Visit the Outer Banks During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Fall on the Outer Banks is one of the most enjoyable times of the year, making our beaches the perfect place for you and your loved ones to spend Thanksgiving. By the time thanksgiving comes around, the weather has cooled and most of the seasonal residents have left for the winter. Take a look at our list of the top reasons you should vacation on the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving, the perfect Outer Banks sunsets are just a bonus!


If you are looking for somewhere to escape where you wonâ??t be bothered by a long list of distractions, bring your family to the Outer Banks. Quality family time will be guaranteed as you enjoy all that the Outer Banks has to offer. Walking on the beach or visiting one of our beautiful parks can be done with ease during the fall as the roads remain uncrowded compared to the hustle and bustle of the summer months. Whether you decide to visit the Wright Brothers Memorial or Jockeyâ??s Ridge, chances are you will have plenty of space to enjoy yourself!  

Fall Dining

The seafood available during the fall months on the Outer Banks is incredibly good, and Thanksgiving is no different. Turkey and ham wonâ??t be the only meats to be enjoyed during your stay on our beach as puppy drum, trout, flounder, and striped bass might also find their way to the dinner table. In addition to the excellent seafood available during this time of year, a variety of Thanksgiving buffets are available at some of our most well respected dining locations. Restaurants such as Basnightâ??s Lone Cedar Café and Kellyâ??s Restaurant and Tavern often feature excellent buffets on Thanksgiving Day. Give your favorite restaurant a call when you get into town. They might be featuring a special Thanksgiving menu of their own!

Surf Fishing

If you enjoy throwing a fishing rod into your 4 wheel drive vehicle and finding your very own place to fish on the beach, then Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks is for you! Beginning October 1st, the beaches in Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head are open for driving (Nags Head Requires a $25 permit). Throw your tackle into your truck and head out onto the beach!


Enjoy Black Friday Outer Banks style! Many of our local shops and boutiques offer Thanksgiving deals on products that you will not find anywhere else. The Tanger Outlet Center in Nags Head is also known for its holiday sales which when combined with their already low factory prices, make for awesome deals on great items! The wonderful shopping location is just a short trip from any Nags Head vacation rental as well as most rentals in Kill Devil Hills or Kitty Hawk.

One visit to the Outer Banks during Thanksgiving will have you convinced that fall is a great time of year for OBX vacations. Come enjoy all of the things that make a holiday spent on the Outer Banks such a memorable experience! 

Hidden Gems of the Outer Banks

With the abundance of restaurants, markets, and things to do on the Outer Banks, many businesses and recreational areas can be easily forgotten. To maximize the amount of fun you can have while in town, it is important to not only visit the more popular locations the Outer Banks has to offer, but also the â??hidden gemsâ?? of our beach. Take a look at the list below to discover a couple places to visit on your Outer Banks vacations that will not leave you disappointed.

Food Dudes Kitchen

Located in the heart of Kill Devil Hills on the beach road at Milepost 9, Food Dudes Kitchen will leave you with a full stomach as well as a little extra money in your wallet. Their innovative seafood dishes, Mexican entrees, and sandwiches are just a couple of the items that keep those who eat at Food Dudes coming back for more. If you are a diner on a budget, then make sure you head to Food Dudes on Thursday nights as they offer incredible taco specials. A variety of specialty tacos are available for under $4 that are sure to please your taste buds.

Lucky 12 Tavern

If you are into great food, sports, and a good time with friends, donâ??t miss out on a visit to Lucky 12 Tavern in Nags Head. Unique pub food, pizza, and seafood are what make the menu at this awesome spot stand out from the crowd. In addition to the food, visitors can enjoy one of the many craft beers on tap while catching the game or playing some pool. TVs can be found in every direction at Lucky 12, so ask one of the kind employees to put the game on and relax! The offseason is a great time to visit the restaurant as Wednesday night is half price pizza night, making it a favorite among locals.

Nags Head Woods

The Outer Banks are better known for the beach than heavily wooded areas. However, after one visit to Nags Head Woods, visitors will have a much different appreciation of what nature has to offer in our area. The nature preserve is located on the western edge of northern nags head bordering the sound and is equipped with a variety of trails for visitors to choose from. Take in the wooded, hilly trails and get a breath of fresh air while escaping from your Nags Head vacation rental for a little while. Pay attention to your surroundings while hiking the trails, as it is easy to lose your sense of direction in Nags Head woods! To get to Nags Head woods from the bypass, simply turn onto West Ocean Acres Drive in Kill Devil Hills and follow that road to the end.

Coquina Beach

Those who are looking for a bit of tranquility during their beach day should look no further than Coquina Beach. Conveniently located between Nags Headâ??s southern town limits and the Bonner Bridge, Coquina Beach offers a special experience as visitors can feel what it was like before there were houses and businesses here on the Outer Banks, all without having to drive to Hatteras Island.

Winks Deli

This classic Kitty Hawk Deli has been serving vacationers and locals alike since 1953. Their daily specials are sure to impress as they are made in a fashion that would make you think they came right out of your grandmaâ??s kitchen! Wraps, sandwiches, desserts, and more can be found at Winks Deli. Give the kitchen at your Outer Banks vacation rental a break and give Winks Deli a try! Winks is located at Milepost 2.5 on the beach road.

Downtown Manteo

Need a quick break from the beach during your stay here on the Outer Banks? If you do then make the quick trip over to Roanoke Island and take a walk around historic Downtown Manteo. The quaint little downtown area features a variety of shops and restaurants that make for a great afternoon activity. Sit and dine at Poor Richards while overlooking the waterfront or grab a beer at Full Moon Café! Downtown Manteo also features their very own movie theatre, Roanoke Island Festival Park, and a variety of shops and galleries.

These â??hidden gemsâ?? of the Outer Banks are just a few of the wonderful businesses and locations that do not get enough credit around our beach. When cruising around the Outer Banks, be sure to keep an eye out for that special location that could be the source of good times for years to come. You may just find a â??hidden gemâ?? of your own! 

Partial Week Vacations

Enjoy the privacy and spaciousness vacation rental homes offer over ordinary hotel rooms.  Plus, many homes offer Hot Tubs, Private Pools, and Gamerooms for your comfort and convenience. 

The rates are reasonable and the experience is unforgettable!!  Give us a call today or Search Now for homes and condos that offer partial week Outer Banks vacations like these!


Guys Weekend — Grab the fellas and take advantage of the many incredible golf courses the Outer Banks has to offer.  Don’t forget you can play a round FREE each day of your stay with our Fun N Sun Program.  

Don’t Golf?  How about a Charter Fishing trip out of nearby Oregon Inlet?  Land the big one with a half day or full day Charter to the Gulfstream.  The Fall is one of the best time to fish on the Outer Banks as the Ocean and Sound Water are full of  Striper, Flounder and More!



Girls Getaway — Not only does the Outer Banks have unique boutique shops throughout the area, but the Tanger Outlet Mall is the best place around to find a bargain on name brand apparel– Coach, Polo, Gap and more!!  

Shopped Out?  Why not gather the girls and check out the area spas for a bit of pampering.  Or, just lounge around on the beach or sundeck and catch up.  After that, dinner and drinks at some of the local restaurants and bars. Your weekend can be as busy or as relaxing as you want!!


Romantic Weekend — Watch the sunrise over the ocean . . . . . stroll along the beach with your Special Someone . . . . . enjoy the sunset and a great meal at one of the Outer Banks many fine dining restaurants.  The Outer Banks is made for romantic getaways — any time of year!!


Runcations — The Outer Banks has been touted as a runner’s paradise with the constant sea breeze, fantastic scenery, level grade and mild weather year round. We are host to several major races each year including the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in the Spring, Outer Banks Marathon and Triahlon in the Fall and shorter races just about every month of the year.  Join us during one of these race weekends to experience the Outer Banks in a whole new way! 


Annual Events on the Outer Banks

We know that Summer is the most popular time of the year to visit the OBX, but did you know that the Outer Banks has several Annual Events that happens during the Spring and the Fall?    Many of these events help great causes or celebrate a local tradition, food, or holiday.  Be sure to come back and visit during these events and experience a time like no other!



Duck Jazz Festival Duck NC

Duck Jazz Festival

This annual festival takes place on the lawn of the Duck Town Park and features world reknown Jazz musicians for an afternoon of music, food, and fun.  Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the cooler fall weather, beautiful scenery and smooth jazz music.  The Duck Jazz Festival takes place on the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend each year. 


Outer Banks Seafood Festival

The Outer Banks Restaurant Association held it’s inaugural event in October 2012 and it was such a huge success that they plan to hold one every year.  Join us as we celebrate the Outer Banks’ rich heritage in commerical fishing and crabbing while sampling some of the finest seafood on the East Coast!! 





The Outer Banks Marathon

This annual event features a full and half marathon as well as a 5K and kids fun run.  The event takes place each November.  Visit Outer Banks Marathon website for more information and race registration




Elizabethan Garden’s Winterlights Festival

Lights, floral delights, holiday sights and other events are part of a month-long spectacle called WinterLights at The Elizabethan Gardens held Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm-9pm in December and early January. 




Outer Banks Taste Of The Beach

4 days of Food, Drinks, and Fun!!  The Outer Banks Taste of the Beach has become a Spring Tradition.  This food festival gets bigger each and every year with cooking classes, wine tastings, tapas crawls, celebrity chefs and more!  Happening each year in March, the Taste of the Beach has become the festival to attend!!







Outer Banks Bike Week

Happens every Spring in April, Bike Week brings motorcyle riders from all over the country to tour the area and take in all the OBX has to offer!!  Siteseeing rides, vendor displays, music, food and fun take place at many of the local restaurants in the area. 


Flying Pirate Half Marathon Weekend

The Flying Pirate Half Marathon, winding its way through the natural beauty that is North Carolinaâ??s Outer Banks, is like no other. Come run with us and cover some spectacular ground!  After finishing the Flying Pirate, you will have run one of the most beautiful parts of the East Coast â?? literally!  Donâ??t take our word for it â?? come see for yourself.  The Flying Pirate Half Marathon Weekend consists of several races including the Half Marathon and takes place mid-April each year. 



Outer Banks Relay for Life

The Outer Banks Relay for Life is an annual cancer fundraiser and one of the biggest events on the Outer Banks.  In 2009, the Outer Banks was #1 in raising the most money during Relay for Life.  The funds raised go to help cancer research and treatment. 

The Legend of Theodosia Burr

The Outer Banks is home to a long and exciting past of dramatic historic events. Some of these events have been carried on in the form of ghost stories. One such story is the legend of Theodosia Burr, daughter of the infamous man who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. 

As a young boy, Alexander Hamilton wrecked off the coast of Hattreras Island. He always remembered this event and when he became a predominant politician in the United States, helped commision the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. During this time, the lighthouse was known as “Hamilton’s Light” and had red stripes instead of black. The new lighthouse was a welcomed addition for Outer Banks locals and mariners alike. 

The Outer Banks is home to a long and exciting past of dramatic historic events.  Some of these events have been carried on in the form of ghost stories. One such story is the legend of Theodosia Burr, daughter of the infamous man who killed Alexandar Hamilton in a duel.
As a young boy, Alexander Hamilton wrecked off the coast of Hatteras Island.  He always rememebered this event and when he became a predominant politician in the United States, helped commision the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. During his time, the lighthouse was known as “Hamilton’s Light” and had red stripes instead of black.  The new lighthouse was a welcomed addition for Outer Banks locals and mariners alike. 
Soon after, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, and Aaron Burr, Vice President of the United States, had a great political battle which resulted in court proceedings, political strife and eventually an infamous dual. This resulted in the death of Alexander Hamilton. 
Although the dual occurred hundreds of miles away, Outer Banks natives heard about the great dual and threatened Aaron Burr’s life. It is told that the sea itself would take revenge on Burr. The Outer Banks is home to a long and exciting past of dramatic historic events.  Some of these events have been carried on in the form of ghost stories. One such story is the legend of Theodosia Burr, daughter of the infamous man who killed Alexandar Hamilton in a duel.As a young boy, Alexander Hamilton wrecked off the coast of Hatteras Island.  He always rememebered this event and when he became a predominant politician in the United States, helped commision the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. During his time, the lighthouse was known as “Hamilton’s Light” and had red stripes instead of black. The new lighthouse was a welcomed addition for Outer Banks locals and mariners alike. Soon after, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, and Aaron Burr, Vice President of the United States, had a great political battle which resulted in court proceedings, political strife and eventually an infamous dual. This resulted in the death of Alexander Hamilton. 

Although the dual occurred hundreds of miles away, Outer Banks natives heard about the great dual and threatened Aaron Burr’s life. It is told that the sea itself would take revenge on Burr. 

Aaron Burr may have been the threat’s target, but his daughter, Theodosia Burr felt it’s effects. Traveling from South Carolina to New York to visit her father, her ship was attacked and wrecked by Nags Head land pirates. The event drove Theodosia Burr insane. She seemed to lose touch with her previous self and only kept a portrait of herself as a momento to her past. 

In an attempt to help Theodosia, the Outer Banks locals attempted to take the picture from Theodosia to bring her back to reality. They succeeded in retrieving the portrait, which unintentionally caused Theodosia Burr to run into the sea. She was never been seen again and her body was never found.. 

Although the threat was towards Aaron Burr, Theodosia Burr paid the price for her father. 

Check out this video to learn more about Outer Banks history and this great ghost story! Thank you to Kevin McLeod for the music as well as the National Park Service and Wikicommons for the images!

Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Thinking of Buying or Selling on the Outer Banks?  The tips below from our Sales Team will help Buyers and Sellers get the most out of their transaction.  Feel free to contact our Sales Team for more information or download and view the “Working With Real Estate Agents” document below from the NC Real Estate Commission. 

Atlantic Realty Real Estate Sales

Buyer’s Tips:

1.  Get Prequalified for a Loan — There is nothing worse than finding the perfect home only to find that after the long and arduous mortgage process you don’t qualify.  Mortgage companies have stricter guidelines these days so even the slightest credit issue, or personal debt issue could affect your ability to qualify for a loan.  If you know will need a loan to buy a house, get the process started and then you will know going in the proper price range that you will be able to afford. 

2.  Work with a Realtor — Local Real Estate Agents know the market better than anyone and can help you with the complicated process of buying a home.  Issues such as Taxes, Insurance, and Zoning are very important items to consider and although it’s often public knowledge, Realtors can give you the tips and advice from their experience and knowledge of the area to ensure a smooth transaction.  Their expertise is invaluable, especially for an out of town Buyer. 

Seller’s Tips

1.  Get a Home Inspection Before Listing — It may sound cliche’ but knowledge is power in Real Estate.  Knowing potential problems ahead of time give Sellers the foresight to price homes properly and not watch a Buyer walk away from the sale due to a surprise defect.  Also, truthfully stating any problems beforehand helps to build trust and confidence in a sale. 

2.  Work with a Real Estate Agent — Same as with a Buyer, a local Real Estate Agent has knowledge and expertise than cannot be found anywhere else.  There is a lot of information on the Internet about pricing and sales, but Agents who work in it every day can tell you the best and most effective way to market and sell your home for the best price!  After all, isn’t that what every seller wants? 

3.  Price a Home Properly — Real Estate Agents spend a lot of time finding comparable properties in order to price a home just right.  If priced too high, the home will sit on the market and be passed over for other properties in the area priced properly.  Homes on the market too long raise a red flag with Buyers who question why it has not sold and then wonder “What’s wrong with it?”. 

4.  Staging/Decluttering — Buyers like to imagine themselves (and their things) in a home before they purchase.   In our market, which consists of mostly second homes and investment properties, this usually is not a problem.  But it should be said that homeowners should remove personal items such as family photos and mementos so Buyers don’t see it as “your” home.  It’s also a good idea to remove any artwork or furniture you plan to keep so Buyers don’t fall in love with a peice that goes perfectly with the home only to find out it does not stay with the home when it sells.  We’ve seen this happen before and it can be a dealbreaker.  It goes without saying that homes should be clean and clutter free.  Buyers don’t want to peek inside closets to find it stuffed full of old items and trash.  Staging is also important in conveying the message to Buyers that this could be their home.  Simple items such as setting places at the table or arranging the kitchen in an appealing way are all subtle hints to the Buyer that this home could be theirs for relaxing and entertaining. 


Download the “Working with Real Estate Agents” Brochure Here!

Atlantic Realty Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Atlantic Realty of the Outer Banks celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2012.  We marked the occasion with a full year of contests, giveaways, and a nostalgic look back at some of the homes that had been with us since the beginning.  

Then and Now . . . . .

The Outer Banks was very different in 1982 when Atlantic Realty emerged from the Realty World Real Estate company in Kitty Hawk. When we began this journey, our office was small with just 60 cottages and condos.   The Outer Banks building boom was just beginning and Duck and Corolla were still only accessible by dirt road. Many vacation rental homes didn’t have air conditioning and most cottages, as they were called, didn’t have telephones or TV.  The Outer Banks was a true escape. 

Today, the Outer Banks has over 25,000 vacation rental homes and condos from the 4 wheel drive area of Carova to South Nags Head.  Homes come equipped with the latest techonology and luxurious amenties including Private Pools, Hot Tubs and Theater Rooms. 

Although many things have changed over the years, one thing that has remained constant is Atlantic Realty’s commitment to customer service.  Our #1 priority is to make sure your family has the most memorable Outer Banks vacation ever!  Not only is our friendly and helpful staff the reason Atlantic Realty has been going strong for over three decades — but our Owners and Guests as well.  Some have been with us through the duration, and for that we are thankful and will feature them throughout the year.   









  In 2013, we updated our look with a newly redesigned logo!  Our motto of “Where your Barrier Island experience begins” truly reflects our mission of helping our Guests, Owners, and Clients experience the best the Outer Banks has to offer!


Promotions and Giveaways

Atlantic Realty participates in many Outer Banks Vacation Contests, Give Aways, and Campaigns.  Here is information on some of our latest promotions!!

$500 Winner Named in Facebook Contest!!

Barbara Wezensky from Hayes, Virginia won $500 towards her 2012 Outer Banks Reservation by signing up for Atlantic Realty’s Facebook Contest and “liking” our Facebook Page.    Barbara is staying in our property #504 The Todd House with her family during their vacation and we are excited to welcome her — Congratulations Barbara!! 

Follow us on Facebook for the latest Outer Banks News, Vacation Specials, Contests and Promotions!!


WRAL (Raleigh) Gas up and Go Outer Banks Vacation Promotion!!

As winners, their prize package included the following: An oceanfront condo(3 bedroom/2 bath) located in Duck, NC from Atlantic Realty. This is  a 4-night stay between the dates of September 15, 2011 to May 15, 2012.  The OBX package also includes the following:  Atlantic Realtyâ??s  Fun and Sun Program,  a $25 Gift Certificate to Big Alâ??s Soda Fountain and Grill in Manteo,  tickets to the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, tickets to the Elizabethan Garden, 1 day fishing passes at Jennetteâ??s Pier and a free coupon book with over $350 in savings at participating Tanger Outlet Center stores and an eco friendly shopping tote. Reservations are based on availability and blackout dates may apply.

5 Reasons why the OBX is a great children’s vacation spot

Kid tested and kid approved, season after season, the Outer Banks is one of the best beach destinations on the East Coast to bring your little ones. With many opportunities for play, like miniature golf, an arcade on a pier, go-cart speedways, and even outdoor movies, the Outer Banks knows how to keep kids busy and happy while on vacation. Not only is there plenty to do and see offshore, but the wide open, sprawling beaches provide kids their own seaside playground 24/7. The following are a few activities that help make an Outer Banks vacation a memorable one for your kids:  

The Outer Banks Childrenâ??s Museum

Located in Kitty Hawk, the interactive â??Children at Playâ?? museum provides children and parents with fun, hands-on exhibits created to learn about fishing, measuring, lighthouses, lifesaving, flying an airplane, shopping for groceries at the store or running their own deli, among others. The Children at Play Museum is the perfect place for a rainy day activity on the Outer Banks or any other day, to take the toddlers for a little mental and physical exercise. Stop by for special events, including Science Thursdays, Movies on the Sound, or host a birthday party there! For more information, click: here.

Room to Play

Unlike many other East Coast beach destinations, the Outer Banks has enough beach to go around, leaving room for families to spread out and enjoy their own personal, uncrowded space. This is perfect for the kids, as less people mean a little more play room. Building sand castles, chasing sandpipers and running back and forth along the shoreline top many childhood memories for children. The Outer Banks has innumerable beach accesses and oceanfront rental properties that allow kids and their families the freedom to enjoy the beach without the stress and hassle of posting up two feet from a group of strangers.


Well-known for the Wright Brothersâ?? first flight, the Outer Banks cherishes its history of aviation and excels in kite flying opportunities. With wind conditions that first brought the famous brothers here from Ohio in 1900, the area is perfect to take a beautiful kite to the air. Many places along the Outer Banks sell kites, but Kitty Hawk Kites, with locations in Corolla, Duck, Nags Head, Manteo, Rodanthe, Avon, Hatteras, and Ocracoke, is the largest kite store in the world, and would be an optimal stop before taking to the highest heights. One of kidsâ?? favorite places to fly a kite on the Outer Banks is atop Jockeyâ??s Ridge, the largest natural sand dune system on the East Coast, located in Nags Headâ?¦conveniently across from Kitty Hawk Kites.

North Carolina Aquarium

It would be hard to mention activities for kids on the Outer Banks and not list the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. With a wide array of daily activities, hands on events, and classes for kids of all ages, the aquarium is a terrific place to take children for a little educational break from the beach to learn about the coastal region, the marine animals found here, and see the largest collection of sharks in the state! For more information, click: here.

First Flight Adventure Park

The Outer Banksâ?? first and only aerial ropes course, located in Nags Head, is an ideal place to take children of all ages to have a lot of fun, get exercise, and enjoy one of the best views on the island. First Flight Adventure Parkâ??s 60-foot tower features 48 different elements to cross, including zip lines, cargo nets, ladders, and more. People of all ages, from ages 3 to 93, are able to cross elements that are complementary to their skill level, while attached to a high-tech constant belay system that eradicates the chance of human error. For more information, click: here.

When considering where to take the entire family on your next vacation, choose the Outer Banks, and make sure to take advantage of some of these activities while you are here. Your kids will thank you one day! 


4 Can’t Miss Halloween Events on the OBX

Heading to the Outer Banks for a fall getaway and looking for a few spooky activities to attend? If so, weâ??ve got plenty of options to get you in the Halloween spirit! With haunted houses, ghost tours, haunted trails and more, an Outer Banks vacation is a perfect getaway for a creepy Halloween adventure. Be sure to check out one of these activities during your October stay on the Outer Banks, listed below in order of eerie to incredibly frightening!

1.       Outer Banks Ghost Tours

With as much history as the Outer Banks has lying behind every corner, thereâ??s no doubt that there are also a fair share of ghosts lurking in the shadows, as well.  Outer Banks Ghost Tours brings these stories to life and tells the tales of the ghosts who have haunted Manteo for years, guiding participants in their footsteps along a spooky, yet leisurely walking ghost tour.  A family-friendly tour that takes approximately 90 minutes is a sure bet to bring chills up your spine while enjoying an easy-going evening walk through the beautiful, yet haunted,  town of Manteo.

2.       Evening Lantern Tours â?? Victorian Death Rituals

Walk the grounds of Island Farm, one of the oldest homesteads on the Outer Banks, on the nights of October 31st and November 1st to experience first-hand what it was like to go through the grieving process more than 200 years ago on that very same location. Historically authentic and guaranteed spooky, this tour lasts about 20 minutes and is led by a full-costumed cast. For more information, click: here.

3.       Wanchese Woods Haunted Trail

Looking for a good old-fashioned frightening adventure on your October Outer Banks vacation? Well, make sure to check out the Wanchese Woods Haunted Trail. Infamously known, this haunted trail leads participants through marshlands and â??desertedâ?? fields, with surprises and unexpected visitors lurking around almost every turn.  Bring a friend to hold on to and be prepared to be scared, as the Wanchese Woods Haunted Trail is known to be one of the scariest haunted attractions on the beach.

4.       Psychopath by The Lost Colony

Performed by cast members of The Lost Colony, Psychopath is one of the scariest tours you will encounter on the Outer Banks. The haunted walk traverses across Roanoke Island, meandering through the woods, stepping in and out of buildings, and continuing along the boardwalk, all while retracing the steps of the men, women and children who mysteriously vanished from the island more than 400 years ago. For more information, click: here.

So if you have planned to spend some of your October with us on an Outer Banks vacation, be sure to check one of the above mentioned activities out for a little, or a lot, of frightening fun!