Wicked Tuna Brings Spotlight to Outer Banks

National Geographicâ??s acclaimed show, Wicked Tuna, made its way to the Outer Banks last winter, where they filmed a series called Wicked Tuna: North vs. South. Featuring local fishermen, the entire series was shot in Hatteras and Oregon Inlet, and depicted a battle of north and south, as â??Yankee watermenâ?? made their way down to local waters to extend their season and fulfil their Bluefin tuna quota after a loss of a year.

One of National Geographicâ??s most popular shows, Wicked Tuna presents to the everyday American, and to middle Americans who might not understand fishing as a way of life, the difficulties and excitement that make up the commercial tuna fishing industry.

Local fishermen shined and represented the Outer Banks fishing community with pride. Captains and mates of the local fishing boats the Wahoo, the Doghouse, and the Fishinâ?? Frenzy appeared on the North vs. South series of Wicked Tuna. Fishing Frenzy first mate, Nick Gowitzka, who is Atlantic Realty staff member Chrissy Mooreâ??s fiancé, proved to be an entertaining part of the show from the very first episode.  

Speaking about the Outer Banks fishing industry, in a native accent appreciated by all real locals, Gowitzka had people laughing with his humor. After he brought out a bottle of champagne to celebrate the beginning of the season on the show, he did the unexpected and tossed it into the air and shot it with a shotgun. Local banter like this filled the episodes of intense fishing, representing a true essence of local fishermen of the area.

The rivalry between fishermen is a way of life, as one boat brings a fish in, itâ??s a fish another boat isnâ??t catching. Itâ??s the name of the game. But with different regulations between the north and the south, Southern fishermen have a little more rivalry with their northern counterparts than they do with one another. Northern watermen have more time to catch more fish before the fish migrate back south, or are able to travel south to extend their season, depicted in the Wicked Tuna series, creating an unfair advantage for fishermen in the north. Southern fishermen have petitioned to extend the length of time they are allowed to fish in the winter to even the playing field.

The Outer Banks was built on the fishing industry, and to be nationally recognized meant a lot to the locals who work day and night continuing the traditions of generations of family members, to keep the fishing industry alive and well in the area.

Catch Wicked Tuna North vs. South on Sundays at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel. You can catch the episode on demand with participating TV providers.  

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