Vacation Rental Homes Vs. a Hotel Room – Which is right for you?

One of the most important reasons people choose to rent a vacation home/condo is because of the space.  I think we would all agree that having room to spread out vs. spending your vacation in one cramped 400 square foot room is preferable.  And of course, the larger the family the more this rings true.  Homes and condos offer multiple rooms and outdoor spaces that a hotel room just canâ??t offer.  Of course more space isn’t the only reason people rent vacation homes. Below are some additional reasons and an info-graphic to go along with it.

Less Cost Per Person

An average hotel room in a resort/vacation area can easily be $300 – $500 per night for one room accommodating 2 to 4 persons.  6 to 8+ people will easily turn this into $600 – $1000 per night or $125.00 per night per person.  And this is while sharing a room with 3 other people.  So for a one week stay in a hotel room a party of 8 can easily realize a cost of $7,000+.  For much less cost per person these same 8 people can spend from $3000 – $5000 for a 4 or 5 bedroom home, at a cost of less than $65.00 per person.  This doesnâ??t even consider the savings that will be realized by not having to eat all of their meals in restaurants!  It just makes more sense!

More Space  House vs Hotel infographic

The average hotel room only has approximately 400 square feet.  In contrast, the average house/condo has around 1,000+ square feet.   Larger vacation homes can easily have 5,000 square feet.  But even the smallest house includes a kitchen, living area, eating area, bedrooms and baths. When one considers the outdoor spaces â?? it just makes more sense!

More Bathrooms

The average rental home/condo has 2.5 bathrooms while the average hotel room has one.  We wonâ??t even go into why this is an advantage â?? it just makes more sense!

More Privacy

We’ve already talked about how vacation homes have more space because they have more rooms. This also translates into more privacy. This is especially important when you’re travelling with in-laws, extended family and/or teens.  Once again, it just makes more sense!

Full Kitchen

By not having to eat every meal in a restaurant as we stated earlier, this can save you money.  Having a full kitchen also provides the opportunity to try fresh local seafood.   And when you do choose to eat out, you never have to worry about leftovers; you have a full sized fridge, oven and stovetop range to enjoy them later.

Doing the comparison on a per person cost, considering the advantages of more privacy and room to spread out, being able to enjoy outdoor spaces and being able to prepare some of your meals as a family at home, there really is no comparison and the choice becomes clear.  Check out our infographic for an easy to understand overview.  We think youâ??ll agree â?? Vacation Rental Homes/Condos  – JUST MAKE MORE SENSE!

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