Duck’s Hidden Gem

Do you know the town of Duck? It’s so small it’s easy to overlook when you’re on the way to something else. It’s a cute quaint little town with boutique shops, mom and pop restaurants a bike path and beautiful unspoiled beaches. 

But there’s more to Duck than meets the eye, it’s also home to a hidden gem, the Duck Boardwalk.

Now, this is not the type of boardwalk you see other places. There are no amusement parks or anything like that on it. This raised wooden boardwalk stretches for about a mile on the sound side connecting all the sound front stores, restaurants and attractions.

The boardwalk starts by the Aqua Spa and Restaurant, where you can grab a light lunch, get a manicure and be pampermed like you wouldn’t believe.  On the other end of the boardwalk is an independent bookstore where you can stop in, get a book to read at the beach, have coffee and maybe even a pastry.

Art galleries, clothing stores, and many boutique shops and eateries line the boardwalk. Some of the establishments are pet friendly, providing bowls of fresh water for your pooch and a few stores will even let them come inside. Some of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas for those wishing to dine with their dogs. As for the others, well, you could always do take out and lunch at the picnic area or on one of the many benches.

And if you like nature, or are a budding photographer, the boardwalk is the place to be. Otters, nutria, deer, raccoons, turtles, butterflies, egrets and more are easily spotted when you’re ambling down the wooden walkway. There are also plenty of places to stop, rest, collect your thoughts and just appreciate the beauty of nature and the sound.

Fishing, crabbing and swimming are popular pastimes here and the boardwalk provides places for each. You can even launch a kayak or an inflatable raft as long as you don’t mind carrying it the equivalent of a city block.

A great playground waits for your kids in the middle of the park, with slides, monkey bars and everything a fun playground should have. A green grassy area is a great place for yoga, relaxing or playing catch with your dog.

The Amphitheater has performances throughout the year, many of which are low cost or free. They offer everything from wildlife shows to live plays, bands, and concerts.

So the next time you’re rushing by, be sure to check out the Duck boardwalk. Or better yet, consider staying in Duck. This hidden gem might just be the place to relax, unwind and have the peaceful vacation youâ??re looking for.

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