The Outer Banks Welcomes a New Waterpark — H2OBX

Get set to get wet!   You may have heard the latest news, that the Outer Banks will have a new waterpark available to visitors in Summer of 2017.  While it is currently still under construction, we are very excited about this newest addition.  There has not been a water attraction on or near the OBX in over 20 years.  The park will be located just over the Wright Memorial Bridge on the Currituck mainland.  Visitors traveling to the Outer Banks from Virginia will no doubt see the towering slides and play structures on their drive into town.  The park will feature over 30 rides and attractions for thrill seekers of all ages. But that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for park visitors.

While you may have been to waterparks in other areas, you’ve never been to one like this before. The developers of this park took special care in celebrating the history and culture of the Outer Banks with the unique design of H2OBX. There’s a pirate themed play area, décor reminiscent of our most famous attractions and local flavor that makes the OBX so special.

The Rides:  

So now, let’s look at the rides. Of course, it’s impossible to cover every single ride and attraction, but let’s take a peek at the highlights.

The Plank

It’s time to walk the plank. This nine story 530 foot long enclosed drop slide takes you through twists turns and is the longest slide of this type in the country. Best of all, the body slide is translucent so you can see every foot of the park as you’re speeding through it.

Teach’s Tides Adventure River

Looking to get wet but thrill rides aren’t your style? Then check out Teaches Tides, the not so lazy river. This 1000 foot long river will take you past the adventure lagoon, under bridges, through rapids and under waterfalls while you float safely in your tube. This is an adventure the entire family can enjoy as single and double tubes are available.

Endless Wave Flowrider

If your family has ever wanted to learn how to surf, now’s your chance. The endless wave flowrider provides exactly what it says; a wave that never wipes you out. By the end of the day, you could be surfing like a pro. And if you’re not ready to try your hand at surfing, you can also boogie board. The endless wave offers all the fun but none of the danger of a real wave. 

Deep Six Adventure Lagoon

Picture the most fun obstacle course you can imagine. Now, move it over the water an you get the Deep Six Adventure Lagoon.  This course features climbing walls, balance pads, inflatable obstacles for climbing, aquatic basketball courts and much more. So if a waterslide isn’t really your kids’ ‘thing’ you can still all have fun in the water with the obstacle course.

Calico Jack’s Cove  

Named after a real pirate (Calico ‘Jack’ Rackham) this cove is perfect attraction for families smaller children.  The pirate themed play structure is bursting with splash buckets, dump buckets, geysers, bubblers, and waterslide adventures, all for the younger members. Kids will get to climb, pull ropes, tip cones, dump buckets, play with water shooters, water wheels, water cannons and more!    Your kids will have a splashing good time in this part of the park designed just for them.

Eating and Shopping

Of course every theme park needs eatery options, and H2OBX has some great ones.  Traditional summertime fare (hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque, pizza and more) will be provided by such locations as Flyboys, Dune Devil’s Desserts, Outer Franks, and The Wright Stuff & Coastal Confectionaries will get your mouth watering and satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.  There will be no shortage of sweets and treats to satisfy your cravings. 

They say you should wait an hour after eating to go swimming. I don’t know if that’s true, but if you’d rather be safe than sorry, you’re in luck. In addition to a variety of eateries, H2OBX will also have a wide assortment of themed retail shops. These not only provide you with a unique shopping experience, it also enables you to find the perfect souvenir to remember your fun day at the park.

The Experience

The most unique and exciting thing about this park is the experience. Though this park is equipped to hold over 8,000 people, tickets are going to be limited to just 5,000 per day. This ensures that the lines will stay short, the crowds low, and your family will never have trouble finding a lounge chair.    Vacation Rental companies including Atlantic Realty have partnered with H2OBX to ensure that their guests get the best experience by offering discounted and advanced ticket purchases.  Being a guest of one of these companies is the only way to get discounted tickets in advance.  We expect the park to sell out on those hot summer days, so we recommend purchasing tickets early.  

From the eateries to the retail spaces, to the adrenaline pumping fast-paced rides all the way to the more relaxing ones, this park has it all! It even offers complimentary lifejacket rentals for the little non-swimmers among you. And you can look forward to short lines, great food, fun shops, incredible rides, and an unparalleled experience not available in any other waterpark.

If all goes according to plan, the park will be open by Memorial Day and will stay open through Labor Day.  Advanced ticket sales are available now for July and August dates.  If you are an Atlantic Realty guest and you would like to purchase your tickets, Contact Us for Details!  


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