Visit the Corolla Wild Horses on the Outer Banks

Visiting the Corolla wild horses is one of the best parts of Outer Banks vacations. The official North Carolina state horse, the Colonial Spanish Mustang, can be found on the northern beaches of the Outer Banks. The Corolla wild horses are descendants of the Spanish Mustangs, and these horses are some of the first residents of the Outer Banks. The horses have a long history on the beaches of the Outer Banks, as they have resided here for hundreds of years. While on your OBX vacations, make sure to schedule a trip to Corolla beaches to see these beautiful wild horses.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the Colonial Spanish Mustangs you can find while spending time in the Northern beaches. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund also maintains the habitat for the wild horses to protect them and their home. Programs by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund include rescue and rehabilitation, adoption, education, and herd management. You can find the nonprofitâ??s headquarters in Old Corolla Village. Make a trip to the museum-store and learn about the well-known wild horses. You can visit this location throughout the year and see informative exhibits about the wild horses. There is also a seasonal museum-store that can be found in Duck.

Many local companies provide wild horse tours. Schedule a tour with a local business so you can see these horses and also learn about the history of the horses. Book a tour and take your family to enjoy these great rides by the beach. Here are some great examples of companies that host these tours:

  • Wild Horse Adventure Tours
  • Bobâ??s Wild Horse Tours
  • Corolla Wild Horse Tours
  • Corolla Outback Adventures
Here are some tips to follow while searching for the Corolla wild horses.

While enjoying your OBX vacations, make sure to visit the Northern beaches to see the Corolla wild horses. You do not want to miss the chance to see the beautiful horses while taking a tour or driving on the beach. For your OBX vacations, schedule a tour and make sure to visit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund in Corolla or Duck to learn more about these Corolla wild horses.

  • While traveling in the 4WD areas, make sure to look around for these beautiful wild horses. For example, take your 4WD vehicle and drive on the beach in Carova. Make sure to drive with caution and to drive slowly.
  • Do not touch or feed the wild horses.
  • Make sure to maintain the proper distance from these horses. Do not go within 50 feet of the wild horses.
  • Bring a camera to take pictures of these beautiful horses, as long as you maintain the right distance.

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