5 Unique Outer Banks Souvenir Shops to Visit This Summer

The North Carolina Outer Banks offers a welcome retreat from overcrowded sidewalks and groups of people. Void of cities, our island community of seaside villages offers a remote Southern charm and sandy shorelines. Summer is one of the best seasons for you to experience all Outer Banks has to offer you and yours! From Corolla to South Nags Head, Atlantic Realty has all your summer beach vacation needs covered with rental accommodations full of modern amenities. No matter your family’s size, budget, or style, you’ll have an amazing time staying in one of our barrier island homes this summer. No one can leave OBX without a keepsake, so we’ve compiled a list of the five most unique Outer Banks souvenir shops—take a peek. 

Find a unique souvenir at the myriad of boutique shops on the OBX.
  1. Absolutely Outer Banks

This OBX souvenir shop has some super cool vibes and eccentric decorations. You’ll love how art and function come together at Absolutely Outer Banks, a shop full of works by local artists. From beachy ornaments to sea glass jewelry, there is something for everyone! Little kids will love taking home a D.I.Y. seahorse painting art kit. Looking for something a bit grown-up? Buy yourself an etched pint glass covered in seashells. 

  1. Outer Banks Box

You’ll never miss Outer Banks with a keepsake from this souvenir shop—where you can get seasonal subscription boxes delivered to your home! Outer Banks Box aims to make sure everyone feels the OBX love, no matter where they are. You’ll always have a home in the Outer Banks during your summer vacations, but feel free to grab some awesome souvenirs, like Kill Devil Rum Balls or a jar of locally made jam. Head on over to their site to get your OBX fix. 

  1. Peanut Shop of Kitty Hawk

If you are a fan of novelty souvenirs, then the Peanut Shop of Kitty Hawk is your Outer Banks souvenir shop. Of course, you’ll find walls of tasty peanuts that come in a variety of flavors. Beyond those funky nuts, the Peanut Shop has seasonal gifts, scented candles, dog treats, and more. The whole family can be decked out in novelty t-shirts or sweaters. With Father’s Day coming up, check out the fantastic home decor and neat gifts made just for dads. Fans of Peanut Shop love how festive the store is and how caring the owners are! 

  1. The Mystic Gift

Described as a fun mix of whimsical and mystical, this Outer Banks souvenir shop is an extension of another shop, the Mystic Jewel. As a family-owned jewelry shop, guests will have a spectacular time searching through artisan creations made of sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, and more. The Mystic Gift features some creative jewelry made up of alternative metals and minerals. If jewelry isn’t your thing, no worries! They also have some unique books, clever cards, stones, gems, and even some brainy decorative signs.   

  1. seagreen gallery 

Local art is on full display at this quaint Outer Banks souvenir shop. Inside, guests will enjoy all the wonderful gifts, jewelry, prints, and home decor. This shop is a must-visit, where you’ll see all that our island communities have to offer locals and tourists alike. No touristy shirts or mass-produced knickknacks here! The shop’s creative owners have built a gorgeous garden out back, filled with driftwood and art. You’ll want to buy every piece of art and take it home with you! 

Your Outer Banks Adventure Awaits 

There’s no better way to experience Outer Banks than staying at an Atlantic Realty rental accommodation. Your barrier island experience begins when you check in at one of our many vacation rentals. Stay in a luxury oceanfront property or an affordable condo, all equipped with upgraded amenities. Book your OBX stay today!

Top 5 Reasons to “Coastal Distance” on the Outer Banks

Coastal Distancing is social distancing – Outer Banks style!   Here are the top 5 reasons you should make plans to Coastal Distance on the OBX this Fall! 

  1. Privacy – You have the entire home or condo unit to yourself!  No common areas like hotels or resorts or sharing rooms/spaces like in Airbnbs and VRBOs. 
  2. Cleanliness – Our properties are cleaned by professional housekeeping staff who follows industry guidelines for disinfecting and sanitizing homes between guests.  We use commercial grade products to ensure your home is safe and clean for your arrival. 
  3. Safety – Linens are delivered from a commercial laundry company and left if their sanitary plastic wrap for guest to use.  This limits handling.    
  4. Keyless Entry – to further enhance the contactless experience, almost all of our homes feature keyless entry.  No need to check in at the office – go straight to the home to begin your vacation. 
  5.  Internet Acccess – With high speed internet access in most homes, it’s easier than ever to work and attend school virtually from anywhere – even the beach!  
Work remotely or learn virtually anywhere with coastal distancing

So, grab your family (and your masks) and head to the Outer Banks this Fall!  Search for vacation homes here:  weAReobx.com

Fall Getaways on the Outer Banks

Fall is the absolute best time to visit the Outer Banks. The weather is great (less heat and humidity than in Summer), the water is still warm, the Summer crowds have left, and the shops and restaurants are still open. Best of all, the vacation rental rates are low–up to 60% off peak Summer rates! Gather your group and make a plan to getaway to the OBX this Fall. We make it easy with affordable weekend and weeklong stays.

Girls Getaways

Grab your besties and head to the beach for a Fall Getaway on the Outer Banks. Imagine spending the day lounging on the beach with a great book or catching up on some great conversation with your friends. How about a night out? There is plenty of entertainment even in the Off Season and wine tastings are available if you want to keep things a little more low key. Treat yourself with a rejuvenating trip to one of our local Spas or an incredible piece of art or jewelry from any one of the galleries and shops up and down the beach. The option to do everything the OBX has to offer (or even nothing) all weekend is yours!

Enjoy a little retail therapy on the OBX

Guys Getaways

We can’t leave the fellas out of an Outer Banks Fall Vacation. With amazing outdoor activities available including Golf (FREE at 2 separate 18 hole courses with the Atlantic Realty Fun N Sun Pass), Charter Fishing Trips to the Gulf Stream, Pier Fishing and even Brewery Tours, there is something for all the guys in your group! Who will be the daredevil to try hang gliding on Jockey’s Ridge or Skydiving with OBX Skydive?

Hang gliding lessons are available from Kitty Hawk Kites

Couples Getaways

The Outer Banks was made for couples! From the gorgeous sunrise and sunset views each and every day here, to the romantic walks along the beach, there could not be a more perfect setting to spend the weekend away with your better half. Tour the local historic sites and attractions such as the Elizabethan Gardens or Currituck Lighthouse for a perfect photo op or cruise on down to Hatteras or Ocracoke Island for an amazing day trip.

Wine glass on the beach
Outer Banks Romantic Getaways

The Outer Banks is the perfect Fall destination. In addition to all of the things to see and do here year round, Fall brings several annual events and festivals to the area including the Outer Banks Seafood Festival and Duck Jazz Festival.

Give us a call today! Our Vacation Planners would be happy to help you plan your Outer Banks Getaway. Can’t wait? Browse our Vacaton Rental Homes now.

5 Reasons a Beach Vacation is Good for your Health

It’s official. You’ve always known that you felt better at the beach, now there is actual scientific proof of that fact. It’s long been accepted that being in nature is a great way to lower stress. However, a study published in Health Place, shows that of all the nature you could ‘be in’, that the beach is clearly the superior choice. Here are a few reasons why.

Listen To The Waves Crashing

Waves crashing are a known ‘white noise’ sound, that calms the body and relaxes the nervous system. Many white noise machines are designed to mimic this sound, and the most popular ‘sleep tapes’ involve waves gently crashing on a beach. That sound, (known as ‘non-threats’ to the scientific community,) can help you achieve a conscious meditative state that is proven to both heal and strengthen you brain.

There’s Nothing Like The Feeling Of Sand Through Your Toes

You love walking on the beach, and it turns out it’s good for you too.  Walking in sand is more challenging to your body than walking on flat roads. However, since this ground works with your body in a natural, forgiving way, (unlike asphalt which is very unforgiving,) you’re less likely to strain yourself while getting a better work out at the same time.  Plus, you get to hear waves and smell ocean.  And there’s another bonus too. Walking barefoot in all that sand naturally sands off all the dead skin on your feet better than any pedicure. So not only do you feel better, your feet will look great in flip flops!

walk on the beach
Walking on the beach is soothing

The Ocean Is A Natural Spa Day

Ever notice how a day at the beach shrinks your pores, heals cuts, and makes your skin look better? It’s not your imagination, and it’s not simply because you’re happy. Its’ because the combination of iodine, salt and other trace minerals in ocean water work as a detoxifier, an antibacterial and an antifungal. There’s nothing better for your skin than ocean water. And when the warm sun opens up your pores, it does an even better job.  See, all the more reason to get out there and soak up some sun — Vitamin D!

There’s A Wide Array Of Exercise Available At The Beach

Not everyone likes exercise , but everyone loves playing on the beach. Whether you’re walking, running, playing Frisbee with the pup, volleyball with the kids, swimming, jumping waves, digging holes and so on, there are all kinds of ‘exercise’ you can do on the beach that simply feels like play.  You’ll feel better in both mind and body, and you’ll want to do your favorite ‘workout’ again.

Smell That Salt Air

Taking your first steps on the beach and inhaling deeply is practically instinct. And it’s not just your imagination that makes you feel better. It’s the air itself.  The quality of the air is purer on the beach. The air is actually infused with salt and negative ions that make it easier to breathe and absorb oxygen into your lungs.  And of course, the fact that you’re breathing deeper now that you’ve relaxed doesn’t hurt either.

Relax with an Outer Banks Vacation

Going on a beach vacation is something that has unending benefits. These benefits were well known to our ancestors, which is why 18th and 19th century doctors often prescribed ‘seaside getaways’. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a doctor to prescribe one, (though wouldn’t that be cool,) you can just ‘getaway’ right now.

There’s still time to plan your seaside getaway to the Outer Banks either for a Summer Vacation or Fall Weeks. Check out our available homes here.

5 Crafts made from Local T-Shirts

If you have been coming to Outer Banks over the years, you probably have a collection of special T-shirts from local landmarks, past and present restaurants, activities, and more.  These shirts are something special and can remind you of great times. They are a popular souvenir of the Outer Banks.

However, time marches on.  Sometimes the restaurant or activity closes, the shirt no longer fits, it’s no longer your style or you just don’t want to wear it out. Whatever the reason, you don’t wear the shirt, yet you’re reluctant to throw it out. After all, it’s more than a shirt, it’s a memory. This article will show you five ways to repurpose that T-shirt so you can keep it and the memory forever.

Tote Bag 

Want to help the planet and show off your Outer Banks T?

Simply sew together the bottom of the T-shirt and cut off the sleeves. Tank tops don’t need their sleeves cut off. The sleeves form the handle, the opening forms the top. Now, you have a tote bag that shows off your t-shirt super easy and good for the planet too.  Best of all, it can go everywhere.


Wall Art  

For this project again, we’ll be using part of the T-shirt, not the entire thing.  This is a no sew project. The only things you need to provide, besides scissors and a t-shirt, is a picture frame, preferably with some matting.

Cut the design of the t-shirt to fit the outer edge of the matting.  Now, just tape that square to the back of the matting and place in the frame. Viola, you now have an easy way of displaying your T-shirts.



This is a half apron, designed to protect your bottom half from unsightly mishaps in the kitchen Or you can just wear it around the house as a fashion statement.

Start by cutting a large square from the side of the T-shirt with the main design. Ideally, this square should be cut right next to the inseam and under the neck. This gives you enough fabric to work with. Fold the bottom part of the square up until itâ??s right under the design.  Now, sew up where the edges meet. This gives your apron a long pocket. Run stiches in a vertical line along the long pocket until you have the number of pockets you want. 

Congrats the front of the apron is now done.

To make the ties, cut 2 vertical strips of fabric from the back the T-shirt about 4 inches wide. Fold the strip over on itself horizontally, tuck the edges under the fabric and sew together. Now you have 2 flat hollow ‘tubes’ of fabric. Sew up the edges so that they are no longer tubes. Then sew them to the back of the apron front.

Now, you have a brand new Outer Banks themed apron.



Won’t it be great to show off your love of the Outer Banks right there on your couch?

For this craft, cut out a square out of the center of the T-shirt where the design is.  Now cut a matching square from the back of the T-shirt. Sew up the pillow along three sides. Stuff the pillow with craft stuffing or a premade pillow square. Sew up the top and you have an instant pillow. It will feel right at home on your couch, favorite chair or as a decorative pillow on your bed.



If you’ve ever quilted before, then you know how to do this. Simply cut out the parts of the T-shirt the pieces you wish to keep into squares, design your quit and sew together as you would any other quilt.

Of course, if you don’t feel like quilting or donâ??t want to learn how, there are companies that specialize in turning T-shirts into quilts. Imagine the sweet dreams you can have curled up under a quilt of Outer Banks T-shirts.


The Outer Banks touches our lives forever, so it’s only natural it should touch our homes too. Can’t wait until your next Outer Banks trip? Check out our selection of homes so you can start dreaming about it right now.






Outer Banks Art Adventures

Do you have a creative side dying to come out? If so, you’ll want to check out all the art that the Outer Banks has to offer. The Outer Banks has more artists per capita than almost any other place in the North Carolina, and they love sharing it.  The many art galleries and craft fairs here on the Outer Banks gives easy access to all types of art from basic crafts, to the eclectic, to the sophisticated.

But it’s not only for shoppers.  If you love creating art, we’ve also included some great art themed workshops to let your imagination take flight. Many of these are open to both adults and kids. So relax, have fun, and enjoy these handpicked art themed adventures.

Deja New (Store And Workshop)

Everything old is new again at this upcycling gallery. They take old, outdated pieces of furniture and lovingly turn them into something new, fresh and fun. They also offer journaling workshops, where adults can express their thoughts and feeling through mixed media and written word collage.  Now that’s something you don’t find everywhere.


Natural Creations (Jewelry store)

Not just another jewelry store, Natural Creations is home to actual gold/silversmiths.  Since they design many pieces themselves, you can be assured your piece of jewelry will be like no other. In addition to their custom pieces, they also have famous maker jewelry. And if you already have some pieces that you love but are a little outdated or broken, Natural Creations can update or repair them for you.


Arts Council (Gallery And Workshops)

The Dare County Arts Council brings together hundreds of artists from both the main part of the Outer Banks (KDH, KH, NH,) and Hatteras Island. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, paintings, unusual cards or any other souvenir, the Dare county arts council most likely will have it. Have fun exploring their gallery or take a workshop with one of their many talented artists. Either way, you can’t lose.


Seaside Art Gallery (Gallery and Events)

Seaside Art Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries on the Outer Banks. It specializes in classic art, estate jewelry, and animation cells from companies like Disney. It also offers on site appraisal for that treasure you just bought. So if you’re looking for something a little less ‘beach themed’ on your vacation, Seaside art gallery is a must ‘sea’.


Vivi’s Five And Dime (Store And Workshops)

Looking for the perfect beach or vintage item to take home? Vivi’s has it. More than just a traditional antique store, Vivi’s also offers milk paint workshops. Milk paint is based on a historic paint formula, is safe, and has a rich velvety finish perfect for painting on furniture. Vivi’s provides all the milk paint and surfaces you need to create a little treasure to take with you. And we’ll even give you $5 off a milk paint workshop. It’s a great souvenir.


Co-Op (Gallery And Workshops)

The Outer Banks Artist Co-op is a co-oped gallery featuring around 40 juried members. They have art in metal, fabric, paint, jewelry, glass, clay and more. They also have workshops taught by their members. There’s a variety of classes, so be sure to check them out. You never know what you might find.


Dan Waters (Workshop)

Dan Waters is one of our premiere Outer Banks nature photographers. We have many nature photographers on the Outer Banks, but Dan is one of the few that offers photography workshops that can be accomplished in only a few hours. So if you’ve always longed to take the perfect picture, this is a great workshop to take while on vacation.


Wine and Paint the Outer Banks (Workshop)

Hang 12 art is the Outer Banks newest art gallery. Located in the Seagate north shopping center. It’s wine and paint parties are held most weeknights with the supplies being provided. Don’t worry about skill level. All are welcome. They also hold kids painting workshops during the day.


Build A Boat In A Day (Workshop)

Unlike the other items on this list, this workshop is only offered once a month or so. It’s held at the Maritime Museum in Downton Manteo. For one set price, you and five people, (including children over 8,) have an all day workshop in boat building. At the end of the workshop, you get a real finished one-person boat to take home and enjoy. It’s the ultimate souvenir and perfect for ‘boating’ in the sound.



So if you’re looking to release the inner artist in you, check out these unique workshops and places. You’ll be glad you did.  And if you’re looking for more places to buy art, check out our art page.  https://www.atlanticrealty-nc.com/outer-banks-art

Partial Week Vacations

Enjoy the privacy and spaciousness vacation rental homes offer over ordinary hotel rooms.  Plus, many homes offer Hot Tubs, Private Pools, and Gamerooms for your comfort and convenience. 

The rates are reasonable and the experience is unforgettable!!  Give us a call today or Search Now for homes and condos that offer partial week Outer Banks vacations like these!


Guys Weekend — Grab the fellas and take advantage of the many incredible golf courses the Outer Banks has to offer.  Don’t forget you can play a round FREE each day of your stay with our Fun N Sun Program.  

Don’t Golf?  How about a Charter Fishing trip out of nearby Oregon Inlet?  Land the big one with a half day or full day Charter to the Gulfstream.  The Fall is one of the best time to fish on the Outer Banks as the Ocean and Sound Water are full of  Striper, Flounder and More!



Girls Getaway — Not only does the Outer Banks have unique boutique shops throughout the area, but the Tanger Outlet Mall is the best place around to find a bargain on name brand apparel– Coach, Polo, Gap and more!!  

Shopped Out?  Why not gather the girls and check out the area spas for a bit of pampering.  Or, just lounge around on the beach or sundeck and catch up.  After that, dinner and drinks at some of the local restaurants and bars. Your weekend can be as busy or as relaxing as you want!!


Romantic Weekend — Watch the sunrise over the ocean . . . . . stroll along the beach with your Special Someone . . . . . enjoy the sunset and a great meal at one of the Outer Banks many fine dining restaurants.  The Outer Banks is made for romantic getaways — any time of year!!


Runcations — The Outer Banks has been touted as a runner’s paradise with the constant sea breeze, fantastic scenery, level grade and mild weather year round. We are host to several major races each year including the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in the Spring, Outer Banks Marathon and Triahlon in the Fall and shorter races just about every month of the year.  Join us during one of these race weekends to experience the Outer Banks in a whole new way! 


Spend a Winter Vacation at the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are most well-known for the fun and excitement provided by the summer season. Visions of family filled beaches and warm water are hard to beat. However, the peace and beauty provided by the areaâ??s winter months are unmatched. The Outer Banks is the place to visit during the winter if you are looking for pristine sunsets and ample quality time with the family. There are a couple bonuses that come along with the massive reduction of visitors during the off season. Take a look at the top reasons to book an Outer Banks vacation rental during the wintertime.

Dine at Uncrowded Restaurants

If you have ever gone out to eat during the summertime in our area, then you are aware that finding a restaurant with a wait that is less than an hour can be a huge accomplishment. In the offseason, finding a restaurant without a wait is as simple as finding one that is open. Many of the restaurants do close in the offseason, but not all of them. Some of the best Outer Banks dining experiences are available in the wintertime. Feast on seasonal seafood that can be tough to get your hands on in the summertime such as oysters, flounder, and striper.

Drive on the Beach

Many of the towns that make up the Outer Banks allow for 4X4 vehicles to drive on the beach in the off season. Nags Head allows for beach driving October 1st through April 30th with a $25 annual permit. Kill Devil Hills also allows for 4 wheel drive vehicles to drive on the beach free of charge October 1st through April 30th. Unfortunately, Kitty Hawk and Duck do not allow for 4×4 beach driving. Whether you are a fisherman looking for that perfect spot to cast, a surfer searching for the ideal secret wave, or simply taking a joyride, there is nothing that means it is wintertime on the Outer Banks like driving on the beach.

Take Advantage of Off Season Rates

Often times, booking Nags Head vacation rentals during the winter time will save you a great deal of money when compared to booking the same rental property during the summer season. Many rental rates are nearly cut in half for the off season. Visit the Outer Banks during the winter and spend time with the family at half the price!

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

The best thing about visiting the Outer Banks during the wintertime is simply how quiet things can be around here. If you need a break from all of the commotion to allow yourself to recharge, the Outer Banks wintertime might be just the treatment you need.

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