Posted on 5/22/2019

Outer Banks Tiny Home Festival

Have you heard about the Tiny Homes? They're more than just a lifestyle, they're a social movement. Tiny Homes are popular with people both for their relatively low cost and small environmental footprint.  As people become more socially aware and more interested in minimalism, tiny homes are really starting to take off.

In general, a tiny home is usually less than 500 sq feet, with some of them being as small as 100 square feet. They feature clever ways of storage and furniture layout such as drop down storage cabinets, living rooms with hidden storage, two floors, and living rooms that turn into bedrooms. Staircases, industrial piping, and vinyl or wood flooring and a many more options are available.  Some tiny homes are built to sleep four people.

The Sweet Pea Tiny Home will be on display at the Outer Banks Tiny Home Fesitval June 8-9

Some people think of Tiny Homes as 'trailers' but nothing could be further from the truth. A tiny home is more like their full sized counterpart, and their exteriors reflect this. Tiny homes can look anything from a dollhouse, to a Victorian, to a farmhouse even a chapel. Tiny Homes can be portable, since they do fit on hauling trailers, or they can stay in one place built on a foundation just like their full sized counterparts.  They also make great offices, mother-in-law suites, and craft houses.

There are even Tiny Home communities popping up, (one is planned on Hatteras Island.) These communities offer all the benefits of both the Tiny Home movement and the closeness of a real neighborhood. After all, all the neighbors already have one thing in common; a love of Tiny Homes.

Currently, there aren't many Tiny Homes on the Outer Banks, but that will soon change?

The Oak Island Tiny Home will appear at the Outer Banks Tiny Home Festival June 8--9th
(Photo courtesy of Sam Ross The Radio Scout)

The Outer Banks is pleased to announce the Outer Bank's first annual Tiny Home Festival. This event runs the weekend of June 8th and 9th and is going to be a great family friendly event. Tickets are low, $10 for one day or $15 for both days. There will be lots of tiny homes to see along with speakers, hosts, musical entertainment, food trucks, a beer garden and plenty of arts and crafts vendors selling great stuff for your tiny (or regular sized home.)

A good time is guaranteed to be had by all. So stop by, see some great Tiny Homes, and enjoy a family friendly day full of fun, dreams, and great memories. And if you need a place to stay for the festival, be sure to check out our VacayYourWay program. These homes aren't exactly "tiny", but offer short stays year round when most vacation homes require full week stays.

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