Outer Banks Parade of Homes

What could be better than spending the day looking at Outer Banks homes in a no pressure environment? Well, if you love looking at homes, here’s your chance the OBX home builders association is sponsoring their annual Parade Of Homes, featuring their best work in design, innovation, and decorating. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend a nice day out looking at homes and go home the the ultimate souvenir; a great memories and ideas of how to bring Outer Banks style home with you. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the Annual Outer Banks Parade Of Homes, sponsored by the Outer Banks Home Builders Association.

When Is It?

Save these dates! The Outer Banks Parade Of Homes runs October 8-11, 2015. So if you’re here for a week or even just a long weakened, it’s the perfect chance to see them. October is beautiful looking at houses weather; the temperature is not too hot or too cold. And if we chase the storm systems away, it’ll be perfect. Plus, you have more than one day to see them.

Touring On Your Time

One of the best things about the Parade Of Homes is that you can tour it on YOUR schedule. The homes run the gambit form Grandy to Hatteras. Just pick you favorite town and spend all day there if you want. In between homes, you can grab some coffee at one of local coffee shops or get lunch/dinner in your favorite Outer Banks restaurant.

Best of all, you can see as many homes as you want. Want to see them all? Great. Want to spend all day looking at one? That’s great too. Its home gazing on your schedule. Your single ticket price gets you into all homes all four days. There’s no limit, and you can revisit your favorites. So have fun.

Get Ideas For Your Own Home

So what will see interesting these homes today? It could be anything from a pet washing station, to impressive tilework, to a new thing to do with a pool. You’ll see innovations in technology, the latest in appliances, and possibly even a home where the lights and temperature can be run by your smartphone.

Not to mention, there’s the décor. These homes are interior designed by top decorators to show off the latest in beachy Outer Banks trends. You never know what will inspiration you will take back to your own home. 

Don’t Forget To Vote

Have a favorite house? Vote on it. These houses are eligible to win many awards, often based on criteria the sponsors deicide. However, there is one award that every home longs to get and cannot be controlled by any sponsor; the coveted People’s Choice Award.

To vote on your favorite house, just cast your vote.  There’s a box set up in whatever house you’re visiting. At the end of the parade, all the boxes from all the homes are tallied up and the home with the most votes wins.

So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing more fun than looking at homes on the Outer Banks!

Maps showing the OBX parade of Homes

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