers don't want to peek inside closets to find it stuffed full of old items and trash.  Staging is also important in conveying the message to Buyers that this could be their home.  Simple items such as setting places at the table or arranging the kitchen in an appealing way are all subtle hints to the Buyer that this home could be theirs for relaxing and entertaining. 


Download the "Working with Real Estate Agents" Brochure Here!

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