What to Bring on your OBX Vacation

If you’ve never stayed in a rental house before, it’s important to know they are not like hotels. No matter how luxurious, rental homes don’t provide toiletries or the types of things hotels provide. Though some homes do provide linens, most only offer lines at additional charge. Also, no rental home offers complementary bed making.

So how do you know what to bring to a rental home? Here are some tips.  

  • Prescriptions,
  • OTC favorite brands
  • Copies of prescriptions
Paper Products
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Anything else made of paper  
Cleaning Products
  • Dishwasher detergents,
  • Washing machine detergents
  • Fabric softeners
  • Kitchen Sprays
  • Any other liquid or powder used for cleaning
  • Contacts
  • Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescriptions
  • Medicine
  • Flea treatments
  • Bowls
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Leashes
  • Anything else to keep your dog safe and happy
  • Chargers
  • Devices
  • Memory
  • Cameras
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Dishcloths
  • Bath mats
Personal Items
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Any other personal items. There will NONE at the house  
Beach Accessories
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Beach toys
  • Anything you need for the beach

Fortunately, if you forget anything, we have a wide variety of stores to choose from, just in case. We have a Walmart, a Kmart as well as several types of convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores. Of course, planning what to bring before you go can avoid a panic once you arrive and realize you forgotten something. 

Have a great vacation.

10 Great Reasons to Stay in Corolla

Each and every town on the Outer Banks has their own Special qualities that make it unique and different from the next.  Corolla is no exception.  From the historic Whalehead Hunt Club to Currituck Light, to the modern planned houseing developments with the most upscale homes in the area, Corolla is unlike any other town on the Carolina coast.  

Unique, Non-Chain Restaurants

Of course, youâ??ll find a variety of local restaurants anywhere you go. However, Corolla has many restaurants and eateries you just wonâ??tâ?? find anywhere else such as Mike And Dinaâ??s Grill Room, Lighthouse Bagels, (real, NY styles bagels and sandwiches,)  the Ocean Front Grill (one of less than 5 ocean front restaurants on the Outer banks) and Metropolis, (The Outer Banks only a martini and tappas bar.) Not to mention, there are tons of sweet shops, candy stores and even a cupcakery.

Corolla Is Its Own World

Itâ??s not often you can find a self-sustain world inside the Outer Banks. By that I mean once you enter Corolla, youâ??ll never have to leave out of necessity. It has its own beaches, restaurants, grocery stores, lighthouse and even its own movie theatre, mini golf, regular golf and more.

Corolla was only opened with a paved road in the 1980sâ??. Because of this, you have far less commercialism than in other parts of the Outer Banks. True, it has chain grocery stores, a Dunkin Donuts and even a Starbucks, but everything else is strictly a mom-and-pop type shop. There are great restaurants boutiques shopping, specialty stores, day spas and so much more. Itâ??s one of those places where you can get away from it all without having to leave it all behind.

Visible Shipwrecks

Recently, the wreck of the metropolis was unearthed by our shifting sands. Itâ??s one of the few places on the Outer Banks where you can walk right up to a shipwreck and take its picture. Itâ??s perfect for both adults and kids as it requires no special equipment (like four-wheel drives) or skills (like scuba diving. Of course, we donâ??tâ?? know how long before the sand reclaims itâ??s wreck, so itâ??s best to see it now.

Big, Open, Dog Friendly Beaches

Corolla has some of the widest beaches on the entire Outer Banks. They are public beaches, and many public accesses have parking. Itâ??s been called one of the best places to learn to surf. In addition, Corolla beaches are dog friendly. Thought they must be leashed, a dog can be on a Corolla beach any time of day, year round.  This is good news for pet owners who would never dream of going to the beach without their furbaby.

The Four-Wheel Drive Area

If you want to drive on the beach, the Corova area is still one of the few places you can do it without a special license. These beaches have no road bisecting the island, so you can drive to the ocean and the sound on the same trip. And if youâ??re into wildlife, itâ??s the perfect place for a photographic safari. The four-wheel drive area has birds, wild horses, foxes, wild pigs and many more animals.  No four-wheel drive? No problem. Here at Atlantic Realty, we give you a free or discounted ticket to see wild horses. What a great memory.

Wildlife Education Center

In the far corner of the historic triangle, sits the wildlife education center. Itâ??s usually not considered part of the triangle (which is why itâ??s not a historic square.) however, the wildlife education center is filled with all kinds of fun things such  as museum showing both the natural and manmade host of the area and even its own aquarium with live fish. The center also features a variety of fun education programs such as keeping a nature journal, water colors and even the basics of fishing for young soon to be anglers.

The Corolla Lighthouse

The Corolla lighthouse is one of the few thatâ??s almost always open for climbing. Standing 162 feet, this lighthouse is the only one that was left unpainted. It also has a fantastic view from the top so donâ??t forget your camera. When you come down from your climb, thereâ??s a food cart there providing refreshing ice cream and ice cold drinks. Thereâ??s also a gift shop.  Itâ??s a great way to see a  lighthouse without leaving Corolla.

Shopping Village

The historic shopping village is truly a must see, especially I you like history and shopping. Local stores have taken up residence in older style homes close to the lighthouseâ??s base. These stores offer everything from food to finery to a bookstore. Shoppers will love going in and out of all the quaint little shops to find the best treasures. Thereâ??s even a playground there for the little ones.

Whalehead Club

Recently taken over by the government, the Whalehead club is a restored 1920â??s hunt club like no other. It sparkles with true art nouvou décor and has many of its original furnishings. Normal tours are self-guided, but there are also special tours agile, including ghost tours. The Whalehead club also has a large lawn are, perfect for picnics or playing with kinds and pups. At certain times of years, events are held on that lawn. 

While itâ??s true Corolla takes longer to get to, thatâ??s exactly why you should stay there. Itâ??s its own little world. And once you arrive, youâ??ll never want to leave. Itâ??s one of those places that because it is so remote, itâ??s worth the trip.


Dog Friendly Dining on the OBX

You love your dog. You wouldnâ??t dream of going on vacation without them. Youâ??ve even got a pet friendly house so they could join you on vacation. Youâ??ve taken to them beach, but now you want to go out to dinner or lunch. Your dog gives you those puppy dog eyes as you leave without him. He wants to come too. Fortunately, the Outer Banks is VERY dog friendly. Though itâ??s true that your pet canâ??t go inside the restaurant with you, many of our local eateries DO allow your pet to join you in the outdoor seating area. Here are some of the dog friendliest restaurants in the Outer Banks. Of course, this isnâ??t all of them, and many other restaurants do allow dogs outside, even if they donâ??t mention it, so be sure to ask.


Lighthouse Bagels

Have another family member and pup claim one of the shaded tables outside while you go get the bagels, sandwiches and smoothies for all to enjoy.

Bacchus Wine and Cheese

Feel like youâ??re dining in a café in Europe as you sip wine, nibble cheese, and have your pup with you on the bistro outdoor eating area. How sophisticated. 


Duckâ??s Cottage Coffee and Books

Located in the heart of downtown Duck, this unique shop offers books, fancy coffees, hot chocolates, pastries and water for your dog.  The porch is the perfect place to read while your dog relaxes at your feet.

Aqua Restaurant

One of the Outer Banks Day spas, Aqua feature gourmet spa type food and an outdoor dining area perfect for dogs. Itâ??s also waterfront so it offers a fantastic view.

Kitty Hawk

Zen Pops 

These healthy alternatives to fat filled, sugar laden frozen pops are just the thing on a hot day. There sidewalk seating means you and your dog can both chill.

BK Shuckers

This sport bars features both an upper and lower outdoor dining area for you and your pup. Now, you donâ??t have to miss a game or your furbaby.

Captâ??n Franks

The most famous hot dog place on the Outer Banks, this recently renovated gem welcomes dogs to both levels of their outdoor seating. And dogs love hot dogs.

Johnâ??s Drive in

Famous for their milkshakes and dolphins boats, as well as being one of the oldest eateries on the Outer Banks, Johns features all outdoor seating and ordering so you pup never has to leave you side for minute.

Kill Devil Hills

American Pie

This eatery has an array of uniquely American foods such as homemade pizza, ice-cream and more. Outdoor seating is the perfect place to grab a great lunch or a casual dinner.

Nags Head


This is home to some of the famous burgers in town. They feature outdoor seating on both the ground and upper levels. Itâ??s the perfect place to have lunch/dinner with your dog. 


Known as Americaâ??s drive in, the wait staff will come right to your car or outside table to take your order and deliver food. Your pup can be with you the entire time. And the best part?  You donâ??t get waited on until youâ??re ready to be.

Surfin Spoon

After a long hot day hot day at the beach, this FroYo shop with tons of toppings is just the thing to cool off. Best of all, they offer a pup cup for your dog. 


Ortegaz Southwest Grill

This southwestern themed restaurant is perfect for adding a little spice to your vacation.  Its outdoor patio is the perfect place for both you and your dog to enjoy lunch/dinner.

Full Moon Café

Located in downtown Manteo with an incredible outdoor dining option, you can people watch as you dine. Youâ??re also close to many major attractions and shopping form this restaurant, so you only need to park once. And did I mention, the food is delicious? 

 The Outer Banks is one of the dog friendlies t places around. One of our towns recently just made a top ten list of dog friendliest cities. By brining your dog dining with you, your entire family and the furbaby can have a great vacation youâ??ll remember forever. 

10 Unique Attractions That You Can Only Find on the OBX

The Outer Banks is famous for its miles of pure unspoiled beaches, itâ??s history, itâ??s wildlife and so much more. But if youâ??re looking for something to see or do a little off the beaten path (but still easily accessible,) here are some of the more unusual things you will only see on the Outer Banks.

The Kill Devil Grill

More than just another dinner, this one of only six diners in the country that is also in the historic registry. Itâ??s fronted by a genuine 1939 Kullman diner.  Inside youâ??ll find authentic tabletop jukeboxes, and most of them work.

Of course, it much bigger than it look as the entire back is new, yet still done in the old style. This enables the front to remain beautiful and untouched while still accommodating modern visitors. Oh, and did I mention the food is good too? 


The Elizabeth II

Almost 100 years before Jamestown, there was the Lost Colony. Festival Park features a composite replica of one of the ships that brought over the fateful colonists. One of the most shocking things about it is that itâ??s not to scale, thatâ??s itâ??s REAL size.

Festival Park also features a Native American Village, a colonial settlement, and museum covering the rest of the history about the Outer Banks. Itâ??s perfect for all ages. Best of all, you get a FREE ticket with our Fun N Sun pass.


The Countryâ??s Largest Sand Dune

Named after the wild horse races that used to be held on it, Jockeyâ??s Ridge is the largest all natural sand dune system in Eastern United States.  Not only is it a great place to climb, kids have a blast rolling down the dune or taking surfboards and â??sleddingâ?? down the dune. If youâ??re lucky, you might even see some wildlife such as  a ghost crab or fox.

Jockeyâ??s Ridge is living sand dune which means it changes all the time. Because of these changes, the ridge is said to quite an appetite; swallowing a hotel in the 1890â??s and a mini golf course in the 1980â??s. Though no sign of the hotel exists, you can still see the courses castle appear for a short time then vanish beneath the sand again.


The Hatteras UFO

This house has moved around from Buxton to Frisco, after all, itâ??s so easy to move. Once, they let you go inside, but today, itâ??s mostly just a drive by attraction.  Designed in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, these â??ultra-modern homesâ?? were supposed to be the next big thing. They were easy to transport, could be anchored to the environment to withstand strong storms and were economical to heat and cool.

However, they never did catch on, and fewer than 100 were ever built. There are nine in New Zealand, seven in Australia, five in Finland, and only six known in the USA. South America and Holland are believed to have few as well.  Since this could be your only chance to see one, itâ??s worth driving by. 


Wright Memorial

This is THE official place where the Wright Brothers made their historic flight that changed the world.  Here you can see a replica of their plane, the markers remembering their flight and a restored version of their camps.  Thereâ??s also a history of flight museum covering everything from their historic flight to the space shuttle and beyond.

This is a government site so the rangers give the talks. They also answer questions and even have kids workshops. Of course, thereâ??s always the big hill to climb to actually see the monument. Kids love climbing the big hill. Itâ??s such an important place to the Outer Banks and to the world, thatâ??s itâ??s a must see.



Itâ??s true that just about every costal town has lighthouses. However, few areas have as many as the Outer Banks. Thereâ??s the Bodie Island Lighthouse around Oregon inlet, the Corolla lighthouse in Corolla, the Hatteras light house on Hatteras, and the Ocracoke lighthouse on Ocracoke. Thereâ??s even the marshesâ?? light lighthouse in Manteo. Thatâ??s a lot of lighthouses for one tiny island chain.

Best of all, you can go in many of them. As for the ones you canâ??t you go in, well, they are in such beautiful locations that you wonâ??t miss climbing all those stairs in the slightest.


Americaâ??s Longest Running Seasonal Comedy Club

Since 1984, the Outer Banks comedy club has been presenting the best up and comers in the comedy trade. Past performers include Drew Carry, Ray Romano, and Sinbad before they got famous.

Held in several locations, including Kill Devil Hills and Corolla, the Outer Banks Comedy club is a not to be missed event. Besides how often can you go to the countryâ??s oldest seasonal comedy club? (Since itâ??s here, Iâ??d say once a year maybe.)


The Whalehead Club

Built in the 1920â??s, this historic hunt club is the testament of Mr. Knightâ??s love for his wife. Like him, she was an avid hunter. And like most avid hunters, she longed to belong to join a hunt club. However, in the 1920â??s, a woman joining a hunt club was impossible. Seeing how upset this made his wife, Mr. Knight built the Whalehead Club for her. Now she (and a few carefully chosen friends) could all belong to the same hunt club. Today, daily tours are given of the hunt club. 

It also makes up a third of the Historic triangle in corolla. The other two parts of the triangle are the Corolla Lighthouse (you can climb it) and The Historic Shopping Village.  You can get a free admission to the Whalehead club with our Fun N sun pass.


Fishing With The Stars Of Wicked Tuna

Of course, you can fish anywhere in the world. But only the Outer Banks is home to the Fishinâ?? Frenzy and the other Outer Banks boats used in Wicked Tuna; North Vs South.  This popular show on National Geographic made reality stars out of some of our very own locals, who still fish.

Itâ??s your chance to meet the real live people on the show and come home with a fish worth bragging about.  How often do get to do both things at once?


Wild Horses & Carova

While there are wild horse still in some other parts of the country, but there are few places like Carova. Carova is where the road and ends and the adventure begins. A world unto itself, itâ??s not at all uncommon to see wild horse grazing in peopleâ??s yards or figuring out ways to get to the pools. Expansive dot the landscape between the lush sea oats and massive dunes.

In addition to wild horses,  you also have a chance to see other unusual things, such as foxes, wild boar, baby horses, a four-wheel drive fire truck a payphone. Carova is one of those great places to visit, but at the end of the day, youâ??ll be glad to return to your vacation rental with paved roads. Our Fun N Sun partner has special deals for you to see the horses.


No matter where you go on the Outer Banks, thereâ??s always something worth seeing. Wide open beaches are just the beginning of its charm. So if you want a vacation experience that canâ??t be duplicated, come to the Outer Banks. Itâ??s a place youâ??ll want to return every year.

Top 10 Reasons To Stay In Duck

Duck is one of the smallest towns in the Outer Banks. Because of the narrow 2 lane road to get there, and the fact that is so small, some vacationers donâ??t want to stay in Duck NC. However, Duck is a great town and absolute must see.  Wondering whatâ??s so great about Duck? Well, Iâ??m glad you asked.

The Shopping  

You wonâ??t find any chains here. Not a single one. All the shops, restaurants and activities in Duck are family owned and operated. Itâ??s boutique shopping at its best. These little stores carry thousands of specialty items not available in large corporate type stores.

The malls themselves are also a little different. Instead of being plain old strip malls, like youâ??d find around the rest of the Outer Banks, youâ??ll find open air shopping centers. These outdoor â??mallsâ?? were built to accommodate both the trees and shoppers. In some cases, the trees grow right through the wooden sidewalks. There are also several fruit stands in Duck. Shopping in Duck is an experience like few others.

The Eateries

Duck is home to a variety of eateries for every taste and budget. And again, no chains. Whether you want sweet shops, ice cream, pizza, fancy dining, or even a 6 course wine dinner, Duck has it all. 

The Bluepoint is one of the oldest and best loved restaurants in Duck. Duck Cottage is a quaint independent bookstore with its own blend of coffee and the best hot chocolate on the Outer Banks. They even make their own whipped cream. Cravings was even on Diners, Drive In And Dives. And thatâ??s just the beginning of where you can eat.

Homemade fudge and ice cream is a staple of most sweetshops. Gelato is also available.  Thereâ??s even a nut store filled with, thatâ??s right; you guessed it, hundreds of nuts.

The Bike Paths

Duck is one of the few towns with actual bike paths. By bike paths, I donâ??t mean the road shoulders that some areas consider bike paths. No, Duck has designated bike paths, most of with are separated from the road by several feet of grass.

But itâ??s not just bikes that get to use these paths. Walkers, joggers, people walking dogs, pushing baby strollers or pulling wagons all get to use it too.  You can walk from mall to mall or from restaurant to restaurant without ever getting back on the road.

The Park  

The Duck Park is a truly incredible place. It has a nice green lawn for games of Frisbee, tag and other such games. Thereâ??s a great playground for the kids. Plus it has lot of bike paths, nature trails, picnic areas, an outdoor amphitheater, bathrooms, and even places where you can launch a kayak or play in the sound.

But thatâ??s just the beginning of what makes the park so great. The park is also home to myriad of activities in the summer. There are movies, live shows, concerts, events, food and wine tastings, yoga, kidâ??s shows and so much more. Best of all, 90% of it is free! What could be better than that?

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is new to Duck. It used to be part of the park. However, now that itâ??s finished being built, it deserves its own recognition. The boardwalk spans the full length of downtown Duck on the sound side.

This enables you to walk along the sound, enjoying the beauty and salt breezes and go in and out of cute shops and restaurants all day long.  Stick around for some of the best sunsets the Outer Banks has to offer! With the Duck Boardwalk, you never even have get back on the road. Park once and youâ??re done. Free parking is available in the park.

The Beach

Though all of the Outer Banks boats a free and open beach, Duck is a little different. While its true Duck does have some incredible public beaches, it does not have a public access.

In other words, unless youâ??re actually staying in Duck, you wonâ??t be able to go to the beach here. But that is exactly the reason that Outer Banks vacationers love it so much. Without a public access, the beaches are a lot less crowded so thereâ??s a lot more beach to go around.  You can even let Fido off the leash and play with him on the beach.

The Distance

The number one reason people give for not staying in Duck is the distance. Since Duck and Corolla are often called the â??Northern Beachesâ??, many people unfamiliar with the area think they are close to each other. They arenâ??t. In fact, Duck is actually much closer to Kitty Hawk (about 5 miles) vs. 20 miles for Corolla.  But because of that turn when you first come in, itâ??s considered a northern beach.

Dog Friendly 

If you travel with your dogs, youâ??re in luck. Duck North Carolina was recently rated one of the top ten dog friendliest beaches in the entire country. There are many restaurants which feature outdoor seating, allowing you to dine with you dog. 

Outer Barks even features  â??Yappy Hourâ?? so your dogs can play and have fun with other dogs. And speaking of playing with other dogs, on the beach, you can even let him off the leash so he can get the full beach experience.  Your dog is also welcome in the park or on any of the trails.

Easy Access To The Sound

Duck is one of the few places that has easily accessible public sound access. There are many places in Duck where you can launch a kayak or an inflatable raft. You can even go swimming.

Looking for more fun in the sound?  There are a many places that offer a variety of adventures in the  Sounds, everything from Jet skiing to parasailing and even private boat rentals.

The Spas

Looking to be pampered? Look no further than Duck. Duck is home to world class spas including the Sanderling, Eden Day Spa, and the new, increasing popular Aqua Restaurant & Spa. Not to mention all these spas are set against the beautiful quaint Duck backdrop for a truly immersive experience.

From eating homemade ice-cream, to biking down one of Ducksâ?? bike paths, to playing with your dog on the beach, to enjoying the sound or the spa, Duck offers an experience like no other part of The Outer Banks.  So the next time youâ??re debating on where to stay, give Duck a try. Youâ??ll be glad you did.

Ready to plan your next vacation in Duck?  Start your search now!

4 Reasons Visit the Outer Banks in 2015

Itâ??s a brand new year and with it comes new possibilities and exciting adventures ahead. When you decide to plan your 2015 getaway, consider an Outer Banks vacation! While the wild beauty and rich history remain constant year in and year out, there might be some things to do on the Outer Banks in 2015 that you havenâ??t thought of before, but that will make for an impressive vacation! Here are a few reasons to visit the Outer Banks in 2015:

2015 Graveyard 100, Mar 7, Corolla

If extreme sports and long-distance running are your thing, head to the Outer Banks for the Graveyard 100, a 100-mile course that spans from Corolla to Hatteras via Hwy 12. This intense mission will take you through beautiful landscapes, past 3 lighthouses, over the Bonner Bridge, and onto Hatteras Island. Itâ??s an extreme but unique way to see the beauty of the Outer Banks. For more information on the race, click: here.

Outer Banks Wedding Showcase, Mar 14, Duck

If youâ??re planning an upcoming wedding, or are simply just interested in the wedding industry, the Outer Banks Wedding Showcase is a spectacular way to spend a Saturday afternoon during your Outer Banks vacation. Featuring local bakeries, photographers, videographers, florists, and many other wedding professionals from the area, the showcase is THE place to be, especially if you are planning a destination wedding to the OBX. Come plan, scope out, and experience some of your options for an unforgettable wedding here on the Outer Banks. For more information, click: here.

OBX Brewfest, May 31, Nags Head

In an effort to feature the areaâ??s feats of greatness in culinary, performing and brewing arts, the OBX Brewfest will feature local talent, food and beer, as well as tasty libations from around the rest of the country, as well. A much-anticipated event here on the Outer Banks, the Brewfest in Nags Head is sure to be a great way for adults to spend a Sunday afternoon during their springtime vacation to the beach! For more information or to purchase tickets to Brewfest, click: here.


ESAâ??s Eastern Surfing Championship, Sept 20-26, Nags Head

If itâ??s a fall trip to the Outer Banks you are looking for in 2015, make sure to check out the Eastern Surfing Associationâ??s Eastern Surfing Championship. The largest surfing organization in the world will hold this â??grand finaleâ?? where some of the best surfers from all around will congregate to go head to head in the ultimate surfing competitionâ?¦always an exciting event to watch. For more information, click: here.

No matter what time of year it is that you decide to take your 2015 Outer Banks vacation, there will always be something exciting to do and see just around the corner. Check out one of the events above for an unforgettable getaway on the Outer Banks this year. 

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

Best Outer Banks Restaurants on the Beach Road

If youâ??re from out of town, you probably know it as Virginia Dare Trail, but to Outer Banks locals, the road that snakes alongside the Atlantic Ocean is lovingly referred to simply asâ?¦The Beach Road. This two-lane stretch of road will take you from beach access to beach access, but not without passing some of the best restaurants on the Outer Banks. The following are a few Beach Road favorites that youâ??ve got to try on your next Outer Banks vacation!

  1. Artâ??s Place  

A local favorite and quite arguably the best burger on the beach, Artâ??s Place is located on The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Artâ??s features a full service bar, Happy Hour specials and great service. Their sign might read, â??Locals Welcome, Tourists Tolerated,â?? but donâ??t let that scare you away. Stop by Artâ??s on your next trip to the Outer Banks for a truly local experience. For more information, click: here.

  1. Rundown Café

A Jamaican-themed tropical-inspired restaurant in Kitty Hawk, Rundown Café is a great place to take the entire family. With an eclectic menu combining some of the best Pacific Rim dishes you can find on the Outer Banks, Rundown Café is a unique restaurant with a beautiful ocean view. For more information, click: here.

  1. Sam and Omies

An Outer Banks favorite that was born in the 1930â??s as a place for the recreational fishermen to hang their hats and recount their days together, and also the location where fishing charters were booked. Today, the historical restaurant remains, celebrating the heritage and good home cooking of the Outer Banks. Stop in for a hot meal and t a taste of Outer Banks culture the next time youâ??re in Nags Head! For more information, click: here.

  1. The Kill Devil Grill

A must-visit when on an Outer Banks vacation, The Kill Devil Grill, located in Kill Devil Hills, is one of only 6 diners in the country on the national registry of historic buildings. The enticing menu, high-quality food, and friendly staff only complement the nostalgic atmosphere. Bring the entire family to taste the homestyle cooking of the Kill Devil Grill, one of The Beach Roadâ??s treasured restaurants. For more information, click: here.

The next time you find yourself on the OBX, take a drive down The Beach Road, and make sure to stop at one of these restaurants for an authentic taste of the Outer Banks


3 Reasons to Book Your Outer Banks Vacation Early

If youâ??ve decided to spend your summer vacation on the Outer Banks in 2015 but havenâ??t yet booked your vacation rental home yet, you might want to look into getting a head start. Yes, there are plenty of vacation rental homes available to go around, but there are a few reasons booking your Outer Banks vacation early might be a good idea for you and your family!

Be Closer to Your Favorite Outer Banks Activities   Outer Banks Vacation Rental

As one of the most popular summer destinations on the east coast the Outer Banks fills up every summer with people from all over the country, looking to spend a little time in paradise. While the small-town feel of most of the towns along the Outer Banks lend to the reason so many people love visiting here, this also is the reason there are only a couple of routes to take when heading to your favorite Outer Banks destination or activity.

This can sometimes cause for summer-traffic back up, at just about any hour of the day. If you book your vacation early, however, you have a better chance of getting the rental home that is the closest to your favorite Outer Banks sites and activities.

Reserve Your Favorite Vacation Home

With about 200 homes to choose from, visitors have the option of picking a quaint 1-bedroom bungalow to a multi-family vacation home, and many options in between. Choosing the vacation rental that is most suitable to your needs, style and budget is the first and foremost important thing when choosing a getaway home. Whatever works perfectly for you might also be on the top of someone elseâ??s list, too, so to make sure you get the vacation home you want, or the one of your dreams, go ahead and book your Outer Banks vacation early and ensure that you and your family have your favorite Outer Banks  vacation home reserved. 

Avoid Last-Minute Headaches

Life is hectic; sometimes even more so in the summer. For families with school-aged kids, finding something for them to do every day can be challenging. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to rush and try to book your vacation home. Plan ahead and book your Outer Banks vacation rental early and work us into your schedule, so you do not have to cancel other engagements at the last minute to fit in your familyâ??s much-awaited summer vacation.

To ensure you and your family get the vacation rental home you desire, close to your favorite Outer Banks activities and towns, and without added stress of booking at the last minute, go ahead and book your Outer Banks summer vacation todayâ?¦youâ??ll be happy you did! See you this summer! 

Find Your Perfect Outer Banks Vacation Rental Now

Tips and Tricks for Beach Driving in Corolla and Carova

Everyone loves to drive on the beach! It is exciting and beautiful, especially on the Corolla and Corova beaches of the Outer Banks. But there are a few rules to follow to make sure everyone is safe and YOU donâ??t look like an amateur when hitting the sand in your vehicle. First things first:

Beach etiquette and helpful hints:

  • It should go without saying, but make sure your vehicle is registered and properly licensed and insured. Also, if your vehicle is not 4WD, donâ??t try it. Just donâ??t.
  • Donâ??t forget to fill your gas tank before heading out to the sand. There are no gas stations located along the shore.
  • Adjust your tire pressure before approaching the beach ramp, where you enter the four-wheel-drive area. Tires should be set to 15-20 psi in all four tires to allow for more surface contact with the sand.
  • No stopping in the Corolla beach ramp area. Make sure to already be in 4WD and maintain a slow steady speed straight onto the beach, yielding to pedestrians at all times. When on the beach the surf can be loud, so be careful of playing children and people who canâ??t hear an approaching vehicle.
  • Also watch for wild horses which roam the beach freely. They may be hard to see, especially at night. If you observe an injured horse, please call the Corolla Wild Horse Fund at (252) 453-8002.
  • Very important: do not stop on the beach until you have passed all signs posted no parking/ stopping zones. You must reach the wider part of the beach, past mile post 14 (about 1 mile from the entrance) before stopping so as to ensure other vehicles will be able to pass. 

Speed Limit and Parking:

  • The speed limit on the beaches of Corolla and Corova is 35 mph, although on the shore or beach strand, the speed limit is 15mph when traveling within 300 feet of animals or people.
  • Vehicles parked on the beach must be parked in the area east of the dune line and west of the hard packed sand strip, adjacent to the waterâ??s edge. NO PARKING directly on the shoreline or in the dune traffic lane (the lane with the deeply rutted tracks next to the dunes) as those â??lanesâ?? are designated Fire, Emergency, and Vehicular traffic lanes.


  • Do not get closer than 50 feet of the wild horses. It is against the law!
  • No walking or driving a vehicle on the North Beach dunes.
  • No Reckless Driving. This includes doing â??donutsâ?? or driving in the surf.
  • No pets on the beach without a leash.
  • No overnight camping.
  • No ATVs for non-residents of Currituck County and no launching of watercraft in the Atlantic Ocean. Access is available on the sound side.
  • No bonfires or open-burning of any kind and as always, no glass on the beach.

Driving on the beach is one of the most exciting excursions people set out on during their Obx Vacations, so please follow these simple guidelines and respect the beaches, and we can all have a fun, safe summer!

10 Reasons to Vacation in Nags Head

Nags Head is a beach town with a lot to offer. Many who visit have a very hard time leaving and often turn into full time locals. The beach, sound, and perfect sunsets are just a few of the things that draw people to this classic Outer Banks town. If you have never been to Nags Head before, check out our list below and find out why most who visit our area are hooked for life!

Excellent Dining

Nags Head is known for its awesome restaurants that serve fresh local seafood on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a fried fish, steamed crabs, or seared scallops, the multitude of awesome seafood restaurants here in town will be able to serve whatever dish you desire. Basnightâ??s Lone Cedar, Sugar Creek, and Owens are just a few Nags Head seafood restaurants that have mastered the art of the seafood plate. If you are looking for something other than seafood, restaurants such as Tortugaâ??s and Mulliganâ??s are known for their menus that offer a diverse variety of dishes. Come down to Nags Head for a â??captainâ??s platterâ?? of your own!

Family Friendly Atmosphere

Our area is the perfect family vacation destination. All of the beaches and restaurants in Nags Head will entertain the entire family and give parents the peace of mind that their children are in a safe place. The Town of Nags Head has done a spectacular job in keeping a sense of class in the area, even as our beach town became has become more popular over the past few decades.

Beautiful Landscape

Spend your days on the beach and your evenings watching the sunset when in Nags Head. Our quaint beach town sits adjacent to both the ocean and the sound which will give you an amazing view, no matter which direction you are looking. The ocean breeze, sand, and sea oats will give you vivid memories that will stay with you long after you have left town. However, Nags Head has a special way of drawing back visitors again and again.


If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, Nags Head is the perfect place to kick back and relax while leaving your worries behind. Many who visit our town have a habit of forgetting what day it is because they are so relaxed and worry free! Booking a Nags Head vacation rental will ensure that you leave our beaches more relaxed than ever before.

Perfect Beach

The beaches of Nags Head are some of the best on the entire East Coast. Finding your own spot on the beach is very easy as it was recently re-nourished in 2011 and is quite wide. In addition to free parking, there are over 40 public beach accesses in the town of Nags Head. This means you will always be able to find an access close to where you are staying. OBX vacations should always be full of plenty of beach time, make sure you get your share of fun in the sun by staying in Nags Head!

The Sound

Sometimes the waves on the ocean side of our beaches can be very rough, making the beach less than ideal for children. Luckily in Nags Head, parents have the option to take their children to one of the various sound accesses that make for a safe day spent on the water. There is a variety of sound accesses and parking is always free!


If you are a looking to get off the beach for a little while, the shopping in Nags Head is hard to beat. Local surf shops, galleries, and boutiques can be found all around town. The southern part of town also features the Tanger Outlets. The Tanger Outlet Center is a factory outlet mall with Polo, Nautica, J Crew, and Hanes, among others. Nags Head is the perfect place to find that unique gift to take home to your loved ones.


Nags Head is the perfect destination for those looking for a bit of excitement while on vacation. The quality waves offer a surfing experience that is one of the best on the east coast. Similarly, the sound provides the ideal area for kiteboarders and paddleboarders.


Anglers from up and down the east coast visit Nags Head in hopes of getting the catch of a lifetime. The sound and sea boast a seasonal variety of fish that cannot be found in many other places. In addition to the in-shore and near shore fishing, the Gulf Stream sits just 30-50 miles east of Oregon Inlet, making Nags Head a prime destination for those looking for a day spent fishing off shore.


Wildlife enthusiasts often visit Nags Head in hopes of seeing something new. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is home to foxes, bears, deer, and an incredible array of birds. Nags Head sits just north of the national seashore making it the perfect place to rest after spending a day admiring local wildlife.

Beyond the previously discussed reasons to stay in Nags Head, there are a variety of hidden gems that locals and visitors love. Come check out Nags Head to find that perfect spot on the beach or tiny seafood restaurant that will keep you coming back for years to come!