Best Extreme Activities on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are the ideal place to vacation if you are into watersports and outdoor activity. Our area seems to attract those who enjoy a bit of a thrill mixed into their daily routine. The ever changing beaches that line our coast are always creating new and unique waves to surf. On the sound side, strong winds make for ideal kiteboarding conditions. Check out our list of the top extreme activities on the Outer Banks and try one for yourself when staying at an Outer Banks Vacation Rental!


The original extreme activity on the Outer Banks. Surfers began visiting the Outer Banks as early as the 1960s. Since then, the sport has grown to be very popular in our area while gaining national exposure. While the surf on the Outer Banks can get good at any time of the year, (wetsuit provided) we experience quality surf most frequently during the fall months. Tropical storms and hurricanes push large amounts of swell towards the east coast during hurricane season which begins June 1st and ends November 30th.


With the ample wind we receive on a year round basis, it was only natural for the Outer Banks to become an international kiteboarding mecca. The shallow waters of the sound which border our barrier islands to the west are what kiteboarderâ??s dreams are made of. The predominant southwest winds of the summer months and northwest winds of the fall ensure there will be plenty of wind to launch the thousands of kiteboarders who visit our area into the air! It is commonplace for kiteboarders to travel to Hatteras Island from places as far away as Canada and the Caribbean to sample what the island has to offer.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Most people might not think of stand-up paddleboarding or SUPing, as an extreme activity. However, it is quite popular for SUPers to take their paddleboards out in the ocean and surf on them. When surfing on a SUP, the sport definitely becomes extreme. Stand-up paddleboarders get their thrills by not having to stand up as they are taking off on a wave, standing up on a board before the wave picks the rider up does come with its fair share of risks. When holding a paddle on top a board that is twice as long and wide as many surfboards, there is a lot to control. Stand-up paddle boarders who surf on their crafts are sure to experience exciting wipeouts!


Skateboarding on the Outer Banks first became popular as simply a way to â??surf on landâ?? when the wave conditions were less than favorable. Today, the sport has taken on an identity of its own in our area. Until about seven or eight years ago there were only a couple, privately owned skateparks. Today there are multiple skateparks that are free to the public, thanks to the various towns that make up Dare County. Free Outer Banks skate parks can be found near most Outer Banks rentals. These skateparks include Sound Park in Powellâ??s Point, Kitty Hawk Skatepark on Kitty Hawk Road, Aviation Skatepark near the Wright Brotherâ??s Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, Manteo Skatepark behind College of the Albemarleâ??s Roanoke Island campus, and Buxton Skatepark at the Fessendon Center on Hatteras Island.

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